Monday, October 7, 2019

African American philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

African American philosophy - Essay Example Philosophy is a detailed system of ideas about human beings and the nature of the human existence and truth.Actually it is a complete guide for living. It deals in issues which are fundamental and consider the steps we take in life for progress. It also deals with our attitude and treatment of other people. The main branches of Philosophy are: Metaphysics, which deals with reality, Epistemology, which deals with knowledge, Ethics, which considers moral values, Politics, which accounts for legal rights and governments, and Aesthetics, which looks in to nature of art.While we start to think of African American Philosophy, the first point going to pop up is the attitude of the citizens in developed countries towards the men in Africa. When compared citizens of United States and Africa, we understand that the Blacks are considered to be second-class citizens in the United States. In fact they are not considered human beings at all. In the past, they were treated as slaves. They were made to work day and night, beaten with sticks and transported along with asses and horses. They were not given proper food. When they were sick, they were not given medical treatment. They lived miserably. They had no hope of future. Things have not changed much, according to Charles Mills. At least a section of the U.S. citizens still see the Africans as somebody who maintains lower standards of life. Even though slavery has been abolished that sort of mindset still continues.Law was enacted to strengthen the concept that Blacks are sub-persons. The pity is that not even an apology was given by the authorities for the misdeeds and torture towards the Blacks for centuries. In fact, many Americans feel that it is time to stop the little benefits given to the Blacks and to cancel the measures which objected to ill treatment of the Afro-Americans. They think that enough is enough and it is time to stop the concessions. They fear that it would amount to create discrimination against Whites . When we approach the problem from the side of African citizens, it is clear that an inferiority complex remains in their brains and minds. They themselves keep the wrong feeling that Blacks are second-class citizens. They have no hope of a happy future. They still live in poverty. The wages are comparatively much lower. Job opportunities also remain lesser. They are not likely to get good education or medical treatment. Just through an example, the consideration being given to Whites and Blacks could be compared. For the same crime the Blacks black may be sent to jail, whereas the Whites may be let free. In every respect the Blacks are treated harsh. In other words, their condition has not improved at all even before law. In fact, it has deteriorated, feels Charles Mills. Time has changed. But not much has changed for the Blacks. Their problems have not been addressed seriously. It has been wrongly said that the Blacks are not taking enough interest in the country, nor in their future and that they do not bother to be a part of the society. It is said that they do not try to come out of the negative situation they are in and for that they only need to be blamed. That is not a valid statement. It is nothing more than an excuse. It is absurd to think that they want to remain where they are. Do not forget, the part they played in nation building. Many numbers of roads, buildings and similar structures are there because of the manpower and work skills of the Blacks. It is silly to think that they are lazy. The Blacks think that they are not given justice. They only want their genuine rights. They are not expecting charity. They want the discrimination is buried for ever. The country belongs to them as much as it is for the Whites. The issues which have put them down should be modified to uplift them. But for the sweat of the blacks, The United States of America would have been nowhere. They have done enough to convert the country into a large nation. They have done much more than the Whites. They must be allowed to reap the harvest now.

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