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Name: Angelica Munoz |Date: 3/7/12 | |Graded Assignment The Treaty of Versailles The Treaty of Versailles was the stay accordance that was sign-language(a) when World War I ended. It was signed at the Versailles Palace, which is how it actualise its name. The treaty was signed between Germany and their completelyies. The Versailles Palace was decided as the best place because hundreds of people were involved in the signing, and the bunco could hold them alone. The Treaty of Versailles was not a fair peacefulness treaty because it took land forth from a country who genuinely pro advanceed it. Germany had Alsace-Lorraine, Eupen and Malmedy, Northern Schleswig, Hultschin, West Prussia, Posen and Upper Silesia taken away from them. Also, their military was cut down to only 100,000 men and they were not allowed to have tanks. They could have no air force, only 6 navy ships, and no submarines west of Rhineland. The German economy crashed by and b y the war, and they had to work very hard to get it stable. They were on their own though, they could not work with others to rebuild it. In sum to all this, Germany had to admit to starting the war, take responsibility for all that happened during the war, and establish for the repairs for France and Belgium. The cost for the repairs was £6,600 million, way too much for Germany to requital. In my opinion, the treaty was not legal for the future because even though they arent that bad right now, they were still treated below the belt and should not have had all that happen to them back then. yea genuine they got through it, but Im authentic it wasnt easy. They should not have gotten all the blame for cause a world war, it includes more than just one person, so forcing them to claim large responsibility and then making them pay and everything on top of that is just wrong. The treaty caused a bus of hatred, so therefore in my opinion was not a good peace treaty. If you want to get a full essay, methodical! ness it on our website:

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