Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Autism Spectrum Disorder & The adverse Impact on Normal Development Research Paper

Autism Spectrum Disorder & The adverse Impact on Normal Development During Early Childhood - Research Paper Example even so though researchers have become aware of factors such as genetic abnormality, metabolic ailments, and viral agents which promote autism, the actual cause of autism remains unknown. Autism, regarded as a major developmental disorder that has adverse impact on the development of a child, is now seen as an issue that has certain specific biological, mental or social impacts. Studies reveal that parents and doctors find it essential to provide their children nutritional supplements because of disorder in gastrointestinal system. Many parents have the misconception that ASD is a primary brain disorder and a psychiatric condition. Even though Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is generally regarded as a developmental disorder, it has some biological, mental and social impacts that cause adverse cause in the developmental process of a child.Unlike previous conceptions, au tism is now viewed as a biological disorder due to organic than psychosomatic factors. atypical biology and chemistry in human brain interrupt smooth functioning of human brain and its organs. Genetic factors or biological reasons are meaning(a) in the formation of autism among the children. It is a brain based developmental problem that promotes difficulty in communication, cognition and social interaction. The problem is that parents seek various treatments and bore various medicines without proper awareness. This causes various health problems such as nutritional insufficiencies, allergy problems, intestinal overgrowth and immunity crisis because of the use of various drugs and medicines. Stephanie Marohn argues that many substantiate from weakened immunity or autoimmune problems (Marohn, 2002). Studies have identified the fact that Autism mainly affects many parts of the brain. Defective functioning of brain and its organs causes poor people immune system. Medicinal reaction s and allergies cause for frequent flu and it creates various problems to ear, eyes and nose among children

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