Wednesday, September 25, 2019

My passion for wildlife biology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

My passion for wildlife biology - Essay Example I sat enthralled as a spider spun its web underneath our porch. I gaped in amazement when I first witnessed a foal being born in our barn. I sat for many hours pondering how our chickens managed to lay eggs and break them open. Where did those chicks come from? I once wondered aloud. During certain seasons, wolves would become the bane to the lives of livestock. I spent a number of my nights as a teenager keeping that wild creature away from our farm. I hated the sound of gunshots ringing through the night air. It did not seem right to kill a creature without knowing why it was attacking other animals. My summers were spent building birdbaths for the migratory birds passing by our farm. We often had a lot of stray animals dropping by our farm in need of sustenance. When I realized that the wolves and other wild animals were just hungry, I researched on the kinds of plant food that they might be interested in eating. I encouraged my father to then plant these very plants on our farm in order to feel the wild life and save our livestock from further harm. It was a plan that actually worked. It brought down the rate of attacks by wild life on our farm animals. It was that research and passion to preserve wild life that led me down the path of further Wild Life Biology studies. I hope that I will be given a chance to learn more about my passion at the hands of the great educators of the Sterling College Biology Department. I believe that I will make a fantastic addition to your roster of students, I just need to be given a chance to prove myself to the admissions and academic members of the

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