Sunday, May 12, 2019

Wireless fan (high level design) report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Wireless buff (high level design) report - Essay ExampleThis document, once it is approved, serves as the butt forThe scope of this project is to architect, design and create Wireless fan. The fan has quad switches one of them is turn on/off (A), and the others which are (B,C,D) to change the speed levels of the fan. So I haveThe wireless has an exposed approach. This aerial serves the purpose of boosting transmission of the trigger towards movement of the fan. The components would be light and not jammed because there is scarce use of connecting wires. It is vital to note that the switches exit possess an indirect link to the decoder. This is to enable the usability of switches. In addition, the switches will possess an angle of 90 degrees to the motor. This is to enable the compatibility of the switches to the motor fan. It is vital to note of the idea that the wireless fan system possesses two core components. These two components have more than a functional separation. The core part possess a physical and functional separation between the sending and receiving components.This has a first antenna and a second antenna that link to transmit signals between the same. The decoder is segregated to send and run into signals through the system of antennae. The antennae have a relationship between the two links in a sense that the two signals shift between entities. Therefore, the decoder connects to the motor that rotates to trigger the movement of the blades.The system has four switches that connect to the four sections of the decoder. The decoder connects to the antenna and the LDE. In this sense, the antenna sends a signal to the receiving antenna. The antenna transmits a signal that triggers three levels of the decoder. The decoder, thus, transmits a signal to the motor that

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