Thursday, August 15, 2019

Consumer marketing Essay

1: Marketing inputs means the activities of organizations that attempt to communicate the benefits of their product and services to potential consumers. Sociocultural inputs consist of a wide range of non-commercial influences. A TV with a built DVD and A concentrated liquid laundry detergent are influencing by marketing inputs more. Since marketers can influence the consumers perception through illustrated advantages of those product. Fat reduced ice cream and pay television are more influencing by social cultural. Since when consumers by those products, they would like to ask the opinion of their friends. 2: Camera, New mobile phone and Luxury handbag. Let`s consider several of the pre-purchase alternatives open to a digital camera buyer. It will relate to the product factors. Even many people have a camera. But it will frequent changes in product styling and frequent price changes. Some product`s price is high that make some people wants to have it but cannot afford. New mobile phone will relate to the situational factors. Since this mobile phone is new so that many people does not have past experience about them. It also can as a gift for friends and family. Luxury handbag will related to personal factors. Since its expensive, it need to people who have high income can afford it. But most white-collar occupation loves it. 3:Extensive problem solving- consumer has not established any criteria for purchase. They will need to obtain a great deal of information on the brands. Limited problem solving- consumer has already established the basic evaluation criteria. But they have not fully established preferences for a set of brands. Routinized response behavior- consumers experienced with the product category and have a well-established criterion for evaluating brands. But some purchases will be habit-based. Chewing gum, carpeting sugar and mobile phone, should be limited problem solving. Since consumers have already established the basic criteria for evaluating the product category and various brands in the category. Men`s aftershave lotion and New bank account should be routinized response behavior. Consumers must have some experience with those products category but not too much. Luxury car and Paper towels should be extensive problem solving. Because many people areƃ‚  not familiar with those products, they have not established criteria for evaluating a product category.

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