Friday, July 27, 2012

Write my essay

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Research proposal

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Misyon Garson

languages are ever developing; new vocabulary is added every now and then. For most of the regions that were conquered by other superior countries, theirs is a straggle to adopt the language of the colonialist. These countries found it fit to adopt these languages owing to the mixed cultural backgrounds that they come from, backgrounds that speak totally different languages.

At the early development of language, we have pidgin and creole. Pidgin as a simplified language derived from two or more languages. For creole, there is a superstrate language, one that contributes more to it than the other languages; the substrate.

Creole and pidgin speakers have also evolved to the level of publishing literature in their languages. For instance Lindsey Collen of the republic of Mauritius who speaks a French creole has authored a book in her language. These books need a good understanding of the creole to read and comprehend.

Lindsey Collen authored the book Misyon Garson about a boy character. The book is a fiction based on the life of this boy character. The setting is the author’s country Mauritius. Creole and pidgin writings have received much audience among language scholars who want to study the roots of these languages in details.

Creole and pidgin are most common in geographical regions where slave trade was common. It stems from the interaction of a people brought together at the same place and has difficulties in communicating due to the different languages they speak, thus the need to develop a common language for them to communicate effectively. Creole becomes stronger a language when the generation sired by these individuals grow up speaking the creole.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to write a research paper

Although it is a known phenomenon that scholars constitute the top brass of present day societies, many people shy away from venturing into the industry for the simple reason that they could not deliver research papers that meet the requirements of their professors. Senior members of the royal families were no exception in this fear of venturing into the educational industry, a field preserved for the selected and talented few. There are various publications in the ancient Greece that explain how different kings failed to become scholars because of the raised standards which they could not manage to reach at the time.

A well pronounced prohibition before one became a recognized distinguished scholar like the professors stipulate is an undisputable ability to produce an academic writing without assistance of the second or third party after which the paper will be examined to determine whether it met the required threshold prior to admitting the students into the organized body of respected scholars. The ensuing process of vetting and examination was rigorous and impartial thus locking multitudes of the less competent candidates no matter their social and economic status.

Even though many would see these classical standards of becoming a scholar to be restrictive in nature, nothing much has changed hitherto. These standards are still in place within the departments and faculties of present day universities and colleges: students at the higher level of education must do a thorough research followed by a complete proposal and finally a project report before they are conferred with a degree.

Consequently, students pursuing their master and doctorate degrees must perfect their skills on how to write a research paper beforehand.