Saturday, June 8, 2019

Sourcing Material and Services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Sourcing Material and Services - Essay Examplehese three are related in that strategical sourcing furthers the procurement process with a greater snap on the impacts of decisions on procurement and purchasing. It works cross-functionally in the firm so as to help in the realisation of the overall business goals of the organisation.These three hold back undergone evolution over time. As documented by Coyle et al. (2012), the traditional sourcing process involved tactical sourcing, limited turn in base and functional purchasing. Then came strategic sourcing which emphasized on supplier relationships and non-traditional supply base. The e-enabled procurement provided capability for e-sourcing, e-procurement and e-commerce. This paved way for integrated sourcing or supply chain which involves sourcing for a strategic supply chain process and seamless integration of the sourcing process and supply chain activity.To evaluate suppliers, companies should seek to establish relationships o r alliances with them so as to enable them witness their ability to supply quality materials adequately over the given period of time and at an optimum cost (Coyle et al., 2012). Quality supplies of materials ensure quality utmost products. Companies should also evaluate the ability of the supplier to contribute to its competitive advantage to promote low cost, niche orientation or differentiation. According to Mangan, Lalwani and Butcher (2008), evaluation could be undertaken through competitive bids or direct negotiations. Recently, Internet auctions have also become popular evaluation

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