Friday, August 23, 2019

International Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

International Business - Assignment Example This includes some grants to support your invest in united Arab emirate as well as offering advice on export and import regulations. Additionally, we have qualified professionals who are well knowledgeable in United Arab Emirates telecommunication market (Theodore, 2003). These professionals will help your in venturing into our market. Moreover, we will work together in licensing and franchising your business in United Arab Emirates. We will also introduce you to United Arab Emirates licensing department for registration. We will also use our franchising experiences in United Arab Emirates to popularize our joint venture. To ensure our joint venture is success and productive, we are committed toward to offering adequate and qualified management team. In reference to this, we can offer management contracts in accordance to our agreement. The purpose inviting your for a joint venture is to have scope in global market. As a matter of fact, increased levels of global marketing competitio n have become a big challenge at all stages of engagement in international market (Svante and Goran, 2009). Changes in global market and most specifically in United Arab Emirates have led to the emergence of increased competition pressure at all investment levels. As a result of this, it is important for multinational companies to have market in as many international markets as possible (Hollensen, 2011). Due to this, accepting our joint venture will increase your chances of venturing in United Arab Emirates market with very limited restrictions. For our joint venture to be effective in the current competitive global market, we are planning to have single quality products that will outdo other products in the international market (Kotabe and Helsen, 2004). On the other hand, prices of our products will vary from one market location to another in United Arab Emirates. The cost will depend on the expenses incurred in developing the product, delivery cost and the nature of the market. We will use our business outlets to market our joint venture products in United Arab Emirates. To ensure our products are popular in the market, we will use our company’s popularity in United Arab Emirates to popularize our joint venture (Philip and Kotler, 2005). Currently, there are very many business opportunities and benefits in United Arab Emirates. To start with, the government is encouraging and sponsoring foreign direct investment (Modayil, 2010). There are some subsidies such as tax exemptions granted to companies which have the interest of expanding their business in United Arab Emirates. There are also cheaper wages in the country which serves as incentives for international companies to gain free access to the country market (Association, 2009). Coming up with a strong joint venture is also very relevance in coping with current global competition. The capital market in United Arab Emirates is also very active. The county’s capital market is open to internat ional investors. As a result of this, investing in United Arab Emirates will increase the quality of MTN shares in international market. In the recent past, the government has enhanced adequate foreign and trade market relationship. It has partnered with several international business bodies to enhance free flowing global market. Additionally, there are several trade fairs in the country w

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