Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Critical Look at Marxism in Literature

A Critical Look at Marxism

Marxism is a policy-making and frugal philosophy originating with one, Karl Marx. Karl Marx was a German philosopher who lived in the nineteenth century. Marx defined that the capitalist economic system is designed to keep the fastness classes (the bourgeoisie) wealthy, while at the same time the lower classes (the proletariat) uphold trapped at the bottom of a biased construct. Marx defined ideology as the ruling ideas of the ruling class (Rivkin 237). The adversity is deepen because the proletariat is forced to support a system that repeatedly keeps them from improving their situation. Marx believed that the bourgeoisie would eventually be stripped of their political and economic power by the proletariat and all station would be placed in the hands of the government who would every bit distribute the wealth of the community. In short, revolt will tierce to a restructuring of the system. I seek to critique Marxism, point bulge some inconsistencies, and explain why it does not provide undefiled insight into stylern literature.

Marxism could not exist without Hegels Dialectics, a mode of philosophical analysis that saw the world as in operation(p) logically in that it moves from one premise to another; separately idea determines or gives content and shape to the other. Without one you cannot meet the other (Rivkin 234). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Also Marxism is posteriord on a base and a superstructure. The base is the bourgeoisie and the superstructure is everything else. The base feeds the superstructure and holds all the control. For Marxism, texts hold up to a superstructure determined by the economic base (the real transaction of production). To interpret cultural products is to relate them back to the base (Culler 129).

        A major problem with Marx is that he believes this revolt of the proletariat would outcome in an ideal society.

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