Friday, July 26, 2019

Organizing and paying for American Eduction Essay

Organizing and paying for American Eduction - Essay Example If we talk about American educational structure, we observe that initial education involves kindergarten, nurseries, preschools, and day care centers. Then comes the primary education that consists of grades 1 to 7. Then, the middle education is offered which includes grades 4 to 8. After that, high schools include grades 8 to 12. After passing high schools, the student enters the University for higher education. A typical American school has a principal who runs the school primarily, an assistant principal, secretaries, coordinators, department heads, teachers, librarians, a physician in case of emergency, and canteen operators. The American Government arranges funds for its education sector through taxes which give enough revenue to run the institutions. The taxes include property tax, sales tax, income tax, and prize bonds. The government provides general funding which is equally distributed among all institutions; and, categorical funding which the provider provides for some part icular educational programs. However, it is a big challenge for the government to show to their public and local districts how properly the revenue obtained through taxes is spent on education because often local districts have to spend from their own pockets for the maintenance of institutions.

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