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Dickens skill Essay Example for Free

deuce skill Essay hellion skill is especi solelyy shown in his creation of Magwitch. question the convicts importance both as a key figure in pullulates flavour and as a means of criticising society. daimon uses his skill to make the reader believe that Magwitch is an evil person at the graduation of the figment. fiend describes Magwitch as seen through a childs eye, which is blast. The first image of Magwitch is exaggerated because of a childs imagination and terror. dickens uses sounds and smells to remember people. For poser Jaggers always smells of scented soap after court and when Magwitch is emotional on that efflorescence is a click in his throat.Although these atomic number 18 minor details we recognise people quicker. At the beginning of the novel we associate Magwitch with animal and beast standardized manners. This is because the first impression of Magwitch through the young strike and thus the hunt for Magwitch by the soldiers. In chapter 28 while hit is travelling to Satis House he hears a conversation between two convicts who are being transported by coach under guard. Here the convicts are described as a most disagreeable and degraded spectacle. Dickens uses words like grumble to covey the impression that these convicts are animal like.Dickens describes the convicts as, Then they both laughed, and began cracking nuts, and spitting the shells ab egress. Dickens is making the point that if you treat some one like animals thusly they will act like animals. This shows how convicts were treated in society and Magwitch was also a convict. The ship that Magwitch boarded was ironically called Noahs Ark. This is where animals boarded in biblical period. Magwitchs original personality slowly shows through the novel. For exercise in chapter 5 Magwitch tells Joe that he stole his pie and file. Magwitch however apologises to Joe when he says, Then Im sorry to say, Ive eat your pie. Joe replies with a compassion answer saying, we wouldnt have let you starved to demise for it would us blot? Then Magwitch throat clicks. Here I think that this shows the two real gentlemen of the story. Although their grammar is not the best one shows remorse and guilt and the other shows compassion. I am very surprised when Magwitch says he stole the file and pie. This is because firstly he did not do it he only said this to skylark suspicion from Pip, a boy he never really knew. Secondly in Victoria term people could be hanged for stealing and this shows that Magwitch is a very selfless person.In the most influencing chapter of the novel, chapter 39 where Magwitch returns Pip life changes. Magwitchs arrival has mixed feelings and mixed blessings. Here we find out that Magwitch is Pip benefactor and Pip feels revulsion and disgust, which is also shared by us the readers, that his expectations have been paid for by a convict. This is when Pip realises that he never had any Great Expectations, that Estella and Satis Hous e were never intended for him and Miss Havisham was never his benefactress. In the chapter we now see Magwitch through an adults eye where he does not seem violence or evil.Pip uses words like I shuddered, abhorrence, dread and repugnance in this chapter but soon later change. Dickens skill is shown through this book very well because although Magwitch is one of the most important characters he disappears for a long time in the book. Magwitch is a key character in the novel to unveiling all of the mysterious in it. There is a gradual uncovering a denouement by him in chapter 42 called Compeyson. We find out a lot about Magwitchs heritage that he was born miserable and that he had no family. Magwitch talks of his first memories as a young child he says, I first become aware of myselfA thieving turnips for my living. Someone had run away from me and hed took the fire with him and left me very cold. This shows how society has neglected orphans his first memories is of stealing and being betrayal. Magwitch talks about his trial where Compeyson got 7 years and Magwitch got 14 years. Compeyson got half the sentence because, First of all what a gentleman Compeyson catched with his curly haircloth and black clothes and his white pocket handkerchief and what a common sort of wretch I (Magwitch) looked. Magwitch said that he had given up all hope when he said, I was hiding among the sculpture there envying them as was in them. This definitely shows how poor people and convicts were treated that society did not look after them and that these people felt no sense of place or belonging n the world. Dickens uses this chapter to show the inadequacy in the legal system and also that there is a lot pervert with society. Magwitch was not legally married to Molly but only married over the broomstick this shows that there is no legal marriage or protection for the poor. I think that society is using Magwitch, as a scapegoat so that they outhouse charge him for crimes he did not commit so they can feel better about their society thinking it is safer.Whereas the real criminals in the novel are free, for example Compeyson a forger, Orlick a murderer and Drummle a wife beater. Magwitch clearly has an impact in Pip life for good and bad reasons. If Pip had never met Magwitch he would still live at the forge with Joe and probably in the future married Biddy. So basically Magwitch seems to have destroy Pips life. Although Magwitch does more harm then good he does not do it intentionally whereas Miss Havisham did. I think Miss Havisham is, in a way, a victim because she was left at the altar on her wedding day and cuts herself turned from society.Miss Havisham got her revenge on men, which was Pip through Estella but later regrets what she has done. Although Miss Havisham has ruined his life he can still forgive her. I think Pip forgives her because although Miss Havisham is curious he has learnt that there can be another side to a person. I think that Pip found this out when looking after Magwitch first he is repulsed and now he loves and pity him. Magwitch brings out the good qualities in Pip he is his moral educator. For example Pip looks after Magwitch but does not take any more money off him.Here Dickens is idealising Pip through Magwitch. At the beginning of the novel Pip was child but now Magwitch has become the child because he unavoidably looking after. From the part of the novel when Pip is with Magwitch he grows morally. He learns that a gentleman is not nevertheless a good education, wealth and stature it is about self-sacrifice, loyalty and compassion. Pip even risks his life for Magwitch when there is a note saying someone has news on Magwitch. Pip goes straight away even with an injured arm and there he finds it to be a trap that it is Orlick who tries to kill him.He learns the expectant value of friendship and he buys Herbert branch of Clarrikers business. I think Pip does this because he feels guilty for acqu ire Herbert into debt in the first place. Not only did Pip feels pity for Magwitch when he is dying so did Jaggers. For example Jaggers tries to push back Magwitchs trial date back so he can die in peace but it fails. This is shown when it says, Mr Jaggers caused an application to be made for the postponement of his trial. Again Dickens makes a point about the legal system when he says, The trial was very short and very clear. Basically Dickens is criticising how he poor were judged in court it was guilty until proven innocent for them. At Magwitchs trial he is condemned to death and he says, My Lord, I have received my sentence of Death from the Almighty, but I turn to yours. Magwitch says this in the most elegance way and shows his courage in accepting his death sentence. By the time of his trial and death he has acquired a dignity which did not seem to be evident when he was the animal which glared and growled and frightened Pip half to death at the beginning of the novel.

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