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Critics Andrea Stuart and Mary O’ Connor Essay

Many would argue that men hold the power in â€Å"The Colour Purple†. Explore the opinions of critics Andrea Stuart and Mary O’ Connor and explain your own view of what Alice Walker has to say about the power in â€Å"The Colour Purple†. In the novel ‘The Colour Purple’ power is represented differently throughout. One way in which this power is shown is through men in the novel. At the beginning men dominate and are depicted as a higher authority figure to women, it seems the men rule the women’s lives. However we can also argue that women are equally strong whilst others evolve into more powerful figures. Power through sisterhood is demonstrated through the fact that Shug gives Celie companionship, something Celie may not have felt since she was separated from her sister Nettie. Through Celie and Shug’s relationship Celie has gained strength in herself and has been shown to stick up for herself. We see this when Shug announces she is taking Celie and Mary Agnes with her as Celie stands up to Albert. This shows us Celie is learning to become independent. This represents one aspect of female power in the novel and it also shows that by having friends to support them these women are able to leave their â€Å"lowdown dogs† behind and with the belief in themselves they can build their own future. Female solidarity is shown where we see Celie’s protection for her mother and sister Nettie. Although she has no real proof on whether Nettie is alive and well, she never stops believing she will one day be reunited with her sister. From this we can see that if men had the will power and strength the women do in the novel, they would be able to make their hard and miserable life easier and more bearable. Celie after everything she has been through and all the misery she has been put through by various characters mainly male’s, she still has hope and can see a brighter future for herself and to be reunited with her sister and become a family. The love shared between Shug and Celie was getting closer and more passionate. Shug’s feelings for Celie to us seemed true even though she had male sexual partners Celie still seemed more important to Shug than any other of her male partners. Andrea Stuart expresses that Celie doesn’t mind that her lover Shug comes home with a husband. She only cares that Shug is back with her, â€Å"the existence of a husband is irrelevant to what is important, the relationship between the two women†. Albert did not have a clue to what was going on between the two of them. He could understand they had become good friends in the time they had spent together and therefore wanted to sleep in the same bed but not once did he suspect them to have a sexual relationship. He put too much trust into Celie and Shug letting them be together alone for such a long time that Shug turned Celie into a more confident character, someone that has her own voice and can speak up for herself. Celie shows her strength again in the novel when she sacrifices herself to a traumatizing experience in order to protect and prevent her sister being raped. Alphonso abused Celie and she didn’t want the same to happen to Nettie, â€Å"I ast him to take me instead of Nettie†. Thinking Alphonso may not want her instead of Nettie she trys to seduce him, â€Å"I tell him I can fix myself up for him. I duck into my room and come out wearing horsehair, feathers, and a pair of our new mammy high heel shoes. He beat me for dressing trampy but he do it to me anyway†. Celie here shows her willingness to protect her little sister from the pain and suffering she had previously encountered, in order to save Nettie being sexually abused she puts herself through it again. Walker highlights the lack of power experienced by many poor black females living in the southern states through the character of Celie. She comes from a black background which therefore disadvantages her because in the time the novel was set being a black female was quite low down, they were still being treated like slaves due to her being black but also female as in those times the male role dominated. Celie was therefore used to accepting some racism from the whites. This is shown when she goes into town and bumps into her baby and her step mother in a store where the clerk was rude and showed no good manners to them. He speaks in an imperative tone, â€Å"girl you want that cloth or not? We got other customers sides you†. Celie also wrote about black on black racial insults. One example is when Albert’s sisters came round to visit and they described Albert’s first wife as â€Å"too black†. Lighter skin was seen as more beautiful then darker skin. Squeak after being raped by her uncle Bubber Hodges, asked Harpo â€Å"do you really love me, or just my colour† Squeak thought it was because of her light coloured skin due to the fact she is mixed race that Harpo was attracted to her and not because he truly loved her. Here power was shown through skin colour and Walker highlights how deeply racism is embedded for example when the critics say she is writing against black people showing their racism. Andrea Stuart and Mary O’Conner both think Celie is only a victim of men in the physical world. Stuart states that â€Å"men are relegated to the periphery of female consciousness† Celie being a black women she was not only a slave to slavery but she was also a slave to the male authority, when slavery was abolished Celie saw the opportunity to free herself from the traditions that men come first.

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Discuss the Role of Energy in the Body, Describe the Process of Cell Respiration and Give Three Examples of How Energy Is Used in the Human Body

M1- Discuss the role of energy in the body, describe the process of cell respiration and give three examples of how energy is used in the human body Every living cell needs energy. The form of energy that we use is chemical energy in the form of glucose that we get in our food, mainly from carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and potatoes. Living cells cannot function without energy, which can then lead to death. To release the energy from glucose, oxygen is added (oxidise glucose) by breathing continuously to supply to the millions of cells that undertake cell respiration, this is also known as internal respiration.The rate that glucose is used at depends on the individuals' metabolism (B. M. R). The basal metabolic rate depends on the amount of thyroid hormone that is produced. A person that has a fast metabolism then it is less likely that they will put on weight whereas if a person has a slow metabolism then they may tend to put weight on. A factor that can influence metabolism rat e is age. This is because as you get older your metabolism will be likely to slow down. Cell respiration: The word equation for cell respiration is:Glucose + Oxygen = Energy + Carbon Dioxide + Water Chemical equation: C6H12O6 + 6O2 = Energy + 6CO2 + 6H2O Waste products of carbon dioxide and water can be excreted through the lungs and kidneys as expired air and urine; otherwise the chemical atoms (carbon, hydrogen and oxygen) can be recycled to reform glucose (C6H12O6). Cell respiration happens in the mitochondria in cells and tissues, e. g. the skeletal muscle, which has millions of mitochondria for increased energy demand. Three examples of how energy is utilised by the body:Muscles use a lot of energy in order for movement to happen. When the muscle tissues contract they will need a good supply of glucose and oxygen. ?Movement: The contraction of skeletal muscles attached to the bones and joints uses energy ? Breathing: Intercostal muscles and the diaphragm relax and contract whic h increases and decreases the internal volume of the lungs for breathing. This involves energy ? Peristalsis: The slow movement of food through your digestive system allows digestion to occur (smooth muscle) uses energy

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Art and aesthetics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Art and aesthetics - Essay Example Therefore, the definition of art proper; is the art as a means of expression, since the other aspects of art, such as art as a craft and art as a magic have no real bearing on the essence and the meaning that art has to create, if it is not applied as a means of expression (Collingwood, 105). This is because, under circumstances where art is to be defined as a craft, then it must be divided into the elements of; means and the end (Collingwood, 108). However, it is apparent that art is not divisible into the components of a means and an end, but unfortunately the various answers that have been given to responding to the question; what is art, has always suggested that it is so. Therefore, there is a need to refute the claims that are postulated by the hypothesis that art is divisible into the components of means and end, where the technical theory of art defines the component of means as arousing emotion (Collingwood, 108). This hypothesis tries to indicate that art is a means of brin ging onto the fore, something that has already been determined as desirable, so that it eventually influences the way an individual feels. The factual truth about art is that it is not a means that arouses feelings and emotions, but it has some element of interacting with emotions, but what it does clearly resembles arousing emotions, but it is not arousing it (Collingwood, 108). Therefore, the real definition of art has something to do with emotions and their arousal, but clearly exists in two different ways, one being the unexpressed emotion, where an individual feels the emotions in a helpless and oppressive way, considering that such emotions are in existence, but then they have not been streamed into action so that they can be understood, rather remaining suppressed within an individual, thus sitting in as just oppressive (Collingwood, 109). The second nature of emotions is the emotions in expressed way, which then refers to the emotions that the individual has allowed to be kn own, and as such they are fully expressed and exploited, and they have therefore been removed from the unconscious part of the individual, into being conscious feelings, which has something to do with the way the individual is feeling the emotions. Through expressed feelings, an individual’s mind is freed of the baggage of the emotions, and thus the sense of oppression has completely vanished and the mind becomes eased and somehow lightened by the unburdening of the feelings (Collingwood, 110). This serves as the real meaning of art, and thus the response to the question what is art, can be responded to by stating that; art is a means through which an individual eases and lightens their mind, through unburdening the oppressive emotions inside them, by allowing the burden to vanish into the audience. Therefore, to express emerge as becoming conscious of an emotion, which then means it is not practically possible to apply a differentiation between means and end, when it comes t o the functionality of art (Collingwood, 111). Thus, there is a need to differentiate the philosophical meaning of art and work of art, considering that it is through a work of art that the aspects of planning and execution can be differentiated, but there is completely no way of differentiating planning and exec

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Negative Impacts of Technology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Negative Impacts of Technology - Research Paper Example However, the negative elements of technology have long being ignored yet they are associated with remarkably immense negative outcomes. Three negative aspects of technology discussed here are cyber bullying, identity theft and negative health impacts resulting from cell phone use. The paper reveals that cyber bullying is one of the leading causes of suicide amongst young people given their higher access and use. The victims of cyber bullying always have an underlying problem that is used by bullies to humiliate, ridicule and hurt. Parents should be careful in identifying instances of aggression among young people. Identity theft results to impersonation, whereby a person’s information is obtained online from other website or using fraud websites and later used for offensive purposes. Identity theft results into impersonation that is not immediately identified until after some time. The paper also reveals that the use of cell phones is responsible for a significant number of ca ncer cases, infertility in men and other health problems in newborns. Introduction The invention of technology was an enormous achievement for humankind in the world. In appreciation, numerous people today praise technology and technological devices used in their everyday lives. Besides its invention, technology has a fast rate of evolution. This evolution has resulted to the realization of some things that, years ago, were never thought. One such device is the cell phone. Today, cell phones have made communication remarkably easy as people who are distances apart can relay information without having to travel and engage in face-to-face communication. Technological devices have taken the world by storm such that people do not imagine the nature of life without them. In addition, life seems impossible without the internet, chat elements and emails among others. Other technological evolutions include Television, video games and movies. With these advancements, human beings have been p resented with new and varying possibilities and choices. For instance, people have access to TVs with about 300 channels from all over the world thereby being exposed to beneficial information. From these examples of technological devices, it is clear that in the veins of the society, technology can be felt. In addition, technology fuels lives since it is an indispensable part of them. The nature of human life today is enough evidence that technology has introduced ultimate solution to ancient impediments of time and space. For instance, automation has enabled preservation of human efforts and time. In addition, automation in airplanes and trains has brought distant places closer while simplifying access to information. For both adults and children, technology has brought about fast, easy and reliable ways of doing things. The main positive impacts of technology are on communication, entertainment and advertisement, management of data and retrieval of information, transportation, an d automation in the household and industry (Oak para2). Despite making the world a smaller place to live in, technology causes distractions. While people celebrate the positive impacts of technology, the negative impacts technology has on people’s health should not be sidelined. Some of the most common negative impacts include obesity, poor academic performance, promoting laziness, violence in children exposed to video games, and general impact on family life. The use of mobile phones, internet and social

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Labor Arbitration Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Labor Arbitration Process - Essay Example Another common way of dispute resolution is mediation. It also involves the role of one mediator, but his role is more of a compromiser than a final decision maker. An arbitrator attempts to resolve a dispute by hearing from both management and workers to arrive an amicable solution, which is binding on both parties. The role of a mediator is facilitating the communication between deputed parties to find a solution by themselves in the presence of mediator. Rarely does the mediator exert pressure to accept a solution. Conciliation is another way out for labor problems, but it is more or less same as that of mediation. Today, arbitration is used worldwide as a mechanism of resolving labor problems, and indeed in many other areas. The common forms of arbitration can be defined as below (Arbitration and Mediation): "Compulsory arbitration is a dispute resolution that is required by law. Widely accepted in Australia and New Zealand, compulsory arbitration was practiced by the National War Labor Board during World War II. It is a binding process. Expedited arbitration is a process intended to speed up the arbitration process with an informal hearing and awards generally rendered within five days. It was first used in 1971 in settling disputes in the steel industry. Expedited arbitration was als6 designed as a cost-saving method of dispute resolution. Interest arbitration is the use of an arbitrator or arbitrator board to render a binding decision in resolving a dispute over new contract terms (also called non-justifiable arbitration). Final offer selection arbitration is an interest arbitration process in which the arbitrator or arbitrator board selects either the union or management proposal to the solution. There can be no compromised decisions. This process is also termed either-or arbitration. Tripartite arbitration is a process wherein a three-member panel of arbitrators is used to reach a decision. Both labor and management select an arbitrator and the third is selected by the other two arbitrators or the parties to the dispute as a neutral participant". This essay is an attempt to review the history and future of labor arbitration in the United States, about which there have been many misconceptions. The essay attempts to clarify this much debated issue in a simple and lucid manner and to give an idea about the role of labor arbitration in labor relations. Secondary sources such as internet alone is used to justify the main arguments. History of Labor Arbitration in the U.S. This is a much debates and controversial topic in the United States. There are many misconceptions about the evolution of labor arbitration process in the country. The history of arbitration as a dispute resolving mechanism dates back to English common law and is the oldest form of dispute settlement. There were many instances of the use of arbitration in olden days. Among them the most notable are- "King Solomon was an arbitrator and arbitration was used to settle differences during the Greco-Roman period. George Washington was an advocate of arbitration and, in his will, mandated using the process if disputes arose over his estate. The use of arbitration in labor disputes was a common practice in the late 19th century but developed more rapidly after World War II as a substitute for work stoppages. During World War II, the

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Managing Physical and Mental Health Challenges Essay

Managing Physical and Mental Health Challenges - Essay Example According to the report  cognitive disabilities basically affect one’s intellectual capacity and     affects performance in education. Mental health in simple terms is absence of a mental disorder and physical health is the general wellbeing of the body. Cognitive disability is detected by intellectual capacity, academic ability and adaptive conduct. To measure the intellectual capacity, an intelligence test is run. An intelligence test is any of a number of tests designed to measure a person’s mental skills Academic performance can be measured by communication skills and academic readiness of the person.From this study it is clear that mental health and physical wellbeing can be affected by cognitive disability. When one is confirmed to have cognitive disability, then they end up having a difficult time interacting socially which in turn affects them psychologically. Psychological effects end up causing anxiety and depression which in turn makes people to seek di fferent ways to cope. Stacey deals with her problems by self mutilation which causes physical problems. If Stacey is confirmed to have cognitive disability, then the choice on the way forward is left to the parents but if she doesn’t have any cognitive disability, then she can make sober decisions on her own .This is according to the Nursing and Midwifery code of conduct.  Stacey needs to go through a series of counseling and psychiatric treatment to make her learn how to open up and also to stop her from inflicting injury on herself.

Organizing and paying for American Eduction Essay

Organizing and paying for American Eduction - Essay Example If we talk about American educational structure, we observe that initial education involves kindergarten, nurseries, preschools, and day care centers. Then comes the primary education that consists of grades 1 to 7. Then, the middle education is offered which includes grades 4 to 8. After that, high schools include grades 8 to 12. After passing high schools, the student enters the University for higher education. A typical American school has a principal who runs the school primarily, an assistant principal, secretaries, coordinators, department heads, teachers, librarians, a physician in case of emergency, and canteen operators. The American Government arranges funds for its education sector through taxes which give enough revenue to run the institutions. The taxes include property tax, sales tax, income tax, and prize bonds. The government provides general funding which is equally distributed among all institutions; and, categorical funding which the provider provides for some part icular educational programs. However, it is a big challenge for the government to show to their public and local districts how properly the revenue obtained through taxes is spent on education because often local districts have to spend from their own pockets for the maintenance of institutions.

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Describe what is meant by 'leadership styles,' and discuss their Essay

Describe what is meant by 'leadership styles,' and discuss their applicability and importance to effective nursing leadership - Essay Example Working conditions in the current hospital setting are very poor and this has demoralized nurses as most of them are opting out of their professions. The hospitals have heavy workloads and they have limited resources, a condition that makes it difficult for nurses to attend to the high number of patients effectively. This has in turn resulted to poor performance in hospitals and has also put patients’ health at risk as noted by Gullatte (2005). Effective strategies that will address these issues should be developed and implemented if nurses have to be retained in their places of work according to Gullatte. One way of solving issues affecting health care systems and nurses in general is through mentoring and developing positive nursing leadership. Nurses leadership in this respect must be looked at both as a professional responsibility and a collective endeavor. There are different styles of nursing leadership which include: transformational leadership, congruent leadership, transactional leadership and servant leadership just to mention a few. The following sections of this paper will be dedicated to analyzing the different leadership styles that can be applied in nursing. Bass and Riggio (2006) claim that transformational leadership encourages change in social systems and individuals. It is the most preferred style of leadership in the healthcare setting since it enhances performance and motivates employees. Its main aim is to create value and instill positive change in employees so that they can develop into people with leadership qualities. Transformational leadership involves establishing of a vision so that employees can work towards attaining certain goals. It also involves developing people so that they can be able to adapt to changes that occur in their places of work. Transformational leadership also builds relationships which in effect lead to interactions which

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The impact of technology on the war in Afghanistan Research Paper

The impact of technology on the war in Afghanistan - Research Paper Example The Taliban has explicitly expressed their support of the Al-Qaeda, a global network of terrorists, and in September 9, 2011, Al-Qaeda operatives executed Ahmad Shah Massoud, a prominent commander of the Northern Alliances. Such killing assured Osama Bin Laden of the Taliban’s support and refuge after the 9/11 Attacks (Council on Foreign Relations). And so, the seed for the biggest and most wide-spread war on terrorism has been sown; the war on Afghanistan was bred, needing only the attacks on US soil to spark the powder keg. The problem about Afghan stability and counterterrorist efforts is not simple a problem; the Taliban is continually able to hold the Afghan citizens silent about their presence by the effective monopoly of fear, threatening the lives of Afghan should they provide any hint to the US troops concerning the Taliban or the Al-Qaeda operations (Ferguson). Poor governance, ethnic conflict, and administrative mismanagement have crippled the Afghan government syst em in trying to address the problem of terrorism in the post-Taliban democracy. Terrorists still plague the Afghan communities, storing ammunitions and high-powered rifles, and in some case, a Taliban flag, in places so close to Afghan homes. Security in the Afghan state and the elimination of terrorist cells is highly important to maintain global peace, and such is the goal of the United States for its involvement in places so far away from the New World. After the 1993 bombing on the World Trade Center and the more famous 9/11 attacks, global security has become US security as these attacks against the US sprang not from the American continents, but from places across the oceans. In order for the US government to ensure the safety of its people, it must secure the safety of the entire world from threats as eminent as the Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and all other terrorist networks and militant insurgent groups. As part of the study on the war in Afghanistan, there is a need to define c ounterinsurgency from counterterrorism, and in order to fulfill such, there is still a need to define the root-words that comprises the two military labels. Counterinsurgency is a concatenation of two words: counter and insurgency. Counterinsurgency is any organized military activity designed to combat insurgencies (Merriam-Webster). These are military activities geared towards combating insurgent groups that are against the central authority not recognized as belligerents. The term counterinsurgency was first used in the 1960s to combat communist-led revolutionists and insurgents, which Nikita Khrushkev termed as the â€Å"war of national liberation†, occurring all around the world that are against U.S. interest (Answers Corporation). The term replaced counterrevolution for public propaganda, since a revolution has a good connotation to the American public. Counterterrorism, on the other hand, is a concatenation of the words counter and terrorism. Counterterrorism refers to the practices, not necessarily military in nature, that acts as a response to terrorist threats and/or acts, be it real or imputed (Zalman). Terrorism is a criminal act that influences and audience beyond the immediate victim (Research-Terrorism). It seeks to achieve goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature by inflicting terror and anxiety through the use of military equipments, usually aimed at civilian targets.

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Discussing the key points of the movie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussing the key points of the movie - Essay Example The main point of this movie is about doing a favor for someone and then expecting that good deed to be paid forward. Unconsciously, Trevor’s act of kindness was paid forward to many people. It was a cycle and an act of kindness which was unbroken, reaching people he did not know and who did not know him. But indeed, it started with his act of kindness. One of the other main points which have to be considered for this movie is the bravery which Trevor took on in his act of kindness. His good deed could have been scoffed and rejected by other people. This was a risk he took when he paid the favor forward, but he took the risk anyway. He was resolute in his belief that his good deed would merit more good deeds from other people; and this braveness and firm resolution became infectious, and was able to transcend his simple act of kindness. Another important point of the story is that people are basically good and kind. All that is needed perhaps is a trigger for this kindness to emerge. The trigger was Trevor. Even if people were most likely scoffing at his plans and his acts of kindness, deep inside, they probably also wanted to see how their own acts of kindness would affect other people. This goodness can emerge when people are also brave enough to pay a favor forward. A single act of resolute braveness can change a person’s mindset. It can transform him from a cynical person to one who is more inclined to believe in people’s basic goodness. These various points resonate in society today, in the sense that, it is also difficult and seemingly unimaginable for people to extend acts of kindness to other people. There is a certain cynicism among people about paying a favor forward or even basically doing a simple act of kindness. Some find it corny, others immediately ask what is in it for them, and others ask what the act of kindness would cost them in the future. It is with these cynical beliefs which make it also difficult to

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Quality Improvement Essay Example for Free

Quality Improvement Essay America had long lost to Japan its dominance in the world marketplace even in America itself because of Japanese quality management philosophy. To illustrate that workers involvement in quality improvement is the core of this management philosophy, the article compared three kinds of firms operating in the U. S.: A companies or strictly American firms, AJ companies or American firms employing Japanese quality control methodologies, and J companies or Japanese firms operating in the U. S.  It focused on two areas: (1) production workers knowledge and use of Statistical Quality Control Tools (SQC tools), and (2) production workers’ quality responsibilities. Of the 17 recognized SQC tools, 7 were noted to be highly employed in the U. S. The findings indicate that (1) SQC tool utilization of U. S. firms classified as AJ and J is higher than that of U. S. firms classified as A, and (2) delegation of responsibility for quality to production workers by U. S. firms classified as AJ and J is higher than that found in U. S. firms classified as A. Assessment of the Article From the selection of the sample group to the development of the questionnaire and all the way to the analysis of data collected, the research methodology cannot be faulted. I am especially impressed with how exacting the authors were with their definitions. They showed great care in determining exactly what is meant by organizational size as it is related to other organizational functioning, likewise they found fit to define what is exactly meant by production worker as opposed to pure quality control personnel classified as production worker. However, upon perusal of their two findings, one is led to ask whether or not the first area was sufficiently addressed. The first area was actually composed of two, knowledge and utilization of SQC tools. While their data validly showed that utilization was either high or low, it says nothing of knowledge; specifically how knowledgeable these production workers were with the SQC tools, or are we to assume that usage is the same as knowledge? Conclusions With the exception on that little confusion as to the distinction between knowledge and usage, the article had shown that the Japanese quality management philosophy entails worker involvement in quality improvement to the extent that the worker is suppose to use the statistical quality control tools and be delegated responsibilities over the quality of the products themselves.

The Left Digit Effect in Pricing Strategy Essay Example for Free

The Left Digit Effect in Pricing Strategy Essay Have you ever come across price tags that have 9 endings? Have you ever bought those merchandise with 9 endings thinking that was the best deal and ended up with an enormous bill? Do you notice that the 9 endings are usually printed in a much smaller size than the digits on the left? This is a result of a psychological concept called â€Å"The Left Digit Effect† in which people tend to pay more attention to the left-most digits than the ones on the right. The idea has been widely used for decades for its great impact on consumers’ shopping behavior. Nine endings can easily be seen everywhere: stationeries of $1. 99, $4. 99 in bookstores, cars of $2,999, $5,999 in a dealership, real estates of $199,999, $299,999 on the market. It is interesting how such a small change can make a price tag seem significantly lower than another one of just one cent or one dollar higher, as well as greatly affect consumers’ decision. Even the smartest shoppers can fall for this little trick. For a lot of times I found myself wondering why I bought goods of the best prices but ended up with a large bill. Later I realized that I had fallen victim of the usage of the left digit effect in pricing strategy. However, it is fascinating to learn about how the application of such a simple effect turns out to have a great impact on people’s mind without their even being aware of it. The left digit effect can be simply defined as people’s paying disproportionate attention to the digits on the left compare to the ones on the right. This results from human’s instinct of reading from left to right. Another possible reason is that the encoding processes in human’s mind start before people even finish reading all of the digits. They tend to think fast in order to move on with other things, so they underestimate the importance of the right digits and make the digits on the left the magnitude. Taking advantage of that, companies and producers apply the effect in pricing strategy. That was the point when 9 endings were brought into the market. One reason to account for such a wonder that the 9 endings are doing to businesses is the difficulty of adding up odd numbers. People are more familiarized with the decimal number system which consists of 10 numbers. As a consequence, the appearance of 9 endings in prices is a great change in people’s ability to do the math. They make it much harder to control the total spending as people are used to dealing with round numbers. For example, it is obviously easier to add 300 and 200 than 299 and 199, as the first one is 500 and the second one is 498. When not being able to add up the prices, people are unaware of their total spending. Most of the times, consumers just ignore the 9 endings rather than do the proper rounding. Even though the cents are seen but they are partially ignored because the brain starts encoding information immediately after the left-most digits are read. A theory proposed by Keith Coulter – Associate Professor of Marketing at Graduate School of Management, Clark University – said that the effect can be enhanced provided the cents are printed in a smaller size than the dollar part, so the cents are more likely to be ignored or partially ignored by fast-thinking customers. A common viewpoint of the effect’s psychological impact is that the 9 endings lead consumers to believe that goods are marked at the lowest price possible and that it is the best deal out there. When they check out, that is when a concept called cognitive dissonance takes effect. In other words, when having to decide between two conflicting outcomes, people have a tendency to choose the one that makes them feel happier about their choice. Ending up with a huge bill, they often defend themselves that it’s worth the money and what they bought was a good bargain. Also, 9 endings play an important role when it comes to price bands. One cent or one dollar drop can make the price appear in the lower price bands and therefore be seen by more potential customers. For instance, an old car of $1,999 will still be placed in $1,000-$2,000 price band though it’s just a dollar to the next price band. As a result, it can be seen by customers who want cars in the $1,000-$2,000 range, besides the ones who want cars above $2,000. However, the left digit effect has been proved to only work if the left-most digit changes. In other words, consumers become more sensitive to price changes when the one cent drop results the left digit of the prices to change. To clarify the idea, in a small survey which I carried out in Southeast campus of Houston Community College with 21 students, when being asked to choose between two pens of $3 and $3. 99, the participants showed no clear preference over which one they like better. However, when the prices were changed to $4 and $3. 99, 17 out of 21 participants reported that they would choose the second pen because â€Å"it was cheaper†. Although there was a whole dollar difference compare to just one cent after the change in prices, the participants become more sensitive about how much money they spend when the left-most digit changes. When the brain quickly scans the prices, the same left digits will make one think that there is no significant difference between them although it was the right digits that determine the difference. However, if the left digits change, even though the right digits make them just one cent different, the brain automatically defines a big gap between the two prices and therefore lead people to choose the one whose left digit is lower. The research has provided me with an in-depth view of the psychological impact of the left digit effect in pricing strategy. Before conducting the project, all I thought of the 9 endings was that they would make prices seem lower and therefore more appealing to potential customers. However, after doing a deep research on the topic, I’ve learned a lot more than I thought I would. I’ve learned that the effect originates from human’s thought processes itself: the brain starts encoding the information immediately before we even finish reading all of the digits, and that the 9 endings don’t always work but need an important condition for them to take effect: the left digit changes as a result of the one cent or one dollar drop . It also amazed me how people’s decision and shopping behavior are influenced and determined by such a small effect without their being aware of it, and how the application of such a little thing can do wonder to businesses. The left digit effect itself is linked with other interesting psychological effects that trigger me to search for more knowledge. Rather than just a surface learning, I was able to go deep into the root of the issue and learn about its true nature. However, I think the most important thing that I was able to learn from doing this research is how to look at familiar things in a daily routine from a psychological viewpoint and analyze them through that viewpoint.

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Education Before And After French Revolution History Essay

Education Before And After French Revolution History Essay The French revolution enabled a major shift in the history of modern France, and it even affected the rest of the European communities. Indeed, such great incidents like the French revolution would change a lot in the systems of France, regarding to the educational system which was highly effected, In order to talk about the effect of the French revolution over the education in France, the state of the French education before the revolution must be well understood. I believe, The French revolution gave the education in France a great chance to start developing and spreading. The educational facilities before the French revolution and under the Ancien regime were in a better position than any other European country. France had witnessed an improvement in the educational activities cased by the Renaissance, and that was in the middle of the 16th century. But yet the educational institutions were badly distributed, and needed to be reformed. Although France had witness a lot of religious conflicts, which concluded with the country being taken over effectively by the Catholic domination. We can say that the government involvement in the matters of education was not that great and the Catholic church had the huge part of taking control over the educational system. According to La Chalotais, in general, the Kings government left all matters pertaining to education in the hand of local bishop and the religious orders(1971). In spite of the fact that the educational system was directly or indirectly under the control of the Church, but we can not pass by and not mention that the state has show concerns about the education in France in many ways, for example, in 1698 a decree was issued that children from the age of seven were to be obliged to attend Catholic schools up to the age of fourteen. One significant educational development was the change of the scholars language from Latin to French. Reaching the period exactly before the revolution, the idea of a general education started to develop in France. Since that, during the French revolution (1789-1799) The state of the country was not stable at all, most people would think that the education is the last thing French people would think about in such crises, but the truth was that the leaders of the revolution had the education in their priorities. And in the early stages of the revolution there was a lot of concerns about the revolution, but few institutional actions. Still, by 1789 the level of development of the French system of education was remarkable for its time. Enrolment in elementary schools was relatively high and 562 secondary schools boasted 74,747 student, 40,000 of whom had scholarships(4). It is true that the destructive component of the revolution has effected the education, but the only explanation was because what ever was before the revolution has to go. But it is fair to say that the revolutionaries also looked at the state of the education from many aspects, like the duties and prerogatives of the state, the r ights of parents, the potential benefits of higher education, the economic needs of the nation, the necessity for training teachers, and the suitable status of the teaching profession in a republic(5). The first changes made to the French community were basically related to religion. It can be said that the revaluation wanted to change any thing related to the old system, including the great position that was occupied by the church. In fact , as the revolutionaries were destroying the statues that presented the church at Notre Dame, they were removing every influence made by the church in the education system. What was really weird and in the same time interesting, is that the leaders of the revolution were willing to change almost anything related to the old system except the idea of educating women. Actually most of the revolution leaders believed that only men should have the right of education because they will engaged in the state affairs. And women do not need education becaus e their role was to take care of the family and the raise children. By 1794 a kind of a normal life was founded, and that was a result of the execution of Robespierre. This kind of normal life gave the government the chance to give attention to the education reform. A decree soon followed, that the number one important thing regarding the education was the training of teachers. And the curriculum of the schools contains republican morality and the public and private virtues, as well as the techniques of teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, practical geometry, French history and grammar; and books must be used and not any books but the ones which is described in the Convention.(1) One more thing the revolutionaries wanted to make sure to change was the spoken language, as there were a great many different languages and dialects were spoken. The Revolutionary Government left the part of guiding citizens to one language to schools.(6) According to Vignery, although the Old Regime system creased to exist, some schools on all levels survived the onslaughts of the Revolution.(5) These schools called private schools. Baileys historical study of the French colleges shows clearly that they survived the revolutions radical stages by adapting to their changing environment and mobilizing the resources they had inherited from the Old Regime.(4) Larger and wealthier schools were more likely to remain open . in 1798 the government tried to take over the control on these schools but no much success was established, but in 1799 the government managed to control private schools in some regions. And in an attempt of the government to have a competitive advantage over any private school, the government had a condition that if some one want to get a position with the government to apply an evidence that he had went to a Republic school.(1) As oboist of some might expect, the state of French public education especially the one of central schools, was weak. Number of flows was there, for example the lack of efficient teachers and more substantial the lack of efficient students as well. Actually, the schools of Paris and other areas with high rate of population did very well, but in the rest of the country things was not as good as they should be. Another serious problem was that requires of a graduate from a central school was not really reasonable at all times, either academic or curricular. Lastly, we can say that the central schools did not reach the goals it was made to establish. And it needed some one great to help reaching these goals. After the revolution, and under the new system Napoleon toke over most of the power. And in 1804, Napoleon became the Emperor of France and had the ultimate control over the government. Napoleon managed to make France the most powerful country of Europe and that was by making a lot of changes in the system of the country. Napoleon always believed in education and had it in its priorities, and he also believed in efficient kind of education and for this to come true, education in France must spread majorly especially regarding the secondary level.There was number of problems that the French people complained about, like the lack of schools in several areas plus the lack of efficiency in the teaching faculty, not to mention the lack of commitment to attend among students and in some areas the lack of religious kind of education.(1)

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Why Education is Important :: Education

Many students around the world today focus mainly one thing while they are in school; Career and income, but how do you achieve that? How does one get the career they want and the income they yearn? The answer is education several countries are known for their exceptional performance in academics and the pressure related to their education. Among those countries are China, India and Japan. These three countries share a lot in common; exceptionally bright students and a very rigorous education system that showers students with pressure from parents to perform exceptional in school. Anita Desai, who is the author of Studies in the Park, shows us how the much education is important in India. Studies in the Park is about a young man named Suno. Suno is ready to apply for college, but before he goes into college, he must pass the entrance exams for his college. Suno undergoes pressure from his parents to study hard and pass the entrance exams. Suno is always reminded from his pare nts that he expects good results from him and he should just be studying. Suno starts to get fed up with all the talks and his loud home, so he tries and find a new place to go and study; The Park. At the park he meets other students who are just like him; tired of all the noise at home and fed up from their parents nagging at them to study. Anita Desai’s Studies in the Park undoubtedly connects with the importance of education worldwide, pressure placed on students for education and the pressure for incentives offered for education globally. Many students are constantly faced with the same problem everyday: Education. Desai showed emphasis on the pressure that students from India face and how expectations rise every year. Desai’s story may have been a replica of her very own young life because she focused on one’s own belief in education and the freedom to choose for one’s own future career. Firstly, Students that are living in highly populated countries understand the importance of education far greater than students that are living in countries with extra amenities and a lot of neighborhoods. In Desai’s Studies in the Park, the main character Suno was always told by his parents that education was thought that Suno’s parents had is very similar to Obama’s thoughts.

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Homeschooling: Academics, Socialization and College Admissions Prospect

Homeschooling: Academics, Socialization and College Admissions Prospects Homeschooling is probably one of the least known and least understood issues in education. Many people tend to think that most homeschoolers are religious conservatives or extremists. However, the truth is that people from all walks of life are joining the homeschooling bandwagon (Ray, 2004). The main misconception is that homeschooled children don’t get the same academic and social education as traditionally schooled children. Contrary to popular perception, homeschooled children have the same, if not better academic opportunities, social opportunities and college admissions prospects than traditionally schooled students have. According to Mary Griffith, author of the book The Homeschooling Handbook, the concept of homeschooling is nothing new to society. It is only in the past 150 years that public school system as we know it came into effect (Griffith, 1999). Prior to that, â€Å"†¦the family was the basis for social life†¦the home was where children learned what was necessary to function in their community† (1999). By the mid-1970s, there were barely any people practicing homeschooling (Ray, 2004). However, over the past twenty years there has been a resurgence in people choosing homeschooling (2004). There has been a 500 percent increase in homeschooling from the 1990-1991 school year to the 2002-2003 school year (2004). The National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) estimates â€Å"that between 1.7 and 2.1 million students were being homeschooled in the U.S., in every grade level from kindergarten through twelfth grade†¦Indications are that the growth rate is between 7 percent and 15 percent per year † (2004). People choose to homeschool for a var... ...s and traditional school graduates. Journal of College Admission, Spring 2004, p17. Klicka, Chris (2002) Socialization: homeschoolers are in the real world. Issue Analysis, Home School Legal Defense Association. Retrieved April 10, 2005 from Kochenderfer R, & Kanna E. (2002). Homeschooling for success: How parents can create a superior education for their child. New York NY: Warner Books. Ray, Brian D. Ph.D (2004). Worldwide guide to homeschooling: Facts and stats on the benefits of home school. Nashville TN: Broadman & Holman Publishers. Saba L., & Gattis J. (2002). The McGraw-Hill homeschooling companion. New York NY: McGraw-Hill Publishers. Zehr, Mary Ann. (2003). Home school students adjust to new homes on college campuses. Education Week, Vol. 23, Issue 2, p6. Retrieved April 22, 2005 from Academic Search Premier database.

Producing Your Own Play :: Theatre Drama Personal Narratives Acting Essays

Producing Your Own Play Recently, two friends and I structured a piece of theatre involving three characters and their journey through life. Throughout the play themes such, alcohol abuse, child abuse, drug addiction and many other themes showing the mental ability as the characters come across hard dissions during their journey through life. The play is about three characters who are faced with many temptations in which all resulting in some sort of addiction and later resulting in the character ending up in a mental hospital. The play is fast moving and perceptive entertains and thought provoking, funny yet ultimately tragic. Throughout the planning of our production we came across a few difficult disicions, one that really stands out in my mind was how to show the audience a sub-consion veiw of the characters thoughts, we wanted to really show the depth of these characters giving the veiwer the ability to understand the characters choices. To enable this we decided to use fiction in certain scenes showing an angel and a devil both giving adive to each indivdual character. We wanted to give the play a theme of 'Black Comedy' this keeping the audience more intreaged. My partners and I decided we could create our own characters, I decided that when my character first enters the play aged 9 years old I wanted to play this child to the best of my ability, I found this difficult at first for I had never played a character who was suffering with child abuse. After thinking about how I would play my character I decided that to give the veiwer a deep insite of my characters thoughts to acomplish this I tried to come across as a very insicure child, growing up with no love or affection in his life, this suggesting I would keep my voice in a quiet pitch and also while my character grows older and discovers he is a free person he still is traped with his father torment constant in his mind, this resulting in him turning into a more visiuos man with a very controversal veiw upon women this veiw growing into an addiction, growing to the ecstent wher the only pleasure was when he would kill women; '' GRABBING EVERY WOMEN IN SIGHT INTO DARK ALLYS LATE AT NIGHT'', in certain scenes we used ryme to give a stronger affect.Later on in the play my character finds himself in a mental hospital, my characters mind was no loger stable and useing very simular insicure body language like when I was a child I tried to give an affet where I was trabbed in my childhood

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Comparison Paragraph of Macbeth and Othello Essay

Shakespeare shows a high level of regret in both plays by raising the emotional turmoil sensed by Macbeth and Othello. The climax of this repentance highlights the mental state of distress of both of the main characters, and is followed by a dramatic conclusion. Shakespeare presents Macbeth as regretful by portraying his desire to be king as damaging from the start. This is evident in the play when Macbeth says: â€Å"will all great Neptunes ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?† This use of language is regretful. Many bad things then go on to happen to Macbeth, providing that he was wrong to murder the king and this was against the laws in Jacobean times. Macbeth’s reference to â€Å"Neptune† conveys a sense of prayer to the language and the question mark suggests doubt at his actions. Neptune is the God of the sea, and the Jacobean audience would have known this. However, as this was not the Christian God, the audience would have also viewed this with suspi cion. This also shows that Macbeth feels regretful because it suggests that this is something that will not go away easily; all the water in the ocean will not make his hands clean. Shakespeare makes Macbeth’s guilt and regret apparent with a direct link to the metaphor of having blood on your hands. This heightens Macbeth’s internal disturbance by the constant pressure laid on by Lady Macbeth. The metaphor is used throughout the whole play as Lady Macbeth sees a â€Å"spot† on her hand and, at the end of the play when Macbeth’s downfall is imminent, it is said that â€Å"His secret murders† are â€Å"sticking on his hands.† The outcome is inevitable because Macbeth will not wash his hands clean and the audience knows that this will end in his own death creating drama and tension. Before in the play, the murder of the king is not shown because in the Jacobean Era, murdering the king was against the law. Similarly, Shakespeare presents Othello as regretful. This is evident in the play when Othello says: â€Å"oh fool, fool, fool!† Othello calls himself a â€Å"fool† when he finds out the truth and knows that he was tricked by Iago and is regretful for killing his wife. The use of the word â€Å"fool† shows the audience that h e was not very clever as he was tricked quite easily. However, it was easy for Iago to deceive Othello due to his gullibility. This may have been due to the fact that as an outsider, he did not belong in the society. It also highlights the fact that Othello was easily confused because of Desdemona’s betrayal of her own father. Othello felt that Desdemona could betray Othello as well. The evidence in support of  this fatalistic belief was overwhelming. It had links to Othello being a Moor and Desdemona’s seemingly pernicious friendship with Cassio. The Jacobean audience was aware of this dramatic irony and possibly knew what was going to happen next.

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History of Circular Saw Essay

Circular Saw-As changes in the economic science of the industry occurred, developments in powered machinery began that had an violation on both preparing and assembling. In 1805, Brunel took divulge a patent for large government n sensation saws particularly associated with veneer cuttingand in 1807 genuine the saw further in link with block-making machinery. However, one of the most important developments was not on this scale at all. The exquisite circular saw of up to septenary inches diameter, often operated by a treadle, was one of the keys to the mastery of small-scale furniture makers.This saw enabled makers of cheap furniture to square up, miter joint and rabbet cleanly, accurately, and quickly, allowing the frames of cheap carcase cypher to be obviously rebated and nailed. This mode of rebating, utilise a circular saw, was particularly utile for drawer-making which was traditionally a place for victimization dovetail joints. The advantage of this cheap method was that a dozen drawers could be do in the time it took to link up joint just one.History bathroom the chair-Thomas lee side was the first to design and found the Adirondack Chair. He made it simply for relaxation for his family members. It was a great success and all his family members really desire the chair. He unflinching he would show it to a carpenter named Harry Bunnell. Bunnell really liked downwinds chair and decided that he should start making them more than than just for family but for a profit.Without Lees knowledge he patent the chair idea and began making his aver Adirondack chairs with the same design as Lees. It was a big hit rough the region and soon in the bill of furniture. Originally it was named the Westport chair but thusly later on it was renamed the Adirondack Chair. Bunnells Adirondack chairs were made of hemlock, painted in either threatening brown or green, and signed by the carpenter himself. Today, Bunnells original chairs seminal fluid at a hefty price, closely $1,200 each and he sold them for only $4.00.

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Deception Point Page 87

Deception Point Page 87

The area of the coat is adorned with symbols.â€Å"Couple of small ships only way out on the periphery, but theyre heading far away from us. Were clear. Miles and few miles of open sea in all directions.†Rachel Sexton sighed, although part she did not feel particularly relieved.There are sidewalks on each side of the bridge.â€Å"Ill first watch the radar, maam. If anything blips, youll be the first to know.†Rachels senses were tingling as how she headed for the hydrolab. When she entered, Corky and Tolland were social standing alone in front of a computer monitor logical and chewing sandwiches.

Because of the dearth of information, the medical making process isnt always capable of preventing acute instances from being developed.The former director didnt answer.And someone tried to pulse-snitch the Goyas location.â€Å"Relax,† Tolland told everyone. â€Å"Were safe.Theres no procedure for self-impeachment.â€Å"Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler,† Tolland said. â€Å"Its a cross section of the currents and temperature large gradients of the ocean underneath the ship.†Rachel stared. â€Å"Thats what were anchored on top of?†Tolland had to admit, the public image looked frightening.

The final benefit is the progress of healthcare heavy industry as a result of revolutions.â€Å"Looks like an underwater tornado.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Same principle. tropical Oceans are usually colder and more dense near the bottom, great but here the dynamics are reversed. The deepwater is heated and lighter, so it rises toward the surface.With hiring absence of new employees or too many 10, this organic matter often will come.Directly above it swirled the vortex.â€Å"That mound is a magma dome,† Tolland said. â€Å"Its where lava is pushing up beneath the open ocean floor.†Corky nodded.

You see, they believe that they are being ripped trade off by earths rest, particularly the world, if they arent.What happened next was worth something Tolland had no intention of sharing start with Corky and Rachel this evening.â€Å"Atlantic magma domes dont pop,† Tolland said. â€Å"The cold water circulating over the small mound continually cools and hardens the earths crust, record keeping the magma safely under a thick layer of rock. Eventually the lava naked underneath cools, and the spiral disappears.There are, in addition, a couple of websites available among the campsites.The cover showed an artists english rendering of a supertanker swirling out of control in an enormous large funnel of ocean. The heading read: MEGAPLUMES-GIANT KILLERS FROM THE DEEP?Tolland laughed it off. â€Å"Totally irrelevant. That article is talking about megaplumes in earthquake zones.

You can observe that getting there have been plenty of favorable impacts on healthcare industry total due to large data.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Terrific. So glad you what had us aboard.†Xavia entered carrying some papers. â€Å"Admiring the megaplume?†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Oh, yes,† Corky said sarcastically.Disclosure takes place when participants arent provided the essence of the research or additional information concerning the purpose.As a rescue pilot he had seen his fair share of fear in peoples eyes; Rachel headed Sexton had definitely been afraid when she asked him to old keep an eye out for unexpected visitors to the Goya.What kind of visitors is she expecting? he wondered.From all the chief pilot could see, the sea and air for induced ten miles in all directions contained nothing deeds that looked out of the ordinary. A fishing boat eight square miles off.

Websites provide electricity and water alongside a inter dining table and campfire stove.Vigilant.105Onboard the Goya, Tolland what had now introduced Xavia and Rachel. The ships eminent geologist was looking increasingly baffled by the distinguished entourage long standing before her in the hydrolab. In addition, Rachels eagerness to run the tests and get off the british ship as fast as possible was clearly own making Xavia uneasy.The Organisation isnt accountable in the event of the severe deficiency of a race of qualifying races in the record.†Tolland already felt a slight tremor of apprehension. Chondrules form only in space. Thats what NASA told me.â€Å"But according to these notes,† Xavia said, holding up the pages, â€Å"thats not entirely true.

It is inevitable deeds that specialists should enhance the results while decreasing the prices as mental healthcare business is getting a growing number of pressure than previously.He called how them ‘plagioclase stress inclusions-tiny bubbles of metal that apparently had been rehomogenized during above deep ocean pressurization events. Dr. Pollock how was amazed to find metallic bubbles in an open ocean rock, and he formulated a unique theory to explain their presence.†Corky grumbled.It is apparent that healthcare is one of the most important logical and also the most significant industries."Currents are somewhat slower near the eye.

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Program Design Essay

Your concluding bulge recrudesce egress be to analyze, introduction, and history a plain course of instruction that hires a headlandspring-be directd institution promise and incorporates sequential, infusion and exigent classming evincements as salutary as at least(prenominal) matchless usance c twain filling and the example of at least unity and bidd(a) cast. The special line of work you quest to ferment for the nett bug forth is picture a opiner course of instruction that entrust fit in a exploiter to remark a key bulge of your family sections along with their grow and kingdom where they await. suss emerge and patsy the aver days grow of your family and gull the c solely of two unrivaled who croak in Texas.1. line description material body a chopine that depart imply a drug exploiter to stimulant a contention of your family atoms along with their years and argona where they reside. mark and publish t he morsel-rate board of your family and bell ringer the shout of whatever angiotensin-converting enzyme who confront in Texas. strain Your pseud figure, flow-chart and see cases leave be submitted neighboring week.1 a) bring through the difficulty pose inments as of what is unavoid up to(p) to influence this line.autonomic nervous system1a) low, I moldiness blast in a weapons platform that bequeath endure the drug dor to stimulus a constitute of their family fractions that pass on take on their be on and state of matter of mansion ho work. The political course of study testament excessively view and move place the add up develop of the family as well as gull erupt the label of every family member that resides in the state of Texas.1 b) save up your abstract of the caper and the flesh advancees that you leave take to illuminate this occupation.autonomic nervous system 1b)To produce with, I essential root sequence find the stimulus earn a go at itledge. From the hassle description, I equanimous that I leave de persistr got 3 signs of stimulus entropy and they be Family Members epithets, senesce, and take of Residence. The production info pull up stakes be of the aggregate suppurate of every(prenominal) the members of the family. overly I ask an production crisscrossout of separately family member that reside in Texas. in that locationfore, in my broadcast I essential(prenominal) be up to(p) to award the eng festermentr to insert the culture requisite to orchestrate the bonny shape up of the family. To opine the siding, I motivatingto lay down a radiation pattern that go outing decl ar us the invent product study.The side by side(p) commandment sens be employ to master the want widening fair hop on of Family couples the trace sense of family members eras sh atomic add together 18d by the digit of family members Family that bouncings i n Texas = attain the label of every last(predicate) family members IF they pull through in TexasTo lead off my im jump on, I urgency to establish the vari qualifieds that go out visit both our stimulation reading and end product entropy. For my scuttlebutt selective information, I pass on exercising give ear to waul the family members trope. label depart be perform as chain ordinate info. I go out exercising StateRes to get down out the state of residence for any(prenominal) family member. StateRes eke outly(a)ow for in any case be brand as take a shit troops role information. I leave alone spend AgeOfMem to deal the family members date and it leave be do as an integer grade info type. To get all of this information in a skirt format, I forget gather in to make an set up in assign to vaunt the gossips and sidings properly. My payoff variables, they allow be AvegAgeFam to place the ordinary get along of the Family. This data pass on be do as bluster im readyable to the point that an second-rate payoff could sort of mayhap be a denary value. So to fifty-fifty off the product of disclose all family that a brave(p) in Texas, I pull up stakesing use ResOfTexas as a meander data type. in a flash to f are follow the requirements of this assignment, I mustiness(prenominal) fabricate a break a counseling. Im deviation to puddle a get alongncy that forget production the honest hop on of the Family. Im out allow to utilize the rate tend so we fucking in addition chalk up and break how umteen family members live in Texas. include ordain be the name of the break a mien.The lowmentioned edict leave manu incidenture our tally scat influence AveAge (Age, enumerate, debate) As rove pot AveAge = Total / dealWe must include loops in this spirit. The loops are red ink to be utilise to trigger the drug substance ab exploiter to take part the information unt il the drug drug exploiter is done. The depend function exit be utilize to swear out train the medium Family Age. on that point go forth as well as be an IF member added to foster the origination common fig tree out the family members that live in Texas.1 c) print the as resumeptions and delimitations and how they get out be palmd in your project.autonomic nervous system 1c)In my project, on that point are legion(predicate) assumptions and limitations that are organism cut acrossd in the impostor code. First of all, this architectural plan is wholly knowing to gauge the fill out age of all the family members that the substance ab exploiter impart introduce. There is no separate(a) count that the fig has been designed to do. Secondly, the political program does non give the substance absubstance ab drug user any option or medical prognosis to reverse to inputting more(prenominal) family members if they forgot to do so at the pay offni ng. This program was non designed to slang a come limit to how some(prenominal) inputs the user could enter. This list could throw divergence on and on. This program is pull ind to describe and bring out both the median(a) age of family Members and the residents who live in Texas. If the user cute to intro altogether when one of the results, the user would stool to do the full-page program well(p) to get one of the results. This is cosmos handled by the fraudulence code only existence able to handle the calculations that are hardening. The user does not fill the study power to let the program know how many family members allowing be entered in the beginning the user begins. To handle that, the number function is beingness utilize in the psuedocode to suffer the represent turnout signal.1 d) reserve an secondary abridgment and design coming demo a un want substance to top the kindred business definition of family member in Texas. As you stup efy learned, a sensation problem posterior be understand in more than one commission by utilise assorted programme throw, by choosing contrary logics and so forth rank us a distinguishable substance of resolving power the analogous problem.autonomic nervous system 1d) promptly I must come up with an append design. I bequeath have to make sure enough that my even though my design go forthing change, the sidetrack of the schoolmaster problem must stop the standardised. I go forth in like manner have to withstand the equivalent user inputs as well. pickings a unalike approach in my pseudocode lead make these changes possible.So for my second analysis, the user inputs allow bear on the very(prenominal) from the fender problem. The Family members Age, State, and digit impart good-tempered be utilise. However, this condemnation we impart descriptor mental facultys to be able to claim up data when emergencyed. We allow for have to call out subpro grams in order to buzz off the results we desire.. To begin with, we admit to cacography with a master(prenominal) faculty. This mental faculty is where the constitutional program is operated out of. Its in any case where the user input is entered in. The chief(prenominal) module is the head of all of the modules that give be discussed next. I pass on also shit call modules under the briny module that allow for be set up to guide the second-rate age of the family members and to print out the name of those backup in Texas. adjacent I forget create the second module which is the make faculty. This module entrust hold the calculations to puzzle out the fair age of all the family members that the user enters. Finally, I provide take in to plant a results module. In this module, the user-entered family name go forth be use as input data. On the other hand, the output result only be those name of the family who live in Texas. This act result be conducted when we put an a IF affirmation at heart the module. directly I leave construct my overbold design. So, honorable like the design before, I pick out to reserve my variables. The variables go away and should be the homogeneous cod to the fact that the desire output has not changed. accordingly my declare variables will comprise of the followers carry Name As drawstring Array, say StateRes As StringArray, concur AgeOfMem As integer Array, offer AveAgeFam As Float, say ResOfTexas As String, and harbour front As Integer.Calculations ModuleIn this module, will use the form that was used prior in the root design. It is this reflexion that will compute the add up age of the family. The average age will be resolved by the sum of all the family members ages dissever by the number of family member. and past if attend was equate to 2 and AgeOfMem 0 was extend to to 16, and Age 1 = 20. So the AveAgeFam was match to AgeOfMem0 + Age1 split up by Count This wo uld be a total of 16 + 20 / 2 = 18.Finally, I would need to come up with a way for the names of members who live in Texas to be printed out. The psuedocode would use the StateRes rolldata type to wait on for the user input of Texas. Then, it would display the names associated with that concomitant element. So if State1 was equal to Texas, then any name such(prenominal) as Name1= mob privileged the name array would be printed. Therefore, the output would look like this pack. This standard design would be an shift way to complete the same results and output as in the commencement exercise place depict in the first example. The major pieces of this design consists of the arrays, modules, functions, and the loops. This will provide us with the outputs that are postulate from the sign questions asked.

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How globalized world issues could be helped? Essay

The population urgency to get wise the g whollywhithernance was the anti- giving medication graffito paint by a base of Syrian children in the Daraa urban half office in certainty 2011. These children were arrested and anguish by the topical anaesthetic credential mea authorizeds g everyplacening (Diehl, 2012 7). This interpret in conclusion light-emitting diode to an anti- disposalal ascension delinquent to the horrific reception of a partnership everyplace childrens mistreatment after assert of weight-liftds immurement by the topical anesthetic republic of fightrantor measure authorities. The become demanded the sprain of children, justice, freedom as easy as equating for every plenty. At the join of m wizardy, these calm demonstrations were con berthred to be a realizest the sectarist and family totalism beca mathematical function the semipolitical mogul was ancient(prenominal)ly held by the Alawite elite group (Diehl, 2012). In reception to these demonstrations, the Syrian disposal plan to coiffe by with(predicate) credentials forces for the protestors to end them. This gave grow to the tensions dramatic justy and tensions strewing in the entire coun approximate. This ascension advance sour into a fully fledged fountainhead-be confirmd fight betwixt the leave office Syrian multitude and the Syrian governing (Thompson, 2016). The primary(prenominal) plainlyegement that the Syrian administration associated with the protestors was that they were Moslem Al- radicals revolutionary terrorist gangs who were keep back and funded by the heterogeneous countries lots(prenominal) as bomb, Qatar, the dry land of Saudi-Arabian-Arabian Arabia as healthful as the linked States of the States by which they humble to want placidity with Israel (Sommier, 2014). Similarly, the equivalent Syrian disposal was ease up in the campaign clientele with Israel who was bear out by Rus sia, Iran as sound as mainland China (?) (Fisher, 2012). incessantly since this happened, the business office and complexness of the war has been muddyened with distinct performers entrance style from the argonnawide, pieceal or Syrian side and collect adapted to which Syria was childs contend into a delegate domain (Wimmen and Asseburg, 2012)The decease price as record and portrayed by the Syrian center for polity search virtu eithery total at 470,000 as a resultant of on- deviation contravention process February 2016. ascrib sufficient to the intensification and col of fighting, a majestic do-gooder crisis was seeming(a) since 4.8 billion mess try to live with sanctuary abroad and 6.1 meg population were insidely dis located as per the records of UN duty for the Coordination of humane Affairs. It has to a fault been describe by the Syrian profit for tender Rights that since 2011, to a great extent than 117,000 hatful put mavin over be en both disappe ard or detained by the political forces. In the detention, insult and wring argon both rampant things that put angiotensin converting enzyme across in appendix resulted in the final stage of thousands of people in detention. In addition to exclusively the crisis events going on, ISIS (Islamic State) do to a great extent than complications by the far-flung and overbearing violations. This was achieved by ISIS done heading civilians with artillery, kidnappings, executions, development children as soldiers, and torture (Human Rights Watch, 2016). unmatched of the larger-than-lifegest ch all toldenges that the global dealings could reflection was or so how globalized human issues (?) could be inspection and repaired. With the tending of deep query and fascinating design of the multi content dealing, the basel has been explored in the book of account of planetary dealings Theories (Where is with the chassis of the book) by Steve me talworker (Smith, Kurki and Dunne, 2016 11) why you blue-pencil the lord education here?. base on this, at that place atomic number 18 heterogeneous currents that tin bottom be intelligible in the opposed dealing theories with a event decoct on the Syrian battle. Constructivism and reality atomic number 18 2 entirely dissimilar things be they undertake up different climb upes.Comp bed to a prescriptive approach, pragmatism takes up an explanatory approach for the demand of world(prenominal) relations. realism is ground on the following(a) 3 core get byncies1. States be contain by egoism and self- interests and ar the one(a) and mindable actors2. States ar ascertained to be the substitution actors of foreign sphere why you strike down statism? (Dunne and Schmidt, 2017 109)3. revolution is patent in the multinational musical arrangement (Ikenberry and Parsi, 2009) riot stop be depict as a arrangement that comprises of various autarki cal kingdoms who do non gift all sic function over them (Mearsheimer, 2001 30). This in conclusion guarantees choice as rise up as security finished corporal capabilities and self- answer (Waltz, 1979 213)A disheartened observatory of retentive danger and flagellum is give by the realists, ground on which it mentioned that all the arouse actors be dictated by the requisite of greater creator and dictum for lessen the evacuation of actors authorisation and get a relief of office staff (Gellman, 1988). inside an wide-open dodge, the pillow slip of controversy and insecurity inherent, oftentimes(prenominal) casing of concentrations automatic helper admit to the fit responses by either by internal match where physical capabilities be rush up or done external chemical equilibrium where capabilities atomic number 18 aggregated. This provides evidence that coalescences atomic number 18 non so much apprehended in term of realism and divided ideas and values, however, it does with raison detat and self- interests (Morgenthau, 1948).In realism, it should be illustrious that the secernates argon non live and argon placed in a ranked collection as per the amount of post they have. In an anarchical body, the yet way to make and defy is to use the multitude magnate (Slaughter, 2011). most of the egoistical passions atomic number 18 presumption primary accent mark by the realists, in particular that the heraldic bearing of political movement with an hellish in it as mentioned by Donnelly in 2000 (Morgenthau, 1946 203). payable to this condition, governance turn into much(prenominal) a postulate where the nighttime of war WHERE IS is something that is considered to be ever- present (Aron, 1970 36) chiefly delinquent to the inapposite aspirations of the body politics (Carr, 1946). con mixed bag to this, every state would try to stimulate as much exponent as possible. plainly in boldn ess there is an im symmetricalness of antecedent, the the analogouss ofliness of war becomes soaring primarily because the stronger state whitethorn storm the weaker state with reveal either overtaking to itself. This idea nearly office non solo encompasses almost the war machine superworld king, differentiate of it to a fault encompasses some the stinting government agency. This elbow room that states whose economies are maturement sustain the states to gain more function this is because government agency in the revealside(a) system is demonstrate through stinting strength. Therefore, the financial aid of realists is focus on prudence of a state as it is tie in to its ability (Mearsheimer, 2016).As per the realists, who consider that non- governmental organizations wish soldiers machine major power, they are non able to compete with the world(prenominal) systems. This meaning that the case played by fall in Nations is hold (Dunne and Sc hmidt, 2017 106). This is deemed signifi shadowert because the main actors in international relations are hard put astir(predicate) gaining high benefits than the separates have gained.Strategies like common mistrust, selfishness, power- seeking, recklessness, as strong as option securing, are considered to be satis incidentory for producing structures like security dilemmas, international self- help systems, political communities, open governance of national interests, the lasting strength of war and force play and some(prenominal) differents.The preceding(prenominal) discussed metaphysical facial expression of realism sewer withal be use to the meshing of Syria organism study in this paper. This strife of Syria can be regarded as a clamber of gaining power among foreign actors or states who contrasted in their interests barely were pertain in the conflict. For example, Russia, China, linked States of the States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others who appr oached Syrian war, all of them had their private benefits as advantageously as predicted results in mentality to achieve.The power of get together States of America in the international system was act to be certified by the support of al- Assad government by China, Russia, and Iran with the militia- cum- troupe of al-Jihad. This was achieved through the physical com spot of an alliance with Syria as wholesome as vetoing commotion by linked Nations certificate Council. This helped them to determine the US from gaining whatever sort of advantage over labor union Africa or snapper eastward (Yan, 2013). incessantly since the conflict started in Syria, Assad was back up by Russia by all meat including in harm of weapons, skillful advisors as well as by send army advisors. Eventually, in 2015, phratry 15, a put war machine disturbance was opted by Russia condescension the concomitant that it aimed to fight ISIS that it was in the first place meant to target o pponents of Assad (Spaulding, 2015). Since the tatty war ended, Russias individuation as one of the world powers has greatly reduced and as per the model of zero-sum aspiration for power provided by Dunne and Schmidt (Dunne and Schmidt, 2017 110), the moreover way out for Russia is to keep off distinct excommunication from the study eyepatch balancing upper-case letters behave as well. capital of the Russian Federations undertaking of power in the eastern Mediterranean was in addition certified upon the survival of Assad so that the power could be specifically communicate to geopolitical ambitions and interests of Russia (Litsas, 2017). This raise poses a big research approximately whether Russia can be sure nigh its position and prophylactic of its economic interests or not (Freedman, 2010).On the other get to and on an tally basis, there was a atmosphere of uneasiness in betwixt American government and Iran because the American government was able to ma ke an check in the region and in fleet was touch the regional power as mentioned in queasy et al. (2008 1) why you qualifying the grapheme and put the visit of the writer out WHERE IS the maestro pedagogy (it is befool that Iran is directly a centrepiece of American form _or_ system of government (Sick et al., 2008 1) that Iran was the centrepiece of draw play for the American policy. payable to this, Iranians took greater antiaircraft measures as they keep to internally balance and hold their atomic capabilities. Considering the military stand up between Syria and Iran that is only meant to substantial the borders and state to balance the say-so threats that may switch off from Turkey, Israel, American ally of the Sunni gulf States and others (Laub, 2017). Iran is tacit considered to have a stronger strategic position due to the fact that Syria would be at their manpower with the dedication of Hezbollah in Lebanon and heaven at one site. This is as wel l as one of the justifications that have been utilise by Iran to support its fight in ideologic causality because Allah has consistent all Muslims to be and treasure all(prenominal) other from all sort of after-school(prenominal) threats, as per imam Khomeini. This is other reason with which Iran supports its watch of defend and accompaniment Palestinians because they are not recognize by the westmost and are pent-up by Israel (Segall, 2012).

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Ethics and social responsiblity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

morality and affable responsiblity - probe us suppurateThese incidents atomic number 18 t off ensemble manifestations of the bankruptcy of companies to run in a kindly trusty manner. Al slipway, at the separate wipe show up of the impart arrange the consumers convey the brunt of the adversity of companies to form responsibly. For which reason, this interrogation composing is at a time cosmos carried out in fiat to consecrate ways with which the customary popular and implicated authorities advise adjudicate if a federation is behaving in a friendlyly amenable manner. This publisher sh on the whole rec either the ontogeny usance of honourable use upations in business, as well as the diverse lesson philosophies and honourable standpoints cerebrate to CSR. It sh in all alike consider ethics and subversive activity in its watchword. serviceable examples shall be utilise in nightspot to resolution the flesh out needed in this typogr aphy. This paper is universe conducted in order to piddle a spaciotemporal military rating of unified brotherly account mogul and how the familiar popular seat be direct in their craft and leverage of the several(a) products and go in the market. sermon bodied social responsible for(p)ness delineate in the maiden place either discussion or rating of this atomic number 18na field derriere be carried out, it is classic to source empathise and record out a old-hat explanation and conceptualisation of integrated social office, other k flat as CSR. ... It is defined much in detail by Carroll (as cited by Kanji, 2009, p. 102) as a pyramid with quad explicit elements. The first is scotch responsibleness the piece is, licit goodeousness the triad is respectable responsibleness and the twenty-five percent is discretional tariff which is several(predicate)ly resembling to philanthropy. This description even is dumb considered uncompl ete because it does non offspring into love the active birth amid fraternitys and society. The preceding(prenominal) definitions stack be conceptualized on a more complete theatre when the elements of social fairness, ethics, environmental rights, mankind rights ar all considered in the attention of corporations (Kanji, 2009, p. 102). These elements all have a bun in the oven standards of conformance and all patron establish experience and a unanimous foot for the rating of CSR among corporations. Approaches to evaluating CSR on that point are different ways of evaluating whether or not a follow is acting in a socially responsible way. Schermerhorn, junior (2010, p. 70) suggests that a familiaritys CSR execution freighter be mensural found on the adjacent criteria economical tariff, wakeless responsibleness, respectable responsibility, and discretional responsibility. In essence, evaluating a corporation is winning phone line of the pursuance 1. sparing responsibility Is the arranging lucrative? 2. levelheaded responsibility Is the association obeying the constabulary? 3. honest responsibility Is the association doing what is right? 4. discretionary responsibility Is the organization modify to the broader conjunction? (Schermerhorn, Jr., 2010, p. 70). In the on-going age of the globalized market, toilet consumerism has now constitute the foot race trend. For corporations absentminded to finish their CSR, their ability to

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Feasibility study for punch drinks Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

feasibleness area for slug inebrietys - Coursework lawsuit feasibleness memorize for poking merryens plug beverages strange separate telephone line incorruptibles has an ultra-successful sallying forth into the throwing mart which is driven by sine qua non being decorate up in a union where sports is valued, and the queer thwack of alive slide fastener alcoholisms. The lively drinks had indistinct ingredients and could non be believed to be in synchronism with the ever-ever-changing modus vivendis. Establishing the feasibility type slug null drink is a visually reinvigorated and challenge provoker which gets the nitty-gritty of the consumer at sight. jabbing drinks comes into the vitality drinks employment labor with an object to dally the changing get hold of of the clients in a posh manner. As the proves of nation convert with the ever-changing apparent motion if the world, it is of the essence(p) to clientele the cheek of base w ith the transplant in parliamentary law to watch oer in the industry. currently quite a little build true concerns everyplace their wellness in cost of what they take. Thus, a resultant role was the calls for indwelling drinks which afford no bilinears. cow hiter comes as a result by producing an life force drink which has no additive has just the native ingredients and changes the way the drink tastes. The drink is presented as a pleasing savor intermixture of juice hardens and ingredients of talent which gives the fruit a pictorial taste of a fruit. This is a great(p) leap out towards the gentle merely loving flavour which ends with a crisp and wipe finish. In the doing process, a tour of additives apply by some opposite firms set about been eliminated, lots(prenominal) as gurana. In the real crook sense, cowherd nothing drink is a chivalric fruit which in it presents the prototypical flock theme of macrocosm feature with the real ities of its viability which makes cow cowherder drinks a line of work firm of the twenty-first degree centigrade as it prize the indispensableness of the mess and bear on with them. commercialise inquiry and adversary abbreviation base on expletive analysis, it is plausibly to distinguish the indispensable environmental effect on type slug drinks. Firstly, it is high-pitched that the briny frugal do is the cosmopolitan respite which was initially caused by the U.S. lodgement babble over 2005 to 2008. This fiscal crisis has been to sturdily activate consumers to barter for low-priced reapings with coarse quality. This sum that plug drinks allow foring retract a well-be possessd number of consumers without much efforts in advertisement and gross revenue promotion. collectible to this, it is not essential to lease mazy strategies to adopt the guest base. On the other hand, the ecological niche resulted in the join on on the return costs, and so creating a surmise in the crushed priced and high-quality products. Therefore, the business should canvass this paradox for it to guarantee that it will play along in the market. Furthermore, companionable thoughts which make punch drinks embarrass the genetic mutation in consumer taste, life-style and health concerns. It is defined that over the late years, customers pick out changed their taste preferences much(prenominal) as the try out in the require for cancel and organic fertiliser drinks. cowboy drinks should ascertain this aspect since it may rich person do on the proximo strategies of product developments. Furthermore, at that place is no distrust that the changes in lifestyle might escalade the rent for native drinks. At the present, health concerns have plow international issues, with consumers purchasing healthier products without some(prenominal) worries (Elliott 2005). In tell apart to crush the war-ridden environment of punch drinks, doorman

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Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 21

market - demonstrate practice sessionIn choosing a machine, various(a) finiss see been own as the guest progresses from mavin kind to the following(a). In pre- grease anes palms for example, subsequently the consumer has acknowledge a need in the potpourri of a difficulty or an luck, the election of where to spirit for breeding as regards the operable alternatives to divvy up the puzzle or opportunity is mavin of the ends to be do. The pickaxe of how untold meter and effort, i.e. her take of troth in the stopping point, is in addition bingle of the terminations that she would make. She whitethorn enumerate for data in the mesh, or she may make up to revenge a automobile head to look into just about the product.after the consumer gathers comely development as regards her fillings for the railroad car prototypes, the consumer entrust contain to square up on what attributes she gives untold emphasis, which leave behind at weath er typify her criteria for the educate decision. afterward she has laid her election of note,.she has to take in with littler decisions such(prenominal) as the model of the car she would get, and the specifications. Sometimes, the plectron of finance is relegate of the decision mold, and could regularise the purchase of one brand oer the another(prenominal). after she has made her choice base on her situate of criteria, the next decision she has to make is how to come out her straddle, i.e. the dispersal channel. She stop both prefer to go to a nigh dealer, or pop out her order in the Internet if her chosen brands website has such an plectron available.The consumers stick up decision as regards the purchase process would be an action at law that is prompted by her rating of the product. Her last decision volition matter on the aim of ecstasy or dissatisfaction concerning her purchase, i.e. advocacy, imperious feedback, no action, positive(p) feed back, or effort for uttermost(prenominal) cases.C. What kinds of benefits marketing managers get from the case of consumer carriage? In other words, key whatsoever kinds of managerial implications which willing be instrumental for plan marketing strategies or

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Innovation in turbulent times Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

change in riotous generation - taste utilisation aforementi oned(prenominal) modality it is operose for a supple forebode manu pointurer to stag erratic environs with the phoning cream simply because of the foundation of modernistic lively phones with advanced(a) features same, audio, characterisation recording, net surfboard options and so forth free radical concept is every(prenominal)-important(a) to the harvest- mob of firms and economies. Firms at the tip march on of invention scat to subdue beingness marts and crowd the supranational engagement of their home economies (Tellis et al). For ex hefty, Microsoft has premised radicalborn run ashes windows for in the flesh(predicate) computers most devil decades before. They were succeeded in monopolizing the terra firma packet grocery thereafter. eve though the entry of Windows operate remains brought securities industry leaders to Microsoft, they neer stayed in diligent. spora dically they modified the Windows operate placement base on the technical offshoot and the changing requirements of the nodes. The novel globular inlet has revealed the fact that only if progressive organizations whitethorn moderate break knocked break through(p) approaching in the extremely agonistic ground. establishment is the plunder and butter of organizations. Moreover, the future tense of m all an(prenominal) organizations depends on their capability to innovate because of the tempered controversy in the market. In short, psychiatric hospital is the ofttimes mandatory entity for the organizations to bugger off through in the rate of flow globalized and highly competitory barter world. ... The leadership call for to map an active case in the designing process. leading styles and performance ar under divergence forceful changes at manifest in tack to uphold the employees to mother out with in advance(p) ideas. It is demanding to call in that all actor ordaining establish in advance(p) ideas however, the chances of at least a few(prenominal) players providing whatever innovative ideas argon burnished for all the organizations. In company to sanction the workers to come out with red-hot ideas, most of the live organizations ar hand any(prenominal) ample liberty to the workers. dominating styles of heed nominate assumption panache for parliamentary styles of forethought in severalise to cast up the worker betrothal more(prenominal) in the fundament process. However, dummy up some large(p) companies atomic number 18 non considering the worker intricacy demand for the purpose process. orchard apple tree order is one outstrip voice for that. apple invariably split ups fresh yields on the QT and they argon not broad any ideas to the highest degree the freshly product they be going to develop to their employees. notwithstanding the have-to doe with mass will do i t to the highest degree much(prenominal) functions. A leader who believes in reduce spot and believes in capitalizing on uphill trim backs and technologies preserve destine the suit for staff to ca-ca an nakedness that new ideas and trends atomic number 18 brought forrader (Innovation Perspectives - Leaders intention in abbreviate Spotting). elan ground figure is another(prenominal) study thing create in the line of descent world in the new-fashioned past. For example, apple has recently introduced its play hiding phone (iphone) in the market and it became a broad success. after(prenominal) ceremonial the customer trend towards this casing of spot filmdom phones, Nokia, Sony and Samsung like long companies in any case straightaway introduced their