Friday, November 1, 2019

ASSIGNMENT SHEET -- BUSINESS LETTER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ASSIGNMENT SHEET -- BUSINESS LETTER - Essay Example You want $10000 in compensation. You attached a photo of the frog with the letter. However, with uttermost sincerity, it is my pleasure to inform you that Wal-Mart is a large and renowned company countrywide and the error that may have erupted during your consumption of our goods must have been an external factor rather than one caused by our own incompetence of quality service delivery. It is our duty to ensure that the usual high standards of our goods are maintained. Like mentioned above, am afraid we may not consider the misfortune you experienced a result of our incompetence since the company is a government certified company, with the entire permit to deliver these commodities to the customers. I did all the necessary investigations concerning our storage facilities and am happy to note that they are up to standard. We pack our goods with the greatest care, and we can only presume that the goods must have been mishandled after purchase. We always see to it that each vegetable mix is well checked before actual packing. The containers in which we store the veg etables are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis thus cannot attract any pests whatsoever, leave their survival in there alone. The health officers also investigate us every month to see to it that our commodities are up to the standards; otherwise, there are high chances that we would have been closed down by now. I presume you must have bought a sealed product, as you did not mention that in your claim letter. However, being a loyal customer to Wal-Mart Company, and to show our goodwill to our customers, we are willing to extend a gesture of our kindness by allowing you a free shopping of goods of the same value or even dispatch the same to your area of residence. It is sad to note that your $1000 plea is rather too much and unacceptable especially when we are most innocent of the allegations. Wal-Mart may not be ready to offer that, especially for a foul not

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