Saturday, October 19, 2019

Mission statement Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mission statement - Assignment Example At the moment, security hailed courtesy of the Sheriff’s Office at Volusia County. The office works together with the citizens to provide safety and peace to reduce crime or fear emanating from it. The office ensures that their goal is met by seeking to confront and understand all underlying challenges leading to most security calls in the office. With the help of community policing and problem-solving skills, the office looks to improve significantly for the better an enhanced experience for visitors and its residents. The Volusia County office is dedicated to its commitment to administration, each employee on the premises, and the county residents working in cahoots to maintain the standards as a trustworthy source of assistance. Its personnel are dedicated to making individualistic contact with her community positive placing the office closer in partnership with each County resident (Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, 2015). The personnel is helpful and courteous at all instances. The future for Volusia County Sheriff office is bright owed to the employee’s moral standards. Sincerity, caring attitude, compassion, and honesty are the main pillars. Ventura County Sheriff’s Office stands out in the national ranking of secure zones to visit or spend a lifetime. Their guiding principle goal is to be in commitment to safeguarding the property and lives of the county’s residents through reaction to concerns in a way that promotes a region free of crime. The office reaches its goal guided by a comprehensive strategic mission to preserve peace, apprehend offenders, prevent crime, enforce laws, provide humane and secure detention for lawbreakers and offer problem solutions through community partnerships while displaying respect and empathy to dignity of all persons (Ventura County Sheriffs Office, 2015). This information on the website is opinionated to suggest an addition to the present strategy to serve the residents of Ventura County. The mission is

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