Saturday, October 5, 2019

Human_Resource_Development_in_UAE 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human_Resource_Development_in_UAE 2 - Essay Example This shall help generate ideas about the significance of employee retention in public and private organizations in UAE in regard to HRD. This would also serve as a practical guide for managers working in different sectors in UAE. While examining these concepts of HRM, it is important to instill an understanding, whether if these elements of Human Resource Development are an integral part of UAE or not. Due to increasing number of foreign workers in UAE, the concept of training and development is not seen incorporated by the public and private sectors. This argument is debatable and is subject to scrutiny. Research indicates that Human Resource Development is serving as a challenge in many sectors in UAE but the Strategic Plan, 2015 that was instilled by the government is focusing on the shortcomings in the management practices (Data Matrix Group, 2014). This plan hopes to cater all private and public sector regarding organizational policies and growth. It is also seen that UAE has taken initiative in incorporating a strategic plan to overcome skills shortages and promote training and development in organizations (Sinha, 2004). In order to develop the concept of HRD in the country, the employers of public and private sectors are required to first impart awareness regarding training and development and then initiate such programs that address this concept. According to Storey & Sisson (1993), training makes an employee more motivated to work pro-actively in their workforce as it polishes their cognitive, technical and interpersonal skills. According to Bateman & Strasser, (1984, p. 95), training gives rise to organizational commitment which is an important part of an organization which is multi-dimensional and demonstrates an employee’s loyalty to the organization. An employee who is committed to attaining organizational goals is supposedly more satisfied with his performance. Moreover, he also makes an effort to maintain this relationship by working

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