Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Women are generally more suited than men to manage modern corporations Essay

Women are generally more suited than men to manage modern corporations - Essay Example Additionally, women headed at least 12 companies classified as Fortune 500 and 25 companies classified as Fortune 1000 by the year 2009. This accounts for an increase of approximately 4% in the number of women heading these classes of companies from the statistics of 1998, when the figure stood at 11.2%. While this growth rate seems sluggish at face value, it implicitly reveals the gradual acceptance of women into the realms of top management of large corporations in America. While this is noteworthy, the question of whether the workforce is really ready to be managed by women begs. If so, are women fit for the job? This paper proposes that women are better managers than men, hence their suitability to head modern corporations in America and the world over. Keywords: Top management, Women, Corporations, Workforce, Managers Introduction The boardrooms of many of the countries’ multi-faceted corporations dealing with information technology, publishing, and advertising among othe r industries have long been dominated majorly by males (Gettings, Johnson, Brunner & Frantz, n.d.). However, in the contemporary American society, there has been a paradigm shift that has seen the absorption of women into the management of large corporations cutting across different industries. ... There are qualities of women that influence their management styles. For instance, women are viewed as being more encouraging and people-oriented (Billing & Alvesson, 1993). Due to the nature of women being more nurturing than men, it follows that when they are in positions of management, they relate better to their colleagues and subordinates. Women will often react by urging on employees as opposed to retribution, and this will often encourage employees to perform better, as well as being more motivated. By being more people-oriented, women managers are more in touch with the needs and personal well-being of their subordinates, rather than just their performance at work. They capitalize on their relations with other people at the work place and therefore often lead by setting examples, understand, and encourage employees to be more efficient by being more in touch with their needs. Women managers in this respect are also better listeners and build better relationships with people a round them in the workforce. They are more concerned with the human aspects of different situations in the work environment (Rutherford, 2011). According to News Agencies, women are also better at decision making than men (2013). In many corporations that are headed by women, the decision making process has been found to be more efficient and organized. In situations where there is a conflict involved that needs to be resolved, women managers are found to make decisions that are more reasonable and fairer than their male counterparts. In the process of making decisions, women managers are more likely than men managers to take into account the implications of the decisions that they make on other parties. Such parties include those in both direct

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