Saturday, August 10, 2019

Political Terrorisim Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Political Terrorisim - Essay Example At most times, control is usually built into the institutions that exist in the society. It may be on a macro-level, which necessitates a formal control system like laws and instructions from the government and even private organizations. On a micro-level, this focuses more on informal control systems; this implies a more unwritten norm among the members of society. It is also external, meaning the control comes from an individual person’s need to comply with the dictates or regulations of another person or a small group (Chriss, 2007). Terrorism from above is also known as state terrorism which is more recognizable in the repressive and suppressive acts of the state and human rights violations practiced by the agents of the state upon its citizens. Terrorism from above is the means adopted in order to achieve social control. Terrorism from above is carried out under the guise of national interest, however, in reality it is carried out in order to control the society and the people. â€Å"Control of the mass media and suppression of dissent are common trademarks, and it would be a mistake to neglect corruption, or the desire to line one’s pockets† (O’Connor, 2008). Terrorism from above and the implementation of social control are connected with each other because one is essential to the other. Terrorism from above is carried out in order to implement social control by fair means or foul, but mostly, foul. Authoritarian fascist and communist governments like Nazi Germany and Mao’s China are more likely to use terror as their method of social control because they can easily achieve control and whatever goals they aim for by instilling fear among their subjects. These types of governments can incapacitate the citizens through violence and the threat of violence. â€Å"In such context, fear is a paramount feature of social action; it is characterized by the inability of social actors to predict

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