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Hidalgo Resturant, Inc: Succeeding As An Entrepreneur Essay

I. VISION A. Vision Statement â€Å"For everyone who works with us to discover in themselves their talent and their potential and to build relationship with each other† B. Comments Vision statements should answer the question â€Å"What do we want to become.† But Hidalgo’s vision statement does not answer that question. It doesn’t even mention what kind of business they are into. C. Proposed Vision Statement To be the preferred restaurant of Filipinos and expatriates, providing total customer satisfaction through quality, service, cleanliness, and value. II. MISSION A. Mission Statement Hidalgo Restaurant, Inc. doesn’t have specific mission statement B. Comments A Mission Statement reflects the company’s core purpose, identity, values and principle business aims. A Mission is defined as ‘Purpose, reason for being’. Defined simply â€Å"Who we are and what we do.† Mission statements should possess nine (9) components which are (1) customers, (2) products or services (3) markets, (4) technology, (5) Concern for survival, growth, and profitability, (6) philosophy, (7) self – concept, (8) concern for public image, and (9) concern for employees. C. Proposed Mission Statement We are committed to provide total customer satisfaction and exceed customer’s expectations through setting the trend in raising the bar, to be the change agents contributing directly to the country’s development, creating standards of excellence which every Filipino may aspire, to be in the business of building relationships and partnerships, among which one partner is the customer, in order to maximize earnings that will benefit our supplier, employees, and investors. III. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS The restaurant sub-sector includes places that serve food and drinks, be it self-service or full-service. This covers a range of services including fine dining specialty restaurants, fast food outlets, canteens, and food courts. In terms of its contribution to the national economy, the hotel and restaurant industry accounted for 1.35% of Philippines’ 1998 gross domestic product (PHP12 billion in GVA compared to the Philippine’s PHP889 billion GDP during the period) and 1.28% of its national product (PHP12 billion in GVA compared to the PHP931 billion GNP). Moreover, the hotel and restaurant industry employed about 1% (282,142) of the country’s 31,278,000 labor force during the same period. Meanwhile, the National Statistics Office (NSO) in 1994, classified 46,930 firms as belonging to the hotel and restaurant industry, employing a total of 221,954 people. At the time, each peso investment in labor contributed PHP4.40 to the industry’s total output while ea ch peso investment yielded a PHP1.27 contribution to the same. A. Economic Forces Restaurant patrons cross all economic groups. Fast foods and food courts cater to all income classes. Specialty fine dining restaurants, generally target the A, B, and C crowd. The proliferation of one-stop shopping malls that offer various recreational facilities and amenities is also an important growth factor. The heavy pedestrian traffic that the malls attract means big business for the restaurant industry, particularly the fast food sub-sector. Moreover, these malls spare the restaurant industry from spending extensive business development studies for their outlets; mall magnates Henry Sy and John Gokongwei Jr. have established formidable track records in building malls. Finally, Filipino communities abroad are strong basis for the export of local restaurants and fast food technology. The presence of Goldilocks, Jollibee, Max, Red Ribbon, and Barrio Fiesta, among others, in the US, for example, is a result of demand from Filipino migrants longing for a taste for home. B. Social, Cultural, and Demographic Forces The urban population to which restaurants cater is largely made up of young people who have higher disposable incomes and who are more likely to experiment with different cuisine. Brand loyalty is particularly strong in the fast food sub-sector of the restaurant industry. Jollibee patrons, for example, generally stay loyal to the franchise regardless of price increases. Demand for dining out is associated with both the ever-expanding options available, and also with the number one reason most consumers use restaurants: they provide a convenient, reasonably priced experience that offers better flavors and taste sensations than consumers can get at home. This has become particularly critical at a time when more and more women are entering the workforce and consequently have less time to prepare meals at home. Moreover, the Philippine population is youth-oriented. Almost half of the estimated 75 million Filipinos are below 18. And since a large proportion of fast food consumers is betwe en the ages of 16-24, the annual 2.3% population growth rate guarantees market growth for the sub-sector. C. Political, Legal, and Governmental Forces Strong support of industry associations and trade unions (i.e., Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines and the NWHUAI) enable the hotel industry, among other things, to undertake programs and projects that upgrade and professionalize the sector and to influence government regulatory policies/laws/rules affecting the industry. D. Technological Forces International food chains and franchises facilitate transfer of technology in the local restaurant sub-sector. They provide training of potential employees and employ strict quality control systems. In terms of availability of technology, the Philippine market is highly competitive with numerous products and brands offered at reasonable prices, and, therefore, allowing restaurant owners the luxury of choosing the type of technology that best suit their operations. Equipment purchasing decisions depend on the type of end-user. For instance, local single-unit restaurants need inexpensive equipment, so price is the main guiding factor. On the other hand, fine dining restaurants are willing to pay a premium for high quality, durability, after-sales service, cost effectiveness, reputable supplier and fast delivery. Restaurant owners regularly participate in local and international equipment trade fairs, allowing them access to the latest hotel equipment technology. E. Competitive Forces There are about 45,220 restaurant establishments in the domestic economy and about 80% of them belong to the fast food sub-sector. Food franchising is extremely popular. There are 1,057 franchised quick serve restaurants, 14 casual dining and theme restaurants, and 507 coffee shops, bakeries, and confectioneries. The industry in which the restaurant and fast food firms operate has increasing consumer demand for every improving product. The growth is proven by the rapid expansion of food outlets in key areas in Metro Manila and the provinces. The popularity of fast food establishments came in the 1980’s, and over the last years, the industry has consistently posted double-digit growth rates. Competition is fierce in the restaurant industry, particularly the fast food sub-sector. The market is large but consumers are price conscious and exhibit brand loyalty. With a wide range of restaurants and fast food establishments to choose from, pricing schemes and marketing strategies determine market shares. Market strategies of industry players, therefore, aim to achieve two primary objectives: 1) hammer in â€Å"value-for-money† concepts; and 2) create brand consciousness and loyalty. Market shares in the restaurants are won or lost in pricing. Industry players regularly offer price cuts and discounts to lure in new customers. Moreover, major players invest heavily in advertising to create brand consciousness and loyalty. Marketing strategies include raffle draws, free gift items and specially prized meal combinations, discounted toys and school items for every certain minimum food purchase. Celebrity endorsements are used in the hopes that the market will identify with the endorser. Likewise, intense competition urges players to come up with new products to capture bigger market shares. Restauranteurs have to be keen at finding the latest food and wine concoctions here and abroad and adapting them to local taste. Targeting the Filipino’s tastebuds, several fastfood chains that usually serve only western food have introduced items that appeal to the local market’s palate. Raising quality standards and improving service have also been focal points of competition, particularly in the fast food sub-sector. Players give incentives and compensations to motivate employees to be efficient on their jobs and thus help maintain the fast food outlet’s high standards of quality service and cleanliness. Also, a major importance in a fast food and restaurant is courteous and friendly personnel. Not surprisingly, speedy service is among the more salient attributes people would highly expect from a fast food restaurant.

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Advantages of PHP Language in Web Design

Now a day, when we talk about web designing, the first language which comes into our mind is PHP. It is one on the hottest scripting language into today's technology world. Well, the reason behind its popularity is no license cost. PHP is an open source, which you can download free of cost and customize it according your project requirements. It comes with PHPMyAdmin, which is supported by database languages like MY SQL2.0, SQL, etc to create database tables. By using PHP, you can build fast, secure and dynamic web portals, as it is the most compatible language. The design and interface is very simple, which makes this language easy to understand. To make you application secure from virus and spyware attacks, the security functions are available with the technical support available worldwide. PHP is widely acclaimed open source programming language which has changed the web development scenario. It requires less processor space, so it doesn't affect the speed of the system. There are certain aspects like scalability, flexibility, usability which comes into our mind while creating a dynamic website. PHP is user friendly covering all these aspects mentioned above and makes it the most suitable language for creating web pages. The modular structure of codes in PHP can adapt the change and custom module can be created very easily. Ready to use framework like Zend can be used to build big web portals. Other frameworks like Joomla and Drupal are commonly used to develop business websites. Your blog system can be enhanced through WordPress Plugins.

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What are the curent demographics of the neighborhood Northwood in Essay

What are the curent demographics of the neighborhood Northwood in Baltimore - Essay Example e essay is divided into different sections beginning with the demography of the area and later key characteristics of Northwood in comparison with the other 54 CSAs. Later in the essay, we will learn on the improvement of Northwood and the negative characteristics that need to be improved for the benefit of the Northwood occupants and the image of this area. Northwood holds a population of 16,643 of 620,961 of the entire Baltimore City population. It is among the top ten most populated areas and just as the other CSAs its population is composed of more females than males where about 56% of the population is female and 44% are male. Baltimore at large is composed of different races and this is similar to Northwood as the area is occupied by 88.6% African-American, 7.2% white, 0.6% Asians, 1.5% people of two or more races and 0.4% other races. The African-American ratio to its population is much higher than the entire population ratio of Baltimore, which is 63.8%. The whites occupying Northwood is below the ratio of whites in Baltimore by 21.1% showing that other CSAs have more whites than Northwood (Renner, Ayodeji and Starke, 27). Baltimore is known for its ethnicity and diversity and this is not different from Northwood as it has a race diversity index of 22.5 compared to 54.5 of the entire neighborhood. 44.3% of the entire Northwood population are people between the age of 25-64 years whereas the population has the fewest number of people between 0-5 years this is similar to the population composition of most CSAs thus it is true to note that majority of the population in Baltimore is within the age of 25-64 years. According to vital signs 12, most of the households in Baltimore are headed by women due to the high rate of divorces in the area. This is not different in Northwood as women head about 55.4% of the households, which is very close to the 54.9% in the entire neighborhood (Renner, Ayodeji and Starke, 29). About 63% of Northwood population is

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Love or Morality, Which is More Important Essay

Love or Morality, Which is More Important - Essay Example Although the act of cheating within a relationship is wrong, there are several situations in the story by Anton Chekhov whereby cheating is highly evident. The story ‘The Lady with the Pet Dog’ portrays a male point of view of committing adultery that offers a clear view of why most individuals are unfaithful in relationships (Chekhov 228). This paper will employ the new critical theory in discussing the issue of love and morality in a relationship according to the story by Anton Chekhov. The act of committing adultery is viewed as an emotional fulfillment and a physical need at the same time. However, this can significantly affect the individuals involved emotionally and physically depending on the circumstances involved. These circumstances are based on the circumstances that involve the individual. According to the story, Gurov and Anna are married, however; they are no longer in love with their partners due to lack of intimacies in the relationship. This situation fu lly justifies the adulterous act between Anna and Gurov. In the beginning of the story? Anna was already engaged in an illegal relationship with Gurov, until the end of the narrative when she realizes that they were both married to different individuals. In this story, Gurov and Anna significantly contribute to the theme of love and morality (Chekhov 230). According to Anna, the fact that her husband made her unhappy is what lured her into cheating. This is because she was not happy and was no longer in love with her husband. In the story, it is also mentioned that Gurov had brought her daughter to school in order to see Anna. This reveals that the aspect of self pleasure is pre-dominant in the story. This aspect of self pleasure totally changed the motivation of Anna and Gurov (Chekhov 231). In addition, Gurov’s wife is portrayed in the worst description. According to the author she was tall, black-browned, dignified and erect. This description does not portray an appealing picture to the reader. Gurov had met her while he was still attending college, and they fell in love blindly. From the perspective, Chekhov highlights that Anna was a mystery in the small town which Gurov was enticed to solve. Gurov questioned himself about this mystery which he was about to solve. To Gurov’s dismay, Anna was married, and she had come in the town just to visit. On the contrary, Gurov was fully satisfied about her condition (Chekhov 235). As highlighted in the preamble, the logic behind the issue of infidelity may give an individual an assurance of how adultery can be justifiable. This is because there are several reasons that lure individuals into committing adultery. Some of the most regular reasons include the loss of a loved one, tediousness in a relationship, lack of emotional fulfillment to express passionate desires and lack of personal happiness in the relationship among others. In this case, the lack of love between Gurov and his wife reveals the unfa ithfulness of Gurov in the marriage (Chekhov 237). This prompted Gurov to seek an intimate relationship with another woman in their affair. In most cases, the adulterer usually attempts to replace his or her emotions through having an affair with a different individual. According to Chekhov, Gurov was unfaithful to his wife for a long period. The author points out that Gurov considered his wife as unintelligent, narrow-minded and dowdy. He was also terrified of

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How did the era of the slingshot dragster serve to help drag racing Essay

How did the era of the slingshot dragster serve to help drag racing evolve from primarily a participant sport to more of a grandstand spectator event - Essay Example The racing grounds were smooth and could accommodate many vehicles at the same time. However, the slingshot experienced considerable transformation with time (Reyes 57). Drag racing in the 1950s was America’s extreme sport and the NHRA Drag Racing Championship was the renowned festival of characters, speed and color. Today, it remains unparalleled by any other automotive sport area. The slingshot had a fair share of its disadvantages that had for the longest time been highlighted by the media. For instance, many of the slingshot drivers in most cases experienced painful burns and at times disfigured faces and hands and to a greater extent they lost their dear lives. The reason for that was because fuel, oil or a mixture of both ignited and as a result blow on them. Notwithstanding the injuries and loss of lives, slingshot still remained a revered king of dragsters. However, there were plans to come up with an engine of a rear design but the inventors wanted to develop something bigger and better than the slingshot and could once and for all erase the slingshot (Reyes 68). Don Garlits one of the greatest dragster legends came up with a design that would put the engine and the fuel motor behind him. Partnering with Connie Swingle, they put their heads together and made a breakthrough in achieving what would later slow down the ratio of steering. While the new vehicle would be a sigh of relief to the drivers, there were still some who claimed that locating the cockpit forward was disorienting. After a series of tests under the belt, the sleek car which had a simple appearance was favored only that it’s motor was situated between the rear wheels and the driver. The building of the chassis of such a vehicle was demanding more so producing a rear engine. The concept of the rear engine proved to be forever more effective and the cars with the rear engine grew in length, size and that epitomized evolution into a colossus of the current top fuel (Reyes

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Strategic Management of Quest Diagnostics Essay

Strategic Management of Quest Diagnostics - Essay Example Ideally, the diagnosis is established with beyond a reasonable doubt certainty, but substantial uncertainty or frank diagnostic error can afflict the diagnostic process for a variety of reasons. Many of these diagnostic problems are explained by failures of decision-making. Their main strategic approach, competency, and challenges are explained herewith. Quest Diagnostics is the nation’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information, and services. They are the largest providers of global central laboratory services performed in connection with clinical research trials on new drugs and these trials assess the safety and efficiency of these new drugs. Quest Diagnostics operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year providing their customers with a comprehensive menu of routine and specialty laboratory tests and services. Their major services include laboratory health care services, featured lab tests, online services and medical research etc. In New York City by 1967 Dr. Paul Brown launched the clinical laboratory industry with his vision to offer the high quality, highly automated and cost-effective clinical testing. Corning Incorporated purchased Met Path in 1982 and continued to build the company. The business continued to expand and additional companies were acquired, including Damon in 1993, Maryland Medical Laboratory in 1994 and Bioran in 1994. Also in 1994, Corning acquired Nichols Institute, world-renowned for esoteric testing. On December 31, 1996, Corning Incorporated spun off the laboratory testing business to its shareholders, establishing Quest Diagnostics as an independent company trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the Symbol "DGX.†. The acquisition enabled the company to enter into a testing related business, providing services to the life insurance industry.

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Importance of the Code of Ethics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Importance of the Code of Ethics - Research Paper Example The code of ethics applies to the financial planning professionals. Financial planners are required to follow the code of ethics and are therefore held accountable if they do not abide by the code (FPSC, 2015). Financial planners registered with the CFP Board are required to acknowledge and accept to follow the code of ethics when they renew their certificates. The board goes ahead to enforce the code of ethics on financial planning professionals via a disciplinary process which is outlined in the disciplinary rules and procedures section (CFP Board, n.d). The primary aim of the code of ethics is to guide the financial planners on how to conduct their activities professionally. By agreeing to follow the code of ethics, financial planners agree that they will work in the best interests of their clients or the general public. Thus, they will conduct their activities professionally. This instills confidence in the general public or clients because they believe that financial planners wi ll shelf their personal interests for the client’s interest first. Thus, the code of ethics applies to the financial planners. They have to follow the seven principles contained in the code of ethics: client first, integrity, objectivity, fairness, professionalism, competence, confidentiality and diligence. If a financial planner does not abide by the code of ethics, the professional shall be disciplined. Some form of discipline include suspension of the professional for a period not exceeding five years.

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Interviewing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Interviewing - Essay Example Mumbling into the phone can cast a negative impression upon the employer. Scripted response often gets easily identified and nullifies the chances for success, so response should me made on the spot and should be natural. The biggest key to success in in-person interviews is being yourself. The interviewee should not ask the interviewer not to ask questions about certain things if he/she does not have knowledge about them. Instead, the candidate should maintain a positive approach and be cool, calm and confident. Even if there are certain weaknesses, the candidate should believe that they can be improved with effort. It is important to maintain eye-contact with the employer. Frequent use of body language is recommended, and questions should be listened to with patience (Topic). Confidence, clarity of speech, and originality are three prime requirements of success in both telephone and in-person interviewing. The candidate should practice incorporating each of the three in the response before appearing for either kind of

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Answering Questions about Pioneers of Psychology Term Paper

Answering Questions about Pioneers of Psychology - Term Paper Example Moore (2006) argues that falling of an apple noticed by Newton leads to growth of commonsense psychology which in turn guides us to human psychology. It can be said that observation of free falling apple and formulation of laws of gravity is a reflection of common sense of a great person like Newton. In addition to common sense psychology, Newton has also done an important work regarding color vision which has a great significance in biological psychology and physiology. Freedheim (2003) discusses in his work that Newton was the only physicist who recognized the nature of color. Before and during the time of Newton, there was a great debate that whether light is wave or particle in nature. But Newton supported particle theory about the nature of light. This theory left deep impact on early development of psychology. One can say that Newton based his scientific theories on practical experience of phenomenon. It is known as an empirical approach. This approach was also adopted in psych ology and philosophy due to its fruitful results. Kumar (2002) writing about Newton’s approach says that Lock profoundly admired him and sought to develop such an approach in philosophy which was similar to it. Later on this approach helped psychologists to study human behavior. There is close relation among subjects of social as well as natural sciences. Describing this relationship Bornstein (1984, p. 242) writes â€Å"physics begets bio-chemistry, bio-chemistry begets physiology and physiology begets psychology†. So one can say that physics has great closeness with psychology and laws of motion and gravitation have influenced the subject matter of psychology. Present scholars say that if a child asks about falling of apples or any other similar thing then one can answer him with profound understanding of laws of nature. 2. Errors in Aristotle’s Psychology Aristotle occupies a significant place in different fields, such as literature, philosophy, history and p sychology. As he has contributed in other fields, similarly his prominent work in psychology has attracted the attention of great scholars and psychologists. Many researchers have critically examined and studied Aristotle’s thoughts about the mind of human beings. He has discussed about the soul, human imagination, perception, thinking and desire. Aristotle’ psychology has prominent role in study of soul which is called psuche in Greek language. Aristotle distinguishes between living and non-living things on basis of existence of soul. Aristotle argues that all living things have soul while no-living things do not have this essential element. He further says that due to this important element people grow, digest, breathe and reproduce. He also believes that plants and animals have souls as human beings. Aristotle has further categorized the organisms on basis of their capabilities. In Aristotle’s view plants and animals possess lesser powers of soul while human souls have more powers. Moreover, Aristotle argues that soul cannot live outside the body. Guthrie (1956) explaining this concept of soul says that in Aristotle’s view body is a tool through which soul expresses itself. On the other hand, Aristotle talking about ‘thought’ maintains that it can exist outside the body of a person. When one analyzes psychological works of Aristotle, then many errors become evident. One major criticism

International Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

International Business - Assignment Example This includes some grants to support your invest in united Arab emirate as well as offering advice on export and import regulations. Additionally, we have qualified professionals who are well knowledgeable in United Arab Emirates telecommunication market (Theodore, 2003). These professionals will help your in venturing into our market. Moreover, we will work together in licensing and franchising your business in United Arab Emirates. We will also introduce you to United Arab Emirates licensing department for registration. We will also use our franchising experiences in United Arab Emirates to popularize our joint venture. To ensure our joint venture is success and productive, we are committed toward to offering adequate and qualified management team. In reference to this, we can offer management contracts in accordance to our agreement. The purpose inviting your for a joint venture is to have scope in global market. As a matter of fact, increased levels of global marketing competitio n have become a big challenge at all stages of engagement in international market (Svante and Goran, 2009). Changes in global market and most specifically in United Arab Emirates have led to the emergence of increased competition pressure at all investment levels. As a result of this, it is important for multinational companies to have market in as many international markets as possible (Hollensen, 2011). Due to this, accepting our joint venture will increase your chances of venturing in United Arab Emirates market with very limited restrictions. For our joint venture to be effective in the current competitive global market, we are planning to have single quality products that will outdo other products in the international market (Kotabe and Helsen, 2004). On the other hand, prices of our products will vary from one market location to another in United Arab Emirates. The cost will depend on the expenses incurred in developing the product, delivery cost and the nature of the market. We will use our business outlets to market our joint venture products in United Arab Emirates. To ensure our products are popular in the market, we will use our company’s popularity in United Arab Emirates to popularize our joint venture (Philip and Kotler, 2005). Currently, there are very many business opportunities and benefits in United Arab Emirates. To start with, the government is encouraging and sponsoring foreign direct investment (Modayil, 2010). There are some subsidies such as tax exemptions granted to companies which have the interest of expanding their business in United Arab Emirates. There are also cheaper wages in the country which serves as incentives for international companies to gain free access to the country market (Association, 2009). Coming up with a strong joint venture is also very relevance in coping with current global competition. The capital market in United Arab Emirates is also very active. The county’s capital market is open to internat ional investors. As a result of this, investing in United Arab Emirates will increase the quality of MTN shares in international market. In the recent past, the government has enhanced adequate foreign and trade market relationship. It has partnered with several international business bodies to enhance free flowing global market. Additionally, there are several trade fairs in the country w

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Consumer Behavior Essay Example for Free

Consumer Behavior Essay Today’s customer is habituated with the sales promotion activities. So without such activities it has become difficult for companies to achieve their target. The term sales promotion refers to many kind of selling incentives and techniques intended to product immediate and short term sales effect typical sales promotion include samples in pack premiums values pack refund and rebates sale promotion can be apply to across to broad range i.e from chewing gum to household and car The other defining characteristics of sale promotion are its short term or immediate. For the present paper the researchers considers the household consumer for their primary survey as the products that they have taken into consider come under the FMCG. Major players of FMCG industry were: Top 20 FMCG Companies in India 1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd. 2. ITC (Indian Tobacco Company) 3. Nestlà © India 4. GCMMF (AMUL) 5. Dabur India Ltd 6. Asian Paints (India) 7. Cadbury India 8. Britannia Industries Ltd. 9. Procter Gamble Hygiene and Health Care 10. Marico Industries Ltd. 11. Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd. 12. Gillette India Ltd. 13. Godfrey Phillips 14. Henkel Spic 15. Johnson Johnson 16. Modi Revlon 17. Wipro 18. Nirma Ltd 19. Amul India 20. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd Literature Review The Indian FMCG industry is crowded with numerous national regional and local players. To win the consumer heart and retain the market share the competition amongst the various players. The major companies ruling the Indian market in the category of FMCG items is HUL Amul, Nirma and many more Every day the Indian consumer who watch television and listen to the radio are thrown in front of a huge clutters of TV ads and commercials by these firm with the same intention and common purpose of convincing the customer that products is the best since India is a country where profiles of the also vary significantly with age demography income level etc in order to cater to need And demand of the different customer India many sales promotion schemes are highly successful as the market is the price sensitive as well as highly competitive even difference in few paisa can provoke the customer to switch to different brand the concept of brand loyalty an brand attachment takes a back seat in this s ituation. When the consumer feel that there are getting something extra, but at the same cost, they do not mind switching from one brand to other. However even today there exist a class of customer who still consider quality and brand as the deciding factor but their number is comparatively less majority of consumer in India, till date consider price to be the most important and deciding factors in the purchase of FMCG goods Kumar And Das (2009) in their article â€Å"Impact Of Sales Promotion On Buyer Behavior-An Empirical study Of Indian Retail Customers â€Å"opined that today’s customer can greatly influence the manufacturer of the marketer regarding the size, quality, control of the product, price, post sales service, etc†¦. in the present study the author attempted to find out the impact of sales promotion on consumer buying behavior. Research Gap The study highlights consumer behavior and purchase decisions made during various sale promotion schemes after viewing advertisement and analyzes the effect of various marketing tactics used by different companies. It also investigates area like consistency of sale promotion schemes and availability of schemes along with the products to analyze their impact on the minds of the consumer. The study would prove to be helpful for the company in deciding schemes that attract consumer, their buying patterns, time period of the schemes availability by sale promotion, advertisement and other activity. Research Objectives The objective of the study are: 1) To analyze effect of sale promotion and advertisement on the consumer buying behavior and purchase decision of FMCG product. 2) To analyze relationship between sale promotion and consumer buying behavior. 3) Consumer behavior when they FMCG product. Research Model Hypothesis H0 :- Sale promotion of FMCG Product is not effect on Consumer Buying Behavior. H1 :- Sale promotion of FMCG Product effect on Consumer Buying Behavior. Research Design A research design specifies that method and procedures for conducting a particular study. The researcher should specify the approach be intends to use with respect to the proposed study, broadly research can be grouped in to three categories. 1. Exploratory Research Design 2. Descriptive Research Design 3. Casual Research Design 1.Exploratory Research Design An exploratory research design focuses on the discovery of ideas and is generally based on secondary data. 2. Descriptive Research Design A descriptive study is undertaken when the researcher want to know the characteristics of certain group such as age, sex, income, education level etc. 3. Casual Study A casual researcher is under taken when the researcher is interested knowing a cause and effect relationship between two or more variables. As pre my objective to know effect of Sale promotion on consumer buying behavior there are necessary to know their characteristics so that we make research to select Descriptive Research Design. Source of Data (1) Primary Data:- The primary data are those data which are collected afresh and for the first time, and thus happened to be original. For this research the primary data are collected. (2) Secondary Data:- The secondary data are those data which have already been collected by someone else and which have already passed through statistical process. Here we consider primary data fop research Research Instrument Research instruments is the tool by which the researcher can do research on specific problems or objective. The most popular research instruments for collections data is Questionnaire for a particular investigation. It is simple for a moiled set of questions presented to respondents for their answers. Due to this flexibility, it is most common instrument used to collect the primary data. During the pre-testing of questionnaire, we seen the reaction of respondents and suggestions required to make change in research instrument. Research instrument is the means by which we can observe the market station. In over project topic is Effect on Sale promotion on consumer buying behavior. So information of consumer buying behavior is taken by preparing the hard print of questioner for the collection primary data. Sampling Plan Sampling frame Sampling size It refers to the question â€Å"How many people should be surveyed?† Sampling Unit It means Who is to be surveyed†. Here target population is decided and it is who are interested to Purchase FMCG Product. Here we take sample unit as an Individual. Sampling Method Method for choosing the representative respondents call for in this stage, i.e., how should the respondents is chosen? The sampling procedure indicates how the sample units are to be selected. We can used Simple Random Sampling Method for survey. Reference Source 1) 2) Kumar Vishal And Das Gopal (2009)† Impact Of Sales Promotion On Buyer Behavior-An Empirical study Of Indian Retail Customers â€Å" journal of management vol.3 no.1 pp11-24 3) Indian journal of marketing nov. 2012 vol 4 pp30-3

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Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Ally Brouwere Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were no regular couple. They dependably have had eyes on them particularly being the president and the principal woman of the United States. But when bits of gossip about the president becoming personally involved with his security began to turn out there were more eyes on them than any time before. Who even is Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt? Franklin Roosevelt was thirty second president of the united states. Franklin Roosevelt was born in 1882. His dad had been married beforehand and was at that point was 54 years of age with a 28 year old child already. So, Franklin became very close with his mom, Sara. He spent the most of his childhood by his moms side, to the point that when he went to life experience school, some of his peers named him a mommys boy. As a young child, he became involved with his second cousin Eleanor Roosevelt. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the main U.S. president to be chosen four terms. He was the leader of the United States through the Great Depression and World War II. Franklin Roosevelt was leader of the United States from March 4, 1933 April 12, 1945. He was serving presidency during World War II and additionally the immense misery. He had a lot of troubled times being president but his relationship made it even harder with his wife Eleanor Roosevelt. Who is Eleanor Roosevelt? Eleanor was born on October 11 1884 in New York City. In 1905 she married her second cousin Franklin Roosevelt. Franklin found out that he had polio in 1921, after Franklin discovered he had Polio Eleanor made a decision to help him from that point forward to help him with his political profession. From that point, LeHand turned into FDRs private secretary. She remained next to him for the following two decades, noting his mail, nursing him through sick wellbeing, applauding his fantasy of a wellbeing resort in provincial Georgia (cox). Marguerite Leonard was born on september 13 in 1898. Leonard was born in a town called potsdam new york. Franklin Delano Roosevelts secretary, nurture, team promoter, counselor and conceivably partner. Missy, as franklins kids nicknamed her, she was so important to franklins life and career that he split the salary of his home equally amongst her and his significant other, Eleanor (cox). Marguerite was Roosevelts security for a long time and reputed to be a lesbian. , LeHand so awed Eleanor that after the Democrats marvelous misfortune, she requested that the young lady work at the familys Hyde Park, N.Y., home (cox) The dowager was Lucy Mercer Missy LeHand In 1920, Marguerite Missy LeHand had come to act as Franklins secretary. Throughout the years, they built up a cozy relationship, with Missy filling in as one of Franklins principle companions and partners. She lived in the White House amid his administration, and when she endured a stroke, Franklin made it so that his will to had included her. Eleanor and every one of the children were very welcoming towards Missy saw herself as part of the Roosevelt family. Franklins child Elliott later uncovered that his dad and Missy had a different relationship then everyone thought, and it appears to be likely that the family knew at the time. , who had been Roosevelts special lady almost 30 years earlier(truth about fdr). When bits of gossip about the undertaking began to fly around, Eleanor wanted a divorce . In a few regards, FDR and Eleanor had a fizzled marriage, however they likewise had a profound bond and regard for one another (richard). FDR and Eleanor had a confused marriage, yet they cherished each other to the end. Mercer was a set up by the Roosevelts daughter , Anna. Franklin was kept to a wheelchair and couldnt do anything because of the polio, so Anna talked individuals for him. Nobody knows when Lucy and Franklin started their issue, however it was in advance when Roosevelt cruised to france in 1918 tin assess maritime powers battling to the germans in world war one.(cox) But who was standing by them during when the affair came out? Who were they really? How did this affect them and who else would it really affect besides Elenor? It would affect the Roosevelt children but who truly are they? Anna she was born on May 3, 1906, was the oldest child of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and also was their only daughter. She later on married young man named Curtis B. Dall in 1926 they also had two children together a son and a daughter .She then divorced and remarried a young man named John Boettiger in 1935 and they had only one child together which was a son. In 1944 annas father asked if Anna would move into the White House to become his personal aide witch she ended up becoming his assistant. During her mothers abandonment she stept up as the white houses hostess Anna watched her father as his good health became a burden she would also met with people that her father was unable to see. Anna stood by him during his time. Anna was a writer and journalist. S he spent much of her later life to problems of education and to carrying on many of her mothers interests and problems. Anna died of cancer at the age of sixty nine. James Roosevelt, who was the first son of Eleanor and Franklin was born on December 23, 1907 in New York City. He went to Groton School, before moving up too Harvard University, and then after he finished Boston University to get his law degree. He had an early interest in politics, helping with his fathers 1936 reelection campaign. He also worked in the Roosevelt White House as an executive assistant. . He passed away in 1991 from complications due to a stroke.The next child they had was Elliot Roosevelt who was Born on September 23, Elliot Roosevelt was educated at Groton Academy. After finishing Groton and the Hun School in New Jersey, Elliot entered the business world, specializing in advertising and journalism, where he rose to the level of executive in several firms.Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. was born on Augus t 17, 1914 on Campobello Island, New Brunswick in Canada. He was educated at the Groton School, graduated from Harvard University in 1937, and completed law school at the University of Virginia in 1940.Franklin joined the U.S. armed forces at the outbreak of the Second World War, joining the Naval Reserves. He was called to active duty in the Navy in March of 1941, serving in North Africa, Europe, and the Pacific, and was decorated for bravery in the battle of Casablanca and awarded the Purple Heart Medal and the Silver Star. After the war, Franklin Jr. practiced law and became active in politics with a combination of appointive and elective office.The youngest of the Roosevelt Children, John Roosevelt was born on March 13, 1916 in Washington, D.C. He was educated at Groton and Harvard University. During the Second World War, he served in the Navy aboard the USS Wasp, an aircraft carrier in the Pacific theater The time frame of this issue was during his presidency terms a total of seven years. This was in the 1930s She and Franklin most likely got to be got very personal in 1916, and the undertaking was found in September 1918, when Eleanor, unloading for her significant other, who had recently come back from England with influenza, found a whole bunch of love letters. Nobody truly knows when it began simply accepted it finished when franklin passed on. Which was in 1945.There was truly no closure for eleanor enlight of the fact that she didnt find solutions or any sort of conclusion. At the point when eleanor got some answers concerning the issue Eleanor offered Franklin a separation, but franklins mother sara, ventured in franklins issues and said that on the off chance that he divorced his significant other she could never converse with him and ensure he would abandon a penny. Louis Howe, Franklins put stock in counselor, said that leaving his better half would mean the finish of his po litical profession. So Franklin consented to remain in the marriage yet standards were made by Eleanor: He needed to sever with Lucy Merce as quickly as time permits and was advised he wasnt permitted to see him until kingdom come and he would never rest in his better halfs bed as some kind of discipline it appears like Franklin likewise truly needed a separation it wasnt simply elenor If Franklin truly intended to leave his wife He now stood up to his decisions, flexibility at a high cost of living in the agreeable jail of tradition. He delighted in rich living and carelessly expected it as his due. The yearly wage from Eleanors trust, $8,000, and his own $5,000 could be told as a white collar class life. If they split who would pay for the upkeep on their homes, the workers pay rates, the club memberships, the childerns school cost at the best tuition based schools? The last march that Franklin was alive he told his mother sara that he was tired of her threatening to remove him ou t of her life when she is the one who he has taken care of and she is the one who owes him money. Eventually, Eleanor came to Franklin to let him know how she truly felt and that was that was that she had no love and no fight left to be with him anymore and she wanted a divorce even after having six children she feels that he broke something and it will never be fixed and at that point she did not care how she looked to the world. Overall, with all the rumors that were involved in this scandal was missy really a lesbian?did franklin really cheat on eleanor? Was their really love letters between missy and franklin? Did eleanor really want a divorce? No One will ever really know its all really he said she said and up in the air. But when you are the most important person in america the whole world gets involved in your business

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Definition of marketing research and processes

Definition of marketing research and processes The European Society For Opinion and Marketing Research identify market research as the systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis, and dissemination of information for improving decision-marketing related to the identification and solution of problems and opportunities in marketing.(Malhotra. N and Birks. D 2000) In the book marketing research an integrated approach, Alan Wilson also point out marketing research is about to provide information which should focus on customers, markets and competitors. That information will be used for making marketing decisions. Those information should be collected by wide range of sources and techniques, and then analysis, developed and applied. Marketing research also involves communication and dissemination, which will affect the decision makers and interested parties. Marketing research process There are seven steps in marketing research process: define the research problem, determine the research design, choose the method for collecting primary data, design the sample, collect the data, analyze and interpret the data, prepare the research report. Though those steps, marketers will make conversant decisions or reduce the risk of their decisions. Define the research problem In this step, the target of marketing research should be clarified. Research problem definition involves expressing the general problem and discovering the detail constituent of the general problem. Alan Wilson mentioned six issues must be considered in this step, the market environment, competitors reaction, organizations own plan, the effectiveness of companys previous marketing activities, the nature of new products and customer behavior. Define the research problem has been considered as the most important step in a marketing research project. Research can only be designed and carried out if the research problem has been clarified. Joselyn considered nothing is more important to satisfy customers requests than identify the correct research problem. All the following steps of marketing research process would be wastes if the beginning of the research, define the research problem, is misapprehended. A good metaphor of identify the research problem is compared to doctors give patients medicine and treatment. Illness can only be cured when right medicine has been given, wrong medicine sometimes is even more dangerous than the illness, and the most important thing for a doctor is to identify the illness. That is the same situation as marketing research process. Define the research problem also can be seen as a communication between decision makers and marketing researchers. Researchers offer research supports as the decision makers require. Determine the research design After the problem has been clarified by marketers, to design the research is the next step of the whole research process. A research process is a blueprint for managing a marketing research process. It provides details of information for figuring out the research problem. There are two general research design categories, secondary research and primary research. Secondary research is collecting secondary data which is some information collected before for some other problems, not directly for the current research problem. There are two ways to collect secondary data, internal data and external data. Internal data is information inside organization, which collect from sales report, consumer information. External data is the informations resource from outside company; the resource could from public newspaper or other organizations report. Secondary research is widely used in marketing research process, the main reason of that is secondary data is easily collected and also the low cost of the research process. Malhotra mentioned in his book there also seven advantages that secondary data can help marketers. First it can help marketers to identify the research problem. Second, it can develop an access to the problem. Third, it also helps marketers to create a sampling plan. Fourth, it will explicate a suitable research design. Fifth, research questions can be answered by using secondary data. Sixth, primary data will be interpreted by secondary data with more penetration. Last, it can improve qualitative research results. The disadvantages of secondary research are also very obvious. Too many data have been collect during research; most of them are not even related to the research problem, so it will take marketers a lot of time to select and analysis these data. Primary research is using observation, qualitative or quantitative research to collect primary data. Primary data is defined as a kind of data originated by the researcher specifically to address the research problem. Three methods mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph are quite different from each other. Observation research Observation research collects data without any questions been asked to research targets. Researchers become the witness of targets behavior, such as childrens behavior with a new toy, or TV viewing patterns. The observation research can be divided into several categories, 1, natural versus contrived observation. 2, visible versus hidden observation. 3, Structured versus unstructured observation. 4, mechanized versus human observation. 5, participant versus non-participant. Qualitative research Qualitative research is a less structured research process, which involves small samples of individuals. The purpose of qualitative research is to understand targets, not to measure them. Malhotra considered qualitative research is based on at least two intellectual traditions. One of them is building up ideas and combining methods from psychology. The other is the set of idea and associated methods from sociology and anthropology. Both of these two traditions are related to the development of communication between researchers and those been researched. Researchers chose qualitative research for four reasons. First, in some research, questions are involved privacy or negative feeling that the research target unwilling to give answers to them. Qualitative research question are not full structured questionnaires, by giving these kind of questions can avoid the issues that people dont want to be asked. Second, subconscious feelings have huge affect on responders answers. Such as emotion , motivation or ego, these could always drive the thoughts, when responders try to answer the questions. Third, complex phenomena. With full structured questions, respondents sometimes have difficulties to find out the main propose of those questions, or they could just describe the situations but can explain the reasons to them. Last reason to use qualitative research is the holistic dimension. For example, a restaurant is doing a research about the satisfaction when customers having meal in the restaurant. The atmosphere that the consumers feel is the key issue to the research. And atmosphere can involve the music in the restaurant, the style of the furniture, other customers, serves been provided. One question cant cover all these points, but with small individual questions each part of the atmosphere can be asked, by join all these qualitative questions, the holistic view is build up. Alan Wilson described several types of research most suited to qualitative research in his book. Qualitative research is commonly used in three areas: exploratory research, new product development and creative development research. Exploratory research Exploratory research always been used when a company decide to improve the understanding of consumer behaviors, emotions, attitudes and preference. For instance, more than one characteristic that the researchers would like to understand though the exploratory, they are: consumer perceptions of a product field, identifying service or product improvements, the decision making process, dimensions that differentiate brands, product usage patterns and behavior and customer segments. Using qualitative research in exploratory research will help the organization with object or information defines. New product development In the new product development stage, qualitative research is also quite useful. It is effective to use qualitative research to find out the reaction of customers about the new product concepts and designs. In the stage of developing the concept into a communicable form, it is the time to use qualitative research to determine if the concept is developable, or guide the designers to improve the concept. Later stage of product development can also use qualitative research, such as stage of design the paradigm of new product, or their packaging. Using qualitative research can help researchers build up confidence that the new product is developing though the right way. Creative development research Qualitative research is very important in creative development research; it can assist in creating execution of advertising and promotion. Advertising agency uses qualitative research to know the relationship between customers and products or brands. As same as advertising, in an organizations promotion plan, qualitative research can help the organization to achieve the communication objectives. Not only promotion but also the integrated marketing communication plan (IMC plan), which contents promotion and four other steps. Feedbacks, which could test the effectiveness of the IMC plan, are received though qualitative research. Quantitative research Quantitative research is a full structured research approach, which involves large sample of individuals. The purpose of quantitative research is to measure the widespread of same attitudes and behaviors. Choose the method for collecting primary data In this step marketers will choose their method to collect primary data. All the methods can be divided into two kinds, survey method and observation method. Survey method. Survey method always involves three things, question, interviewer and respondent. The survey method can be divided into four categories by how does the questions been asked by the interviewers to the respondent. Postal survey In postal survey, selected responders will receive a mail with questionnaires, covering letter return envelope inside. Although the postal survey is a very important survey method and has been used for long time, the response rates are not high; it is between 20% to 50%. There are some advantages and disadvantages been list out by peter chisnall Advantages: Nation and international coverage Low cost No interviewer bias Respondent convenience Good for ongoing research Piggybacking Disadvantages: Low response rate Biased response Long respond time Inflexible questionnaire Unclear of who is responding Telephone survey The majority of telephone surveys are taken for customer-type research and business to business. All interviewers stay in a same place call centre location, all the calls are made though the phones in centre location, this makes the interviewers been easily controlled. Fast and low cost are the other main advantages of this survey method. On the other hand, the disadvantages also very obvious, for example, short interview time can make a lot of misunderstandings to the question, sometimes customers do not answer the call, and consumers who do not have a phone cant be interviewed. These days more and more marketers pretend doing telephone survey but in fact trying to sell their products to the responders. This situation makes customers more unwilling to pick up phones to do telephone surveys. Face to face interviews There are three types of face to face interviews, in-home or doorstep, executive and street. They all share same advantages, such as; it is easier for interviewers to motivate respondents to complete the survey; long questions can only be used through this kind of survey; interview can easily tell if the responders have difficulties in understanding of the question; the interviewer can use different materials to help with the survey. To the opposite side, the major disadvantages are the high cost that the interview could take and the interviewer bias a problem. Online questionnaires This is a new kind of survey method compare to the three methods analysis above. The keep increasing number of internet users makes online survey more and more popular. Like the telephone survey, the online survey also very fast and lost low. It is not like face to face interview because there is no interview bias but also different materials can be used during the survey. Observation method Observation method is quite different from survey method. It does not communicate with the people; interviewers only have to record the respondents reaction, behavior and attitude. It could happen in a natural or contrived environment. Compare observation method to survey method, the major advantage is; there are no reporting bias and potential bias in observation method. And the main disadvantage of observation is, it is only useful to measure or record behavior and attitude. Design the sample Sample is a subgroup of the elements of the population selected for participation in the study (Malhotra, N. 1999). Design a sample in fact is a process of answering five questions: What type of people is going to do this study? Where those people are coming from? How to select these people? How many people are here in the study? How to represent the information collected from the study? By answering the five questions, the sample design process can be divided into six steps: Define the population Determine the sampling frame Select sampling techniques Determine the sample size Execute the sampling process Validate the sample

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Green River Running Red Essay -- Literary Analysis, Ann Rule

Green River Running Red by Ann Rule,is a book that depicts the story of King County Sheriff’s investigation and hunt for a serial killer who 20 years after his first killing would be identified as Gary Leon Ridgeway. Now that i’ve read about some of Ridgeway’s forty-eight victims and their lives of prostitution before he murdered them along with the details of each murder investigation, I will lay out two crime scenes as described in the book and the process in which they were investigated in the 1980’s. Then, I will assume the role of primary investigator and reinvestigate the scenes using the various systems, technologies, and outside resources available today to investigators that were not available at the time of the crime. †¨Crime Scene Scenario 1: On a warm Sunday in August of 1982, a local man of King County was drifting along the river in a rubber raft looking for antique bottles or anything of value in the murky shallow waters, but instead found horror. Peering into the murky water the rafter could make out what appeared to be two still figures floating beneath the surface with their eyes facing the sky. The man immediately signaled a passerby for help in notifying King County Sheriff’s Office about the discovery of the two floating bodies in the river. (Rule, p.13) The Investigation: Upon King County Sheriff’s Office getting word of the found body’s in the river several officers were dispatched out to the scene as well as Search and Rescue. Upon the first responding officers’ arrival they affirmed that the two bodies in the river were in fact female bodies and were in someway being held close to the river bottom. One officer began to document the scene by taking pictures while the other officer began video taping ... ...atterns, and link cases together by notifying each agency that a similar murder case exists and where. (Swanson, p.305) Now that I’ve discussed the many new investigative resources available today I’m certain in assuming that many aspects of how King County’s Investigation was conducted would have been different, and their efforts much more efficient had they had at their fingertips back in the 1980’s, the use of todays technologies. However, all investigators understand that they have to work to the best of their ability with what is available to them at the time and cant focus on what isn’t. Crime scene investigation can be a daunting task with long hours, exhausted leads, media pressures, and being the first source to blame when cases are left unsolved. Investigators are the unsung heroes whose work may not always be acknowledged but should be recognized. Green River Running Red Essay -- Literary Analysis, Ann Rule Green River Running Red by Ann Rule,is a book that depicts the story of King County Sheriff’s investigation and hunt for a serial killer who 20 years after his first killing would be identified as Gary Leon Ridgeway. Now that i’ve read about some of Ridgeway’s forty-eight victims and their lives of prostitution before he murdered them along with the details of each murder investigation, I will lay out two crime scenes as described in the book and the process in which they were investigated in the 1980’s. Then, I will assume the role of primary investigator and reinvestigate the scenes using the various systems, technologies, and outside resources available today to investigators that were not available at the time of the crime. †¨Crime Scene Scenario 1: On a warm Sunday in August of 1982, a local man of King County was drifting along the river in a rubber raft looking for antique bottles or anything of value in the murky shallow waters, but instead found horror. Peering into the murky water the rafter could make out what appeared to be two still figures floating beneath the surface with their eyes facing the sky. The man immediately signaled a passerby for help in notifying King County Sheriff’s Office about the discovery of the two floating bodies in the river. (Rule, p.13) The Investigation: Upon King County Sheriff’s Office getting word of the found body’s in the river several officers were dispatched out to the scene as well as Search and Rescue. Upon the first responding officers’ arrival they affirmed that the two bodies in the river were in fact female bodies and were in someway being held close to the river bottom. One officer began to document the scene by taking pictures while the other officer began video taping ... ...atterns, and link cases together by notifying each agency that a similar murder case exists and where. (Swanson, p.305) Now that I’ve discussed the many new investigative resources available today I’m certain in assuming that many aspects of how King County’s Investigation was conducted would have been different, and their efforts much more efficient had they had at their fingertips back in the 1980’s, the use of todays technologies. However, all investigators understand that they have to work to the best of their ability with what is available to them at the time and cant focus on what isn’t. Crime scene investigation can be a daunting task with long hours, exhausted leads, media pressures, and being the first source to blame when cases are left unsolved. Investigators are the unsung heroes whose work may not always be acknowledged but should be recognized.

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The Day of Defeat Essay -- essays research papers fc

The Day of Defeat Operation Overlord, more commonly known as D-day, took place on June sixth, 1944; though, it was not originally planned to happen when it did. In August 1943, â€Å"President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill, meeting in Quebec, Casablanca, or at Yalta with Stalin, would approve or disapprove these plans. One of the first decisions to be made was the agreement to defeat Germany first and fight a holding action in the Pacific until Hitler fell.† (Dank, 7). They agreed that an invasion of Western Europe would be appropriate, almost a necessity, to defeat Germany, and they felt early May would be the proper time for such an undertaking, which was unprecedented at this time in world history due to its sheer size and scope. This would allow enough time for the detailed planning of the invasion, the practicing of paratrooper drops, the build up of troops, and the never ending briefings. After additional planning, the leaders decided that, in the b est interests of the invasion, it should be postponed until a later date. â€Å"...this operation is fraught with hazards. Unless these hazards are squarely faced and adequately overcome, the operation cannot succeed. There is no reason why they should not be overcome, provided the energies of all concerned are bent to the problem.† ( The date that the invasion would finally take place would be June sixth. June sixth was chosen as the date for Operation Overlord because of many factors which included; a lack of troops that would be available at the original set date; tidal conditions; weather; and a late rising moon. Originally the invasion was going to take place sometime in early May, but when early May approached some of the troops were still engaged in battles elsewhere and would not be available by the time the invasion was scheduled to take place. If the invasion was to have been carried out when it was originally plan ned, the troops would have had to have been spread so thinly, in an attempt to try and cover for absent troops, that the outcome of the mission might have been jeopardized. Since every man was needed for the invasion to succeed it was decided to delay the start date. This invasion would be either a victory over Hitler, or an unfathomable defeat. No matter which outcome, there was going to be a large fatali... ...Since the Allies were not ready when the original D-Day date approached, a new date had to be selected. Many factors were considered in the selection of a new date, and June sixth was chosen as the soonest date that had conditions favorable to the success of the mission. Since Field Marshal Rommel had ordered debris to be dumped in the water around the Normandy shore, creating huge obstacles, one condition was absolutely essential to the Allies; low tide. The tide had to be low to allow allied troops to deploy from landing craft behind the obstacles placed under water. The light breeze that was forecast would clear the beaches of the smoke screens that the Allies would lay down, and a late rising moon was a definite benefit, as it would greatly increase the paratroopers’ safety, since the enemy would not be able to see them. Works Cited †¢ Dank, Milton. Turning Point of World War II. New York: Franklin Watts, 1984. †¢ â€Å"Outline of Operation Overlord† Section VII 17 April 2003 †¢ â€Å"D-Day: Operation Overlord† 23 April 2003 †¢ â€Å"Preparations† 23 April 2003

Educational Goals and Philosophy Essay -- Education Teaching Teachers

Educational Goals and Philosophy As a child, playing â€Å"school† occupied most of my time. My younger sister and I taught a bedroom full of stuffed animals and filled in imaginary names in our old school books. From the bad bears and loud bunnies to the good puppies and smart kittens, each stuffed animal possessed his or her own personality. The thought of teaching never entered into my mind when I was asked, â€Å"What do you want to be when you grow up?† Uncertain about the career field that I desired to pursue, my decisions depended upon the topics that held my interest at the time. Paleontology was the first career I decided on, then marine biology. In high school, it was mandatory that I select a career cluster in which to expand my knowledge; I chose architecture and interior design. Up until my senior year of high school, my educational goal for the future consisted of attending an architecture program at a college or university, but my mind was changed again when I developed a senior research paper and project. The topic of my paper and project was â€Å"ministry,† giving me the opportunity to teach the youth group at church and help with the younger kids during a worship service. My youth minister taught me a few teaching techniques and strategies that also broadened my interest i n teaching. Numerous experiences have influenced my decision to become a teacher. One summer I was privileged to get to go to Myrtle Beach and lead a backyard bible school for Pre-K and K aged kids at a family campground. Crating unique ways of teaching kindergarten kids with short attention spans challenges the teacher, forcing me to use my imagination. In search of opening up a Canadian child who... ...the future students are different from earlier ones. In today's classroom, kids can operate a computer while their teachers cannot, thus limiting computer access learning for students. Although they are unfamiliar with computers, many teachers are learning from their students, and are using online services to expand the learning process in the classroom. Another article explained that many of today's schools are requiring computer certification for their teachers. If teachers cannot keep up with the technology that kids are "playing" with, they will not be able to effectively teach the children of tomorrow's generation. Teaching is not just about Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic; it is the desire to make a difference in at least one child's life. By giving a child a chance at life, a teacher is giving the world a chance to become a better place.

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Identifying Factors Which Affect the Job Satisfaction of Nurses Essay

We live our lives aiming for satisfaction. The satisfaction we want to achieve can be from our studies, our business, our health status, our body image, or our jobs. In health care profession, the article â€Å"The Determinants Of Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses† discuss the contentment of nurses with their jobs. Job satisfaction has a lot of factors that affect it. These factors include workload, stress level, personal needs, environment, relationship with co-workers and supervisors, and the number of hours that they are working in a week. In one research by Kalist and Okoye, they used the question on how would a nurse best describe their feelings about their principal nursing position to determine their job satisfaction of a population of nurses. Then they came up with â€Å"A nurse may respond to the question by indicating that she is either extremely satisfied, moderately satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, moderately dissatisfied, or extremely dissatisfied† (D. E. Kalist, I. N. Okoye, 2011). The result of their study concluded that age, marital status, gender, salary, hours of work, position, and setting are the factors affecting the job satisfaction of nurses. They also came up with a result that women are more satisfied with their jobs more than the male population and married women reported higher job satisfaction. We can observe that most married women are more stable on their jobs because they tend to find a job that would meet their expectations or a job that would last long for them. They have also gathered information which would mean that in managerial positions, they have higher job satisfaction compared to the ones in non-managerial position. But in a study done by C. G. Andrews and J. Allen in their article â€Å"Analysis of Management and Employee Job Satisfaction, they have concluded that there is no significant relationship of job satisfaction between managerial and non-managerial position. Taking a closer look at their study, the population involved does not come specifically from the nurses’ population. They conducted their study in a general workplace setting. We can say then that the nurses, specifically, consider their position when it comes to their satisfaction at their jobs. Another author included additional factors that affect the satisfaction of these nurses such as â€Å"Recognition of frustrations, such as turnover, lack of internal empowerment, burnout, and, elimination of external sources of stress can decrease dissatisfaction in the health care setting† (J.L. Kettle, 2002). Most of the factors discussed on the first article are regarding the physiological needs of the nurses which should be considered and are mostly being considered by health administrators. The factors discussed by J.L. Kettle though are more into the emotional which are mostly being ignored but actually has an impact when it comes to job satisfaction of nurses. Understanding the job satisfaction of nurses is very important in the role of a health care manager. Nurses are the ones who get in touch with the patient most of the time and they are the ones who improve the quality of health care service given. Their satisfaction is very important just like the satisfaction of patients receiving the health care treatment. The emotional needs of nurses are as important as their physical needs. If their needs are being met, they will be able to provide a better service. Therefore, we can say that identifying and understanding the factors that affects the job satisfaction of nurses will definitely affect their performance. Peer Support: Peer’s Name: Ma. Lyngee Caduco She helped me pick a topic that is interesting for me and she advised me on the formatting of this paper. References Kettle, D.L. (2002). Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction in the Registered Nurse. Retrieved from: Kalist, D.E, Okoye, I.N. (2001). The Determinants Of Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses. Retrieved from: Andrews, C.G., Allen, J. (2004). Analysis of Management and Employee Job Satisfaction. Retrieved from:

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Beginner Essay

Is each of the following an absolute pathname, a relative pathname, or a simple filename? a) Mile_co b) Correspond/business/milk_co c) /home/max d) /home/max/literature/promo e) .. f) Letter. 0210 2. List the commands you can use to perform these operations: a. Make your home directory the working directory b. Identify the working directory a. cd; b. pwd 3. If your working directory is /home/alex with a subdirectory named literature, give three sets of commands that you can use to create a subdirectory named classics under literature. Also give several sets of commands you can use to remove the classics directory and its contents. 4. The df utility displays all mounted filesystems along with information about each. Use the df utility with the –h (human-readable) option to answer the following questions. $ df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/hda1 1. 4G 242M 1. 1G 18% / /dev/hda3 23M 11M 10M 51% /boot /dev/hda4 1. 5G 1. 2G 222M 85% /home /dev/hda7 564M 17M 518M 4% /tmp dev/hdc1 984M 92M 842M 10% /gc1 /dev/hdc2 16G 13G 1. 9G 87% /gc2 a. How many filesystems are mounted on your Linux system? b. Which filesystem stores your home directory? c. Assuming that your answer to exercise 4a is two or more, attempt to create a hard link to a file on another filesystem. What error message do you get? What happens when you attempt to create a symbolic link to the file instead? Following are sample answers to these questions. Your answers will be different because your filesystems are different. . six; b. /dev/hda4; c. ln: creating hard link ‘/tmp/xxx’ to ‘xxx’: Invalid cross-device link. No problem creating a cross-device symbolic link. 2 Answers to Even-Numbered Exercises 5. Suppose that you have a file that is linked to a file owned by another user. How can you ensure that changes to the file are no longer shared? 6. You should have read permission for the /etc/passwd file. To answer the following questions, use cat or less to display /etc/passwd. Look at the fields of information in /etc/passwd for the users on your system. . Which character is used to separate fields in /etc/passwd? b. How many fields are used to describe each user? c. How many users are on your system? d. How many different login shells are in use on your system? (Hint: Look at the last field. ) e. The second field of /etc/passwd stores user passwords in encoded form. If the password field contains an x, yo ur system uses shadow passwords and stores the encoded passwords elsewhere.

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Consumer marketing Essay

1: Marketing inputs means the activities of organizations that attempt to communicate the benefits of their product and services to potential consumers. Sociocultural inputs consist of a wide range of non-commercial influences. A TV with a built DVD and A concentrated liquid laundry detergent are influencing by marketing inputs more. Since marketers can influence the consumers perception through illustrated advantages of those product. Fat reduced ice cream and pay television are more influencing by social cultural. Since when consumers by those products, they would like to ask the opinion of their friends. 2: Camera, New mobile phone and Luxury handbag. Let`s consider several of the pre-purchase alternatives open to a digital camera buyer. It will relate to the product factors. Even many people have a camera. But it will frequent changes in product styling and frequent price changes. Some product`s price is high that make some people wants to have it but cannot afford. New mobile phone will relate to the situational factors. Since this mobile phone is new so that many people does not have past experience about them. It also can as a gift for friends and family. Luxury handbag will related to personal factors. Since its expensive, it need to people who have high income can afford it. But most white-collar occupation loves it. 3:Extensive problem solving- consumer has not established any criteria for purchase. They will need to obtain a great deal of information on the brands. Limited problem solving- consumer has already established the basic evaluation criteria. But they have not fully established preferences for a set of brands. Routinized response behavior- consumers experienced with the product category and have a well-established criterion for evaluating brands. But some purchases will be habit-based. Chewing gum, carpeting sugar and mobile phone, should be limited problem solving. Since consumers have already established the basic criteria for evaluating the product category and various brands in the category. Men`s aftershave lotion and New bank account should be routinized response behavior. Consumers must have some experience with those products category but not too much. Luxury car and Paper towels should be extensive problem solving. Because many people are  not familiar with those products, they have not established criteria for evaluating a product category.

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Book Report on Silent Spring Essay

In the book ‘Silent spring’ written by Rachael Carson we find a picture of Carson’s deep concept about the connection between nature’s equilibrium and the web of life that has been ruined by the uncontrolled use of insecticides which in turn affected the healthy livelihood of this earth’s creatures. Furthermore, she tells the readers of substitute techniques of achieving the same ends. The title of the book is enough to make us understand that it was a hint of a spring season with no bird songs painting our atmosphere meaning that all birds had vanished due to misuse of pesticides. The book starts with a story of a town in America. Carson explains the town as being very beautiful and lively where the spring time is the most pleasant time of the year. However, this perfect scenario is soon destroyed as Carson tells â€Å"On the mornings that had once throbbed with the dawn chorus of robins, catbirds, doves, jays, wrens, and scores of other bird voices there was now no sound; only silence lay over the fields and woods and marsh†. This town has never really existed. Rather, it just portrays the present as well as future of other numerous towns of this world. In order to stay alive we require taking from all portion of the environment to grant us with our essentials and hence, comes the interrelation between us and the environment. To indicate mainly it is us who have contaminated our own home, the earth. Carson clearly states â€Å"They should not be called ‘insecticides’, but ‘biocides’† as they are harmful for every life on this planet. According to her the chemicals are being used in the wrong way and by the wrong people. The third chapter of Carson’s book explains in details the elixirs of death that is, what these chemicals such as DDT and arsenic are and how they eventually gain the magical powers of causing death by spreading through the entire food chain of our ecosystem and giving rise to many fatal diseases like cancer. We all know how significant water – a resource- to us is. Then we should also know â€Å"It is not possible to add pesticides to water anywhere without threatening the purity of water everywhere†. Chemicals are washed from land to bodies of water which seep into ground water – the source of public water supplies. Once in the water, chemicals combine with other chemicals that have either been washed or deliberately dumped into the water. Ultimately no one can guess what the synergism will be in the coming days. Our life is greatly dependant on the ecology of the soil. Carson states â€Å"We must not only be concerned with what is happening to the soil; we must wonder to what extent insecticides are absorbed from contaminated soils and introduced into plant tissues.†. Without the tiniest life that sustains inside it, the whole biogeochemical cycles are changed. Even if plants that have grown in the contaminated soil are removed, the soil will stay contaminated and continue to set birth to new contaminated plants. In Chapter 6 we come to know how the green segment of our earth connects all lives. Carson’s main focus was on the devastating change on life of animals linked to the destruction of weed and sage. Rachel Carson clarifies that it is an unnecessary chaos to promote massive insecticides spraying operations because this results in efficient killing of non-targeted plants and animals and inefficient killing of insects and pests. She points out that adequate research is need ed before performing such campaigns. â€Å"The early mornings are strangely silent where once they were filled with the beauty of bird song.† The disappearance of the birds has been linked back to usage of insecticides again because birds are dependant on insects and worms for food. Alternative cheaper solutions are given by Carson in Chapter 8. â€Å"If we would divert to constructive research even a small fraction of the money spent each year on the development of ever more toxic sprays, we could find ways to use less dangerous materials and to keep poisons out of our waterways.† – Carson says this when mainly salmon fish and other aquatic animals are killed in mass numbers through spraying of DDT in an attempt to destroy certain spruce budworms in Miramichi River. She tries to get across the fact that the aerial spraying campaigns to kill the gypsy moth in the northern states and the fire ant in the southern states were very much damaging, ineffective and also expensive. This incident had a chain reaction resulting in crop failure, hurting wildlife and also cattle products (such as milk) and vegetables were found having DDT and thus unhealthy for human consumption. Carson lets us know that people are a victim to daily chemical poisoning in even minute doses. She goes into the very details of domestic appliances and necessities. Carson talks about many things that don’t seem to be much of a danger on a daily basis to a regular person. Things such as bug sprays, lotions, paints and varnishes, and even a pocket-sized insecticide dispenser are brought up to help demonstrate the everyday risks we encounter. â€Å"Only yesterday mankind lived in fear of the scourges of smallpox, cholera, and plague†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. Today we are concerned with a different kind of hazard that lurks in our environment—a hazard we ourselves have introduced into our world as our modern way of life has evolved.† According to Carson we have given rise to a new range of health problems because the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and everything else in our environment is polluted. As a result the total ecology of our human body is badly affected. Then she starts her discussion about what a cell is, how the organelle mitochondria inside our cells functions to produce energy and ends chapter 13 by informing us that radiations, and chemical poisoning affects this metabolism resulting in mutations. â€Å"The battle of living things against cancer began so long ago that its origin is lost in time.† She says that cancer causing agents had already existed in the nature but not to the extent of causing cancer to the living organisms which the humans have already exceeded that particular level via the chemicals already discussed above. Chemical control proponents overlook two key facts of nature. First, nature applies the most effective control of insects. Second, insects have an explosive capacity to reproduce once they have adapted to chemical control methods. Carson goes on and talks about human attempts to break the balance of nature. She gives example of the coyote, the deer predators, and insects. She talks about how at first the idea seemed to work, but in the end there was some kind of backfire that made every effort pointless. She believes that if people would just sit back and study what happens when nature takes care of itself, many of our problems would be solved. Through the years of chemical spraying against insects, their species have ditched the weak and reproduced the strongest to become more powerful. Chemicals had to be altered every month to overcome the resistance. â€Å"We stand now where two roads diverge. But unlike the roads in Robert Frost’s familiar poem, they are not equally fair†. In the last chapter Carson explains the alternate cheaper and effective methods to overcome the problems mentioned earlier. Carson says that biological controls are best of the two because they do not disrupt the equilibrium and system of nature. By using natural controls, such as predators, nothing in the environment is harmed. Rachel Carson has done a huge contribution to our plant, the Earth, by creating environmental movements. Without her, the condition of our Earth could have been worse. Still, we can see uses of chemicals in an uncontrolled way around us because many people are not aware. People are being selfish in this case. They think it is for their own good. But the reality is reverse because every living and non-living component of this planet is connected either directly or indirectly. Humans are harming themselves as well as their own community through their activities. A lot can be learned from this book. A small initiative can make a big change. It is a must for us to keep our home, the Earth healthy and let others lead their healthy life.

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Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 85

Assignment - Essay Example This is bad experience since the victims may end up living in constant fear and they may end up failing to fit in the societies in which they would be living. This negatively impacts the psychological as well as social aspects of human development. The problem can destabilize peace in the society if it is left unchecked. C- This threat could be identified by an organization through designing network software that can filter all mails that are unidentified. All unsolicited e-mail messages or any other form of message posted on the website of the organization should be blocked and treated as spam. This will help the people to be in control of what they read. The organization may also respond by giving tips to the members of the network about how they should respond in the event that they have responded suspicious messages. Organizations should also enlighten the victims about the measures they can take to deal with messages from unknown

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What role do the concepts of virtu and fortuna play in Machiavellis Essay

What role do the concepts of virtu and fortuna play in Machiavellis political thought - Essay Example The essentialness of leadership is actualized when a balanced state or jurisdiction is achieved.Leadership,perhaps,is the oldest form of responsibility bestowed upon the people.Biblically,there were Adam and Eve as â€Å"stewards† of Creation,while history speaks of ancient tribes with their respective leaders as earliest evidence of organized states. In the 1500’s, an Italian of noble ancestors rose to be in line with the rulers of his time. He is Niccolo Machiavelli, whose The Prince envisioned a leader in its perfect form in terms of success of ruling. Machiavellian thought undermines the modern political philosophy which basically governs the constitution of most powerful nations. Specifically the twin concept of Virtu and Fortuna, Machiavelli’s principle was born out of the nation’s tormented political situation. The concepts presented in his book The Prince owe much to virtu and fortuna as main foundations of Machiavelli’s political thought. I taly in the time of Niccolo Machiavelli Persistence against the Italian monarchy would describe the end of life for most Italians. Europe, during the dusk of the Middle Ages and the dawn of the Renaissance is a place of real-life nightmare. If there is one good thing about the oppression of Italians, it is the blossoming of ideologies inspired by the severity of social and political assault. . However, this was shortly after the Medici family has regained control of Florence. On May 3, 1469, Niccolo Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italy. Unlike the unfortunate Italians in his time, he was born in a family of nobility and political position, which made him unlikely to experience the uneven treatment of the poor in most Italian communities--although the Italian awakening is a better time for Italy. However when the Medici had gone out to regain power, Machiavelli’s political position consequently diminished when he was accused of tyranny and betrayal of the oligarchical gover nment. â€Å"Machiavelli was a direct victim of regime change† (â€Å"Niccolo Machiavelli,† n.d.) and that the only chance of him to survive was the steadfast opinions regarding Florentine princedom. He made several attempts of reviving his place in the government which resulted to his most notable work, II Princepe (The Prince). The book is a collection of â€Å"critiques of traditional moral norms and ideologies† (The European, 2010). It has been said that the book is a form of persuasion to prove the Medicis that he values loyalty and service to the present government. Much appreciated by Lorenzo de Medici, he gained partial reconciliation with the government. The Prince (An Overview) The highlights of Machiavelli’s thought are its complexity and looking beyond the values of norms and its role in the ruling of a kingdom. Viroli (1998) wrote that the Machiavelli contains a significant aspect of â€Å"spiritual narrowness,† that life is constantly governed by reasons, and objectivity towards any subject is the key to the strength of public governance. Politics’ austerity towards the issue of infallible loyalty during the Medici regime may one that drove Machiavelli to think the way he did in times when he realized that his status would become a sinking ship. Although written in a traditional style of â€Å"mirror of prices† genre, the book teaches a different pattern of didacticism which other critiques of his time regard as inappropriate or in the worst case, immoral. According to Kniatt and Johnson (2007), The Prince contains three aspects in which the principles are tightly knitted together. They believe that the book holds the faces of sarcasm, double entendres and Science. Sarcasm is an important element used by Machiavelli in delivering his sentiments and criticisms in the government he was in. The terms â€Å"part reconciliation with the government† may imply that Machiavelli discovered certain ir regularities in the Medici regime. Knowing not of ways on how to directly criticize, he used

Law Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Law Ethics - Essay Example Regardless, Title VII's notions have stood up in court, and this means that it has to be acknowledged in the workplace. This is true of the Eatman case, and through further analysis, once can display the fact that UPS's intentions were clearly in the wrong, as Title IV does not allow them to fire on the basis of religious discrimination. Title VII does not allow anyone to be discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, sexual preference, or religion in the workplace. Those who have particularly religious ideals (i.e. certain holidays that must be observed, as in the Jewish faith) cannot be discriminated against by the company on the basis of these ideals. This law has been written to include any standard religious observance and thus needs to be carefully observed and respected by companies. Therefore, if companies are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of religion, they are certainly not able to discriminate against one's choice of dress because of his or her religion. While UPS does have a policy that only UPS hats can be worn on the job, in light of Eatman's known religious preference, an exception should have been made to this rule. Eatman is of the Rastafarian religion and was mandated to wear a turban to cover his dreadlocks; certainly there is no harm in this mandate. Since it was a religious policy , UPS should not have discriminated against this desire, as it is a violation of Title VII to do this.UPS further violated Title VII by actually taking the step of firing Eatman over the situation. This is demonstrating a clear act of discrimination against one of a different religion. The concept of termination is not an acceptable approach in this situation, and it is in clear violation of Title VII. Obviously Eatman had disclosed his religion and his reason for wanting to wear a turban. Since this was a religious preference and because Title VII protects religious preference in the workplace, UPS should have given into the original request. UPS does not have any right to fire somebody on the basis of wearing a turban instead of a hat for his or her religion. Had Eatman demonstrated gross negligence or demonstrated the fact that he could not successfully complete his job,that would have been another item. But the wearing of a turban versus a hat certainly has no bearing on the ove rall job performance. It is acknowledged that UPS has a policy about wearing hats, but again, the fact that this was a religious preference and request should have been considered. Not considering a religious request is a clear violation of Title VII, and UPS has certainly mistreated Eatman and his requests.In order to correct this issue, UPS must first allow Eatman to come back to his job. Since the firing on the basis of the hat policy was discriminatory and unethical, Eatman should be awarded his job. Furthermore, UPS needs to rewrite their business policies in general to make sure that their policies do not allow for any type of discrimination on the basis of race, sex, gender, sexual preference, or religion. UPS, as a company, will need to review all aspects of its policies in order to make sure that they are being fair and ethical as far as the concept of non-discrimination according to Title VII is concerned. This may need to involve all board members or stockholders, and wil l

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Support for hormone replacement therapy Assignment

Support for hormone replacement therapy - Assignment Example ormone replacement therapy is beneficial in the treatment of urogenital atrophy by decreasing vaginal epithelial pH and inducing the maturation of urethral mucosal and vaginal cells. Urogenital atrophy brings psychological trauma and as such, hormone replacement therapy is by extension beneficial in treating such psychological effects. Hormone replacement therapy is helpful in preventing and treating oral bone loss. This is a common problem in postmenopausal women and is associated with estrogen deficiency. There is evidence that hormone replacement therapy can help treat vision problems in elderly persons. Evidence suggests that hormone replacement therapy is important in reducing the occurrence of coronary heart disease (Hodis, 2008). One of the limitations of hormone replacement therapy is that it increases susceptibility to venous and pulmonary thromboembolism. However, this varies with the timing so that the risk of contracting venous thromboembolism is higher in the first year of treatment. Another limitation with hormone replacement therapy is that it increases the risk of developing breast cancer. The therapy also increases susceptibility to stroke especially ischaemic stroke. Evidence suggests that the use of estrogen-only hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of endometrial cancer. Hormone replacement therapy has a limitation of increasing the risk of ovarian cancer. The therapy causes bleeding in its users especially for the first three to six months (Billecia et. al., 2008). In light of the above benefits and limitations of hormone replacement therapy, I would support hormone therapy. I would support this therapy because it is a good treatment option for many medical conditions some of which may not have a better treatment option. Another reason why I would support this therapy is that continued research is increasingly discovering ways of improving its effectiveness and reduces its side effects. I would support the use of hormone replacement