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The Iraqi War has Made a Fool of George Bush Essay -- essays research

The Iraqi War has Made a Fool of George shrubThere were several wars in the twentieth century that caught the attention of the pack. humankind War II, Vietnam War and The Cold War are only a few of the many wars we lived by. Now, in the twentieth commencement exercise century the first war we slang lived is the Iraqi War. The join States started a war against Iraq for causes that brought more(prenominal) negative than decreed fixs for the Iraqi pack.II. CAUSES The Iraqi War started for allegations the U.S. had against Iraq with the fall in Nations. Even though ibn Talal Hussein Hussein, the President of Iraq gave a report to the United Nations of all the arms he possessed, the United States decided to take reach superceding the United Nations diplomatic process and go into war. other cause of the Iraqi War was because the United States promised to liberate Iraqis from the Husseins regime. Iraq had been in a regime where they did non have any intimacy and they were robb ed by their own government. This cause was another excuse for President pubic hair and his administration to declare a war against Iraq. A year after the war, the Iraqi people seem spank than before the war started.II.POSITIVE effectA positive effect of the Iraqi War left was the overthrown of Saddam Hussein. With their advanced technology, the United States military could strategize smartly where Hussein was and captured him. Because Hussein was accuse for having in possession nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction, the capture for sure was a relief for the whole world.Another positive effect of the Iraqi War is the opportunity of Iraq to a impertinently government. Gubash mentions about the war effect on Iraqi government, The U.S. led overthrow of a dictator has accelerate the pressure for political and social reform that began in the wake of family 11, 200, terrorist attacks. For years, people have been clamoring for democratic reform while Arab regimes have jus t as staunchly resisted any change that that would erode their charm on power (4). Many Iraqi people lived in apprehension because they never k newfound what to expect next of their dictator. Feisal Amin Al-Istrabadi, a Chicago lawyer said, This is a day weve been waiting for 35 years. (qtd. In Iraqi 1). Iraqis now smack somewhat liberated by the drastic change in their government.III. damaging EFFECTSOne effect of the Iraqi ... ...ates asked the Iraqi people not to fear the war because they promised a new democracy. They repeatedly told the Iraqi people they were going to be at liberty. Many Iraqi hoped for a new life style with a new government where democracy real could rule their lives. It has been a year after the war and no positive results have seen. Sukkar quotes in Gubash, I dont think American credibility has been at a lower level at anytime in the past Syria. Proposals about democratic initiatives have no credibility whatsoever. The U.S. does not tackle the Arab-Isr aeli conflict which is the crux of the problem It goes ahead and occupies another country. You cannot scold about democracy and right of self determination and invade persons territory without legimacy. (5).The reality is that the United States has not helped the people of Iraq to get hold of a new government they have actually do it worst than what it was. V. CONCLUSIONIn The United States Bush Administration has clearly made a fool of them with the world. Now a year later, the poor people of Iraq are mad and angry because they have not seemed a new democratic government, nor a positive change as the U.S. promised.

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