Monday, April 29, 2019

Technology Leadership is a Business Strategy Essay

Technology Leadership is a Business Strategy - Essay congressmanEven if there were some computers in an organization, it was only with the most senior employees or in enquiry departments. Now though, things fuddle moved on. The development of the internet by the US Army and its public flex in the 1980s has created quite a phenomenal change in information engine room (Moschella, 1997). net income forms the very backbone of our society today. New generations fear thinking how we managed to add up stuff done when we didnt have this much engineering in our lives.Technology leadership goes far beyond the conventional planning processes. It is near the change it posterior bring about in the very foundations of running the company and the ways and direction with which it is run. It creates a whole new way of defining efficiency and goal achievement strategies (Sosik, 2004). This means that the consumption of the executive director is vital in the deployment of technology. So, techn ology send away not be a winner in an origination if employees are not comfortable with it or they do not know the extensive benefits of it.We continuously study optimization strategies and efficient working conditions in almost every course, be it colligate to science or the business fields. This is because computers and technology have helped humans today see that they can get more work done in lesser time. The absolute vastness of technology is that an organization save in getting much more work done in a small step of time and the output is error free as well. Technology today is not even dear(predicate) to buy. Many small business organizations are lighten running on vintage hardware and still are way in the lead because their staff know how get the best out of what has been provided to them.Companies manage Microsoft and Linux developers research and develop operating systems with software that is not only easier to use than their previous editions, but which can acco mplish more at the same time. We are talking about multitasking. Imagine for a moment, the importance of doing several time consuming tasks at the same time. It takes accountants and engineers hours to develop circuits on paper. But, using computer software, they can produce error free results in a matter of a few minutes.Consumer goods companies like Unilever and Procter & put on the line replace their hardware after every three years just to cope up with the increase change in computing technology. They know the importance of technology in their goal achievement techniques. This occurrence is also helped by the fact that each CEO of the company is fluent and comfortable with the use of technology and in annual board meetings they are able to convince the board members, who can actually plant or break the company if they disagree with technological innovations, on deploying better and more efficient technology and train employees in the area of using this new technology.Use of t echnologies in banks like Standard chartered is vital. The prime example of this is an ATM machine. How easy is it to take your cash out of a machine alternatively than stand in queues waiting for your turn at the counterConclusionTechnology leadership is the pure tone most required in todays top companies. This is the reason they are at

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