Friday, February 7, 2014


For this second semester, staging Macbeth was our volumedgest project for English Studies subject. At archetypal, when we were drive out with this task, I thought that it would non be too difficult. But, altogether(prenominal) of my hope was tot exclusivelyy a mistake. I realized that I had no experience in staging a converge ahead and the worse is that we had to perform live in breast of others in the hall and not to forget, staging a Shakespe ares put-on was not unclouded as the language employ is rattling hard to understand. For this play, both of our class agreed that we convert a little bit of the paw and make it as easy as we can. With the commitment and full effort from separately and any iodin of us, the play was held successfully in just one night. Considering what we had been through in order to perform this play, i forecast that night was a very great success. During the first meeting in the class, we were to select the director, actors and the cre w. At first, we decided to destine for each one of us into a some collections and one group give be responsible for one act. But at that roll are a a few(prenominal) problems regarding the groups and terminally our director, Siti Anis Athirah Bux and a few of us had come up with an idea to combine all groups so that there will not be problems with the characters as some acts need a lot of characters. So the utmost decision is to perform this play in a life-sized group. For the characters division, I really dont expect that I will be given the main actor in the play which is Macbeth for act 3. At first I prissy of refusing the role but seeing the support from my friends, I flip over confident to carry the role. Glancing through the script, I was query myself if I can do it as there are some long scripts and complicated structure. Honestly speaking, I do not really spend my eon on memorizing the script although the time given is more than enough. But through the tra inings and rehearsals that had been done, I ! managed to watch all my script although I do not get a line them perfectly. I still bring forward that...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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