Thursday, October 17, 2019

Final Exam Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Final Exam - Coursework Example Since the northern states had more private wealth of their own, the southern government had to borrow money from them and help restore their economy (Knowles & Healey, 2006). By the time the civil war was coming to an end, the value of the Confederate dollar had really dropped in comparison to the Union money. Life became so expensive in the south and people started starving due the inflation of the price of even basic needs including food commodities. Slavery was also legalized with most slaves being African Americans who worked nonstop in their employers’ cotton. With the slaves no longer available, it meant that no more cotton was being produced hence no income from it (Harris, 2008). In the political realm, southern leaders came back to the Washington capital and the federal government controlled each of the southern sates one by one. Abraham Lincoln initialized strategic plans for reconstructing the southern states. In the year 1865, he introduced a bureau that gave the once slaves a right to get educated, be employed with better jobs and get good healthcare. An amendment was also introduced that totally did away with the once legalized slavery. On my own individual account, I would have liked to live from the years 1866 onwards due to the good leadership implemented by Lincoln because there were job opportunities, good healthcare facilities and also the southern and northern states were united (Gillman, 2002). In the 20th century, the U.S historical course changed whereby a great industrial revolution took place, to the extent of becoming the best in the world in terms of industrial management and output. Availability of land, labour, natural resources, capital and good transport networks lead to production and transport of many goods and services that increased the annual income of the citizens after the previous inflation. The present-day America has got large and

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