Monday, March 18, 2019

Communism :: Communism Essays

socialism is a genuinely abortive policy-making theory. It has never been in use in the United States of America. It has usually been placed in practice among real unstable political environments such as Cuba and China. The general consensus on socialism is that its a very good idea but falls short in practice because people have and always equivalent to make decisions for themselves.Karl Marx is known as the Father of communism. He is recognized for this because in 1848 he wrote the Communist Manifesto. It is the basis for communism that has and is currently in practice, point though there are many different forms of communism.Many communists gestate that capitalism encourages the exploitation of the poor by the rich for cheap labor. an opposite(prenominal) communistic belief is that communism itself encourages workers to organize and to take over the political and scotchal world. Communists also believe that class privilege and every other vestige of this present system o f economic exploitation and military nerve and preparation must be eliminated. In order to explain this, you must understand that by class privilege they mean that their should be no poor, and no rich, that everyone gets the same opportunities as the next individual, and that by vestige of economic exploitation of this system of economic exploitation and military organization, they mean that their should be no trace or hint of the working class beingness exploited by the richer or more(prenominal) powerful.There were some very intriguing and thought provoking quotes in the book. One is Capitalism did non arise because capitalists stole the land or the workmens tools, but because it was more streamlined than feudalism. It will perish because it is not merely less efficient than socialism, but because it is self destructive-J.B.

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