Thursday, September 12, 2019

Jetblue Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Jetblue - Research Paper Example Schermerhorn, 2012). To achieve a wide application, a behavioral science approach was applied by JetBlue by planning and re-enforcing of organizational strategies, process, and structures in order to improving the JetBlue effectiveness. For this JetBlue developed a System Operation Center to be to organ for making decision, teamwork, communication and offering leadership to crew members in order to offer excellent services to customers. This was done by total utilization of process of change in behavioral science technologies, theory, and research. The long-term strategy of JetBlue was to change attitudes, cultural values, attitudes and organization structures. To achieve this JetBlue had to renew its capacity and transform itself into a learning organization (Kondalkar, 2009). To change the operating environment, JetBlue had to reorganize itself to fit in the modern environment. Change had to be managed from the top by Senior Vice President (Operations) (Organization Development Network, 2015). Change is part of the organization culture at JetBlue; thus the department within organization must help SOC in improving JetBlue and directors always lead the crew members. This is espoused in values and beliefs of JetBlue with clear enshrined goals, aspirations, rationalization and ideologies (Schein, 2010). SOC develops goals and objectives, trains and develops crew member skills at JetBlue University, this by developing a complete HR training modules suited for each department and as per the requirement of the director. Surveys are done in order to measure the level achievement of success in JetBlue. The learning organization is implemented by applying basic assumptions and generative learning in JetBlue thus challenging status quo and developing a questioning culture and driving the behavioral science deeper. IT has played an important role in

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