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Art and aesthetics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Art and aesthetics - Essay Example Therefore, the definition of art proper; is the art as a means of expression, since the other aspects of art, such as art as a craft and art as a magic have no real bearing on the essence and the meaning that art has to create, if it is not applied as a means of expression (Collingwood, 105). This is because, under circumstances where art is to be defined as a craft, then it must be divided into the elements of; means and the end (Collingwood, 108). However, it is apparent that art is not divisible into the components of a means and an end, but unfortunately the various answers that have been given to responding to the question; what is art, has always suggested that it is so. Therefore, there is a need to refute the claims that are postulated by the hypothesis that art is divisible into the components of means and end, where the technical theory of art defines the component of means as arousing emotion (Collingwood, 108). This hypothesis tries to indicate that art is a means of brin ging onto the fore, something that has already been determined as desirable, so that it eventually influences the way an individual feels. The factual truth about art is that it is not a means that arouses feelings and emotions, but it has some element of interacting with emotions, but what it does clearly resembles arousing emotions, but it is not arousing it (Collingwood, 108). Therefore, the real definition of art has something to do with emotions and their arousal, but clearly exists in two different ways, one being the unexpressed emotion, where an individual feels the emotions in a helpless and oppressive way, considering that such emotions are in existence, but then they have not been streamed into action so that they can be understood, rather remaining suppressed within an individual, thus sitting in as just oppressive (Collingwood, 109). The second nature of emotions is the emotions in expressed way, which then refers to the emotions that the individual has allowed to be kn own, and as such they are fully expressed and exploited, and they have therefore been removed from the unconscious part of the individual, into being conscious feelings, which has something to do with the way the individual is feeling the emotions. Through expressed feelings, an individual’s mind is freed of the baggage of the emotions, and thus the sense of oppression has completely vanished and the mind becomes eased and somehow lightened by the unburdening of the feelings (Collingwood, 110). This serves as the real meaning of art, and thus the response to the question what is art, can be responded to by stating that; art is a means through which an individual eases and lightens their mind, through unburdening the oppressive emotions inside them, by allowing the burden to vanish into the audience. Therefore, to express emerge as becoming conscious of an emotion, which then means it is not practically possible to apply a differentiation between means and end, when it comes t o the functionality of art (Collingwood, 111). Thus, there is a need to differentiate the philosophical meaning of art and work of art, considering that it is through a work of art that the aspects of planning and execution can be differentiated, but there is completely no way of differentiating planning and exec

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