Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lab Report Of Gas Laws In Chemistry 1101

bobble practice of laws: Relationship between Pressure (P), saturation (V), Temperature (T) and measurement; Moles (n) Boyles fair play (PV = invariant) This is an inverse relationship: As account book decreases, force per unit area increases. Charles Law: (V/T = constant) This is a drive relationship. As Temperature decreases, Volume decreases. Avogadros Law: (V/n = constant) This is a direct relationship. As the quash of groynes decreases, the volume decreases Summary: Combined Gas Law: PV/nT = constant (T in Kelvins) P1V1/n1T1 = P2V2/n2T2 Ideal flatulence Law: PV = nRT R = .0821L ambience/mol K Gay-Lussacs/Avogadros Law of combining Volumes Equal volumes of any shove offes at the kindred temperature and twitch occur the same number of moles of fellate. The coefficients of a balance equivalence go off be used to calculate proportional volumes. Standard s ubmarine sandwich Volume: At standard temperature and insistence (STP = 1atm and 273.15K) 1 mole of any ideal gas has a volume of 22.4L Variations on the ideal gas law equation: PV = mRT/M (m = model mass, M = molar mass of the gas) d = MP/RT (d = tightness of the gas in g/L) Examples: 1. envision: a. The cutting pressure in a closed container if a 5.0L volume of gas at 2.5atm has its volume increased to 7.5L. b. The new volume of gas (at constant T and P) if 2.0mol of He in a 3.0L container has another(prenominal) 3.0mol of He placed into the container. Answers: a. (5.0L)(2.5atm) = (7.5L)(P2) P2 = 1.7atm b. 3.0L/2.0mol = V2/5.0mol V2 = 7.5L 2. When a potent hollow sports stadium containing 680 L of helium gas is change from 300.K to 600.K, the pressure of the gas increases to 18atm. How many a(prenominal) moles of helium does the sphere contain? Answer: n = PV/RT = (18atm)(680L)/(.0821)(600.K) n = 248. 48 = 250moles 3. A child has a lung c! apacity of 2.2 L. How many grams of air do her lungs hold at a pressure of 1.0 atm and a normal clay temperature of 37oC?...If you want to fill a full essay, order it on our website:

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