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How have cultures from the ‘west’ been represented in the ‘east’ Essay Example for Free

How impart finishings from the watt been re registered in the east EssayFundamentally the term civilization gist to cultivate entirely on early(a) hand this word in addition contains some other piths and definitions as well. Number of writers and indite subject fielded and surveyed on the actual definition of finish and in year 1952 Alfred Kroeber and Clyde has presented approximately 164 defamations of this word elaboration. If we think these definitions and research work by our well-kn make authors then we can came to do it the fact that finale is just the critical review of concepts and definitions that quite a little deliver. Along with this the fact has similarly been revealed that kitchen-gardening can be presented and illustrated with trine diverse approaches like the taste in fine arts and humanities is atomic matter 53 of the patsyificant shipway of defining ones culture or perspective. overly values, goals and attitudes atomic number 18 als o used in illustrating the cultural values. (Bryan 1963) Beside above mentioned points the human knowledge , belief and the attitudes are also used in promoting culture as these matters has the power and capacity to define the thoughts and ideas of plurality.Later after finding legion(predicate) definition of culture in twentieth century this word emerges out with new concepts as the focus point of anthropology, which means that culture is a word that is actually compiled of all the actions and thoughts that is per organise by human anywhere in the world and all these behaviors does non gain any sort of relation with the genetics.In westward, this word has its take in meaning as they have their own approaches and thoughts regarding this term, as according to them culture basically defines two things that implicate the human experience, imaginations and incidents which occurs with them and later they present those things according to their art and used their power of creativi ty as well. (Alan Bryan 1963)Similarly they illustrated the meaning of culture by presenting the idea that in this entire world there are sum up of commonwealth who have their own way and manners of living and with their own ideas, experience and conditions they define their own meaning of culture as the way of defining culture varies from place to place and from people to people as well. But later after the World War 2 numerous authors reformed the definition of culture and the style they had presented it was also changed and among those authors albeit vie a significnat role as in this era his work and ideas are still followed and apprectiated.Besides these above mentioned definition when we go though numerous research writing and studies of variant authors from all over the world we came to know the fact that number of artist were born in west side and presented comely and unique work that portrayed their thoughts regarding culture and numerous other things. Among these beau tiful and talented artist Hansen is a noteworthy name. This man was born in year 1960 in due west area where the natural beauty, purity and environment was so attractive that form the early st geezerhood this male child come out of the closeted visioning, drawing and portraying his cultural beauty in a marvelous manner.Hansen completed his educational move and returned to homeland in 1990, but during his early days of schooling this young boy started film in year 1969, after that he went abroad to study mechanical design as well. Later he came back to America and served this country as a technical drawing specialist. Ms Georgian was the bird who impressed Hansen and he want himself to work and serve the idea of culture done his talent and skills of painting and drawing.He has developed his own unique sense of styling which reflects his philosophical mind as well. As clock passes this young boys skills in promoting culture were notified by numerous people and his professiona l charge started in which he designed numerous spectacular designs in the boating industry. The concept of portraying culture in much(prenominal) manner was so much appreciated by people that the technique of introducing reckon and cubist was later adopted by the artist of due east as well.Beside Hansens work numerous other artist work and thought are adopted by the people of East. Christians also played a vital role in promoting cultural values and portraying them in such a manner that it was appreciated by the entire world. And among there marvelous work the oldest and the most symbolic thing is the cross sign which is known as the sign of Christians faith. The idea of presenting cross sign has played a significant role in numerous other cultures as well.People from different region especially from east side have adopted it as well and defines their own meaning of this symbol. If we go through to the detail and deep knowledge of this cross then we came to know numerous facts regarding it as it was revealed that through ages and centuries people are using and following this cross sign to protect themselves from illness, to have ripe(p) fortune, and to show their respect to their righteousness and numerous other things as well.After the great success of promoting culture is such manner numerous other artists has developed countless version of its, which involve X-Shaped St. Andrews cross and the T- shape teau-cross as well. Beside this, the people of Greek have used this symbol in station to represent the four scarlet tanager directions as well or we can say that they tried to represent the four basic elements which include earth, wind, water and fire. Other than this, the people of India have used this symbol as well in gear up to show the four main directions of heavens.Similarly, the people of Africa has designed cross roads and there concept of it is that these joint are places where the world of living and dead meet. In addition with this, num erous Eastern artists used this shaped to promote their cultural jewelry as well. Along with above mentioned things, Eastern people have also discovered new and interesting things in Japan by following the writings of Shakespeare as they had cogitate the plays of him and started studying the canonical values of his theater and implement the thoughts and ideas in order to promote the cultural things.Similarly, the people of Japan also have a great history in promoting cultural things through different and unique ideas such as the monster is one of the significant thing that Japanese promotes in their culture which was actually the creation of human imagination which resemble numerous things at different points like people, other animals or well known objects as well. (Kuncaraningrat 1985) The artist of West promote their cultural values and things by numerous ways and among them music is the major source.With the help of unique and different musical instruments they define their tho ughts and ideas regarding their culture. all(prenominal) sort of music either rock, pop or slow all were used to promote culture. In addition with these the artist of West also launched numerous sort of games that have music like Krongcong is one of the famous and well-known musical game that was designed in a manner that the music lovers start playing them and the main focus of promoting culture with the help of music will also go on with such innovative discoveries.Similarly along with music, dance is another thing that is used in order to promote culture of West, as it is the best approach of reflecting and showing the diversification of different ethical groups that compose the entire West portion of the world. This technique of promoting culture was adopted by the artist of East as well, as this gave great opportunity to show the traditional and cultural values of ones nominates.The people of West also use the source of drama and theaters in order to promote their cultural va lues, and this technique really works as people form all over the world came to watch such sort of drama that promotes culture and things regarding traditional values. Along with this the people of East represent the culture of West in their region by using the traditional arts things which includes paintings, sculpture and numerous sort of architecture as well.Not only this they also used literature and poetry in order to present the idea and thoughts regarding the culture and traditional values of West. For people who loved food the Eastern group palliate them by provding and presenting the Western dishes, along with this the more powerful and source that the Eastern people used in order to represent the culture of West in the media, as there is a great number of cinemas within East and these cinemas has played a significant role in spreading ein truth burn of cultural things and cover all the traditional values of the entire West.In previous days, this source did not work as m uch but at the beginning of year 1980 this platform r each(prenominal)es the peak and concurred the highest aim as well. Beside this cinemas role numerous Eastern artists have played a significant role in order to promote and represent the culture and traditions of West within their country and this speciality of representing the culture is very much appreciated by all as in this every age group can find its own interesting things to go for.Other than this, radio set network which was formed in year 1945 also played a significant role, especially after 2006 numerous radio channels are launched using Digital Audio Broadcasting and Hybrid system that are also facilitating in promoting the cultural values all over the East. But all these above mentioned approaches had a optimistic result till political issues do not arise. In early days if we go through the detail representation techniques of promoting and showing culture of West in East we came to know that its result is very much effective as long as it was concerned as the homogenous population things towards large number production.This multiculturalism has worked for a long time in order to show the Western European society. The people of cut also liked and welcomed this sort of representation and wrote numerous theories on it and named such things as a elucidate struggle which highlighted the real charm, beauty as well as the weakness, along with this such representation also include ethics, religion and race issues but this thought of promoting culture is no more seen due to numerous political issues. Adams 2006) As now people have the idea that political, cultural, social and economical dialogue projects are addressed but should not be exclusively shown in Muslim countries, beside this according to the political rules the develop programs, information of technologies and other things should not be shown and promoted on other side rather than West as this cause great trouble to the citizens of the west.Beside this the global conflict is also one of the major reason of promoting culture and traditional things in such a way, as the people of other country did not have the actual idea or right to promote each other cultural values as by this they often show our cultural things in a wrong manner and this cause spoilt issues.According to a survey and research numerous authors wrote things about politicians idea that they have an idea that soaking up model cant work longer because he people who are from different state are not like us and they have different skin color, they have other religion whose rules are not applicable on us, as we are not of same group, culture, and we does not have same social and traditional values.Similarly the political rules that are governing West also have the idea that we people are from different type of population and thats why we cant work on same issue with hand in hand as these people are living in a territory which has no political representa tion and they wants to copy our theories and approaches by promoting our cultural and traditional values. (Adams 2006)In a nut shell, we can conclude our paper that the idea of presenting and promoting culture and traditional values of each other provide us great benefit as by this we can come to know the real concepts and ideas of each other, and this thing also facilitate us in getting new approaches as well but this concept that arises in this era that by doing so we people can lawsuit numerous difficulties and political issues is not good for both the citizens of West as well as East so we should cover up such issues and focus on the growth and development of cultural as well as other things which is a great need for all of us.

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