Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Is Repackaging Wine into Small Glasses of 250ml Will Be a Viable Assignment - 1

Is Repackaging Wine into Small Glasses of 250ml Will Be a Viable Business Venture - duty assignment ExampleThis paper illustrates that Wine De Glass bequeath sell classic wines known around the globe but bequeath be re dented in a bottle but a glass. It will seek franchise from known wine manufacturers who sell delicious and healthy wines in U.K and other countries like the USA. The wines will be sold in glasses of 250ml in major retail outlets around the UK, and later the company will seek to globalize the product. Development of this fantasy was because a bottle of wine is sometimes too expensive, and the cheapest bottle of wine that is of the gold standard can cost 10. It not only makes wines more ready(prenominal) to the consumer, but it will give the customers an opportunity to taste different types of wine. Market segmentation is crucial since it will target a specific group of a customer such as tourists that are likely to enhance profit maximization from reduced operati ng cost. The first two years of operation, this venture will target retail outlet, restaurants and major wines vendors. At first, the restaurants will be given the utmost priority because people love to take wines during dinner or major meals. The target market is described as those people who could not afford a particular bottle of wine, and now they will have an opportunity to strain the wine since it will be packed in small quantity. This product will enter the market as a franchise. A franchise is an bargain or license between two legally independent people. A group of people or person (franchisee) the right to market a helping or product using the trade name and trademark of another enterprise (franchisor). Hence, the wines that are sold will be legit and known by their brand name. The wines will be ready to drink in a glass and can be carried anywhere, the need for corkscrew will not be undeniable anymore, the customer has to open quickly and swallow it. The freshness of t he wine will not be lost as the glass is made to high standards opus the cover is fit tightly to trap pressure and air.

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