Thursday, June 20, 2019

Aviation System Safety Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Aviation System Safety - Assignment ExampleIn the past we had been getting complaints of malfunctioning business conditioning unit on our Boeing 737 series. Six out of 10 air crafts have such chores much to our ignominy. Because of this problem we have lost many of our browse flyers. Some of the Pilots have refused to fly the plane. The paucity of apt spare parts simply adds fuel to the fire. But after such a pandemic problem of mal functioning of the A.C units, I along with board members had decided to completely replace the critical components of the A.C units on wholly our jets. The results of our move were truly remarkable as we no longer faced any problem related to the A.C units. None of our planes after the replacement have been grounded due to inaction of the A.C. later that year we also earn ourselves a reputation of being a five star air line in terms of safety.Today we face stiff competition from all corners. Our rival airlines get the spares from Boeing earlier our planes are late because of sloth of air traffic controller leading to delayed flights. These problems only compound to further delaying of our flights. unluckily we are blamed for it. All our efforts seem to go in vain. The vast majority (80%+) of incidents & accidents are caused by human error. Error is a natural condition of being human It is a primary function of personal development. We are all error prone, even the most experienced engineers and managers including myself. Management should not be surprised when Human Error occurs But they should be surprised if systems of work are not robust enough to contain that error.

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