Saturday, May 11, 2019

SDLC methodologies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

SDLC methodologies - Assignment caseIn recent scenario, it is applied within the organizations, as it facilitates time-efficient strategy. This paper intends to provide a brief explanation related to the advantages and disadvantages of these exertions in the modern day scenario within a technological project. Advantages and Disadvantages of JAD Advantages JAD delivers optimum satisfaction to its customers by accelerating the design of the product. The application of JAD within any technological project ensures quality and fosters effective team decease with the customers. Furthermore, JAD is implemented to create a new product design on the basis of customers perspective. This particular software facilitates reduction of developmental and the maintenance costs. Additionally, JAD assists the facilitator in collection of high quality entropy within a short tenure. Any inconsistency can be resolved easily with the cooperate of the mechanism provided by JAD. Furthermore, JAD slayin g assist in deriving multiple opinion as it encompasses Customers decisiveness Makers and IS staff, which enhances the quality of the particular technological project (Rosenblatt, 2013). Disadvantages The organization using the JAD march must have a clear knowledge of its usage. It can only ensure effective and useful results, when the concept is clear to the users of this program. This process requires ample amount of labor in planning and its application. For performing various activities related to this process, technically deft employees are required. In order to facilitate efficient usage of JAD, it is the responsibility of the organization to impart knowledge to the required staff. Additionally, the stakeholders of the organizations must ensure sufficient time and labor towards the implementation of the process. In comparison to the traditionalistic method, JAD is quite expensive and burdensome (Rosenblatt, 2013). It has been ascertained that if the team extends the size o f the project, JAD application becomes complex in nature. In essence effective application of JAD software ensure qualitative product, which is to be acquired from the concerned technology project. Advantages and Disadvantages of radian Advantages Application of rad initiates accelerated speed during the process, which reduces the deliverable time. RAD increases the speed by incorporating Computer support Software Engineering tools, which facilitate conversion of required material within a short period. Furthermore, implementation of RAD ensures qualitative deliverables. Additionally, RAD ensures quality deliverables by inculcating the users within the analytical context and the design stage. Moreover, RAD identifies lesser risks involved in the project due to the prototyping method Applied within (Core Partners, n.d). Disadvantages Although RAD organism a very cost efficient project, it cannot be applied for the smaller projects as, cost determination in this particular applicati on remains ambiguous.. In this process both the customers and the developers participation is needed. If not through then the entire process would be unsuccessful. The major drawbacks of this process starts with the initiation of prototype and lasts till the application runs. Furthermore, to implement RAD, it involves a huge amount of resources and costs, which might not be possible to be afforded by the small and the medium-scaled organization (Core Partners,

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