Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The realities of correctional officer misconduct and how to prevent it Term Paper - 1

The realities of correctional officer misconduct and how to prevent it - Term Paper Example The changes in the prison management system initially guaranteed safety for female inmates from the predatory sexual behavior of other inmates and male officers. While the system made necessary changes to manage the affairs inside the prisons, the incrimination of African American women continued to exist as they were considered less privileged than the white women. The socio-cultural disparity between the races that prevails in the American society also has made the female correctional staff of the African American communities to carry the images of their race as a sexually vulnerable. Smith (2012) also reveals that the male inmates and coworkers usually develop a negative stereotype in which female correctional staff are considered weak and sexually challengeable (p.1709). This particular scenario results in the moral degradation of female staff, a larger part of whom gradually succumbs to low self-esteem due to the continuous exposure to stress and sexual advances of men. Increasing cases of the involvement of female officers in moral corruption have considerably challenged the law enforcement system of the country. The complications of the corruption increases to new magnitudes as more and more cases involving officer-inmate relationships come to light. Most important fact to note is sex is an inevitable part of human life and the self-cont rol one possesses during the duty hours can only be deterrent that can prevent immoral activities related sexuality. There are numerous stories that report the incidents in which under trial detainees and prisoners falling in physical relationships with correctional staff. In a report, Duncan (2014) says that the love story of Batimore City Detention Center in which a correctional staff, Kirkland falls in love with an under-trial man, Loney, for whom the Kirkland smuggled contrabands and finally lands in

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