Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Critiquing Historical Analysis of Classmate - Subject- Atomic Bomb Assignment

Critiquing Historical Analysis of Classmate - Subject- Atomic Bomb - Assignment ExampleThe commentator claims that the idea of the atomic miscarry came to existence during WWII. This was after President Roosevelt suggested that it was only through it that the nation would achieve victory against its enemies (Truman, 2014). According to the reviewer, the atomic bomb incident is still controversial to date. This is sheer by the large number of Non-western as well as European historians who are still trying to analyze the atomic bomb issue. Since this is a historiography, the reviewer starts of by defining the term. According to studies, the term historiography normally refers to the analyzing of the history behind the history of an event.The reviewer organized the work in a chronological order, consequently making it easy to comprehend the entire topic. This is because after stating that she would analyze the work of four historians, in the following paragraphs, she talks of differ ent authors in relation to their perceptions as far as the issue of the atomic bomb is concerned. First, the reviewer talks about Kayoko Yoshidas article, From Atomic Fragments to Memories of the Trinity Bomb A Bridge of vocal History over the Pacific. Kayoko, apart from exploring the meaning behind trans-media, he also analyses the transnational collaborations behind the atomic bomb (Yoshida, 2003). In a move to tucker out firsthand information concerning the issue of the atomic bomb, apart from interviewing documentary makers, he also involves his students this was in a move to get different perceptions on how the Japanese community viewed the atomic bomb issue. The reason as to why Kayako involves a number of sources in his analysis is due to the perception that historians ought to have solid deduction in order to support their claims. In his article, apart from addressing a filmmaker whose objective is to relive the history, he also claims that many Japanese students in the current generation have no clue whatsoever on the reason behind the

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