Sunday, August 18, 2019

Educational Goals and Philosophy Essay -- Education Teaching Teachers

Educational Goals and Philosophy As a child, playing â€Å"school† occupied most of my time. My younger sister and I taught a bedroom full of stuffed animals and filled in imaginary names in our old school books. From the bad bears and loud bunnies to the good puppies and smart kittens, each stuffed animal possessed his or her own personality. The thought of teaching never entered into my mind when I was asked, â€Å"What do you want to be when you grow up?† Uncertain about the career field that I desired to pursue, my decisions depended upon the topics that held my interest at the time. Paleontology was the first career I decided on, then marine biology. In high school, it was mandatory that I select a career cluster in which to expand my knowledge; I chose architecture and interior design. Up until my senior year of high school, my educational goal for the future consisted of attending an architecture program at a college or university, but my mind was changed again when I developed a senior research paper and project. The topic of my paper and project was â€Å"ministry,† giving me the opportunity to teach the youth group at church and help with the younger kids during a worship service. My youth minister taught me a few teaching techniques and strategies that also broadened my interest i n teaching. Numerous experiences have influenced my decision to become a teacher. One summer I was privileged to get to go to Myrtle Beach and lead a backyard bible school for Pre-K and K aged kids at a family campground. Crating unique ways of teaching kindergarten kids with short attention spans challenges the teacher, forcing me to use my imagination. In search of opening up a Canadian child who... ...the future students are different from earlier ones. In today's classroom, kids can operate a computer while their teachers cannot, thus limiting computer access learning for students. Although they are unfamiliar with computers, many teachers are learning from their students, and are using online services to expand the learning process in the classroom. Another article explained that many of today's schools are requiring computer certification for their teachers. If teachers cannot keep up with the technology that kids are "playing" with, they will not be able to effectively teach the children of tomorrow's generation. Teaching is not just about Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic; it is the desire to make a difference in at least one child's life. By giving a child a chance at life, a teacher is giving the world a chance to become a better place.

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