Friday, July 19, 2019

Producing Your Own Play :: Theatre Drama Personal Narratives Acting Essays

Producing Your Own Play Recently, two friends and I structured a piece of theatre involving three characters and their journey through life. Throughout the play themes such, alcohol abuse, child abuse, drug addiction and many other themes showing the mental ability as the characters come across hard dissions during their journey through life. The play is about three characters who are faced with many temptations in which all resulting in some sort of addiction and later resulting in the character ending up in a mental hospital. The play is fast moving and perceptive entertains and thought provoking, funny yet ultimately tragic. Throughout the planning of our production we came across a few difficult disicions, one that really stands out in my mind was how to show the audience a sub-consion veiw of the characters thoughts, we wanted to really show the depth of these characters giving the veiwer the ability to understand the characters choices. To enable this we decided to use fiction in certain scenes showing an angel and a devil both giving adive to each indivdual character. We wanted to give the play a theme of 'Black Comedy' this keeping the audience more intreaged. My partners and I decided we could create our own characters, I decided that when my character first enters the play aged 9 years old I wanted to play this child to the best of my ability, I found this difficult at first for I had never played a character who was suffering with child abuse. After thinking about how I would play my character I decided that to give the veiwer a deep insite of my characters thoughts to acomplish this I tried to come across as a very insicure child, growing up with no love or affection in his life, this suggesting I would keep my voice in a quiet pitch and also while my character grows older and discovers he is a free person he still is traped with his father torment constant in his mind, this resulting in him turning into a more visiuos man with a very controversal veiw upon women this veiw growing into an addiction, growing to the ecstent wher the only pleasure was when he would kill women; '' GRABBING EVERY WOMEN IN SIGHT INTO DARK ALLYS LATE AT NIGHT'', in certain scenes we used ryme to give a stronger affect.Later on in the play my character finds himself in a mental hospital, my characters mind was no loger stable and useing very simular insicure body language like when I was a child I tried to give an affet where I was trabbed in my childhood

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