Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The New Invention

To suss out the guard of drivers, e very(prenominal) car has distributebags. Airbags treasure the drivers and passengers and nonice them from being hurt in a crash. Bicycles do non aim this diverseness of protection. The only thing a biker cig bette do to protect themselves is to wear a helmet and that does non ensure their safety very well. Like the car, bicycles argon also grave method of transportation. What if bicycles stool have the same amount of safety as a car? Bikes would be also safer if on that point were airbags installed on it as well. Even though bicycles argon utilise often, they are not as safe as cars. The Cushion-Cycle can quite a little this problem from head to toe. If bicycle companies start producing this kind of product, therefore the number of customers would definitely increase. When the car was first invented, air bags were not attached to cars because accidents were not very common and in that localisation principle was no demand for safer vehicles. As time went on and more than than mess started driving, the number of accidents increased. The car companies had to figure out adversary ways to keep their drivers safer. The same goes for the bicycles. As more state started using bikes, the number of accidents also increased. Like the automobile, the bicycle has a demand to make it safer for users. The Cushion-Cycle meets this demand and improves the satisfaction of your comp anys customers. The Cushion-Cycle is a bicycle with an airbag installed on it. This will keep the biker safer and batch on them from getting injuries. Riding a bike is not ever safe. There are state who severely contuse themselves. The airbag provides a cushion for the biker to hit when they light up. It is very easy to fall mop up a bike. Compared to cars, bicycles need more protection. The people in cars are protected by being at bottom the vehicle whereas the reboundrs of bikes are not protected by any covers. Pe ople ride bikes competitively and if they ar! e going rightfully fast, they are more likely to swivel out of their mode and crash. This product would also...If you penury to get a full essay, coiffure it on our website:

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