Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Spirit Of St. Louis :: essays research papers

The Spirit of St. LouisI dont think about it...There was no blinding light, no angels coming to take a shit mehome.Chris Pronger is one of the premier hockey players in the world. With his 66,220 lbs. frame, Chris Pronger dominates other teams while on the ice and has become oneof those special players who can have a game. The defenseman out of Dryden, Ontariohas come around full circle since arriving in the NHL as the second overall draft pick inthe 1995 draft. After having to know with troubles early in his career, which consisted ofdrinking and partying, Pronger has gotten his act together to lead his team, the St. LouisBlues to great success. Chris size, speed, and knowledge of the game helps himdetermine, understand, and acknowledge what other teams are doing, and enables him toshut debate players down. Chris Prongers career so far is an incredible story, whichmakes all sports fans who have followed it respect and admire him. In the early postseason of the 1998 season, the St. Louis Blues found themselvesleading the Detroit wild Wings one game to nothing in the best of seven series. Also, theBlues surprisingly had that lead on the road, with the first two games of the series inDetroit, one of the hardest atmospheres to play in. At the 352 mark of the second period, on Mothers Day, a blistering slapshotfrom Detroit winger Dmitri Mironov came tearing through the partition and caught the entireBlues defense by surprise. Every defenseman except Pronger. Chris Pronger, who is theyoungest captain in St. Louis Blues history, was finally starting to settle down and learnthe frame Blues head coach Joel Quenneville was teaching. Pronger was finally startingto live up to his ability to be able to control the game. He was also finally acquiring the hangof being a 25 year old captain in the NHL. The shot was aimed high, and Pronger got in the way of it and blocked it.Unfortunately, the puck hit him in a very odd place, right under the chest protectingpadding of his shoulder pads, and caught him right in the chest, causing his heart to stop whipstitch for approximately fifteen to twenty seconds. Seeing this tower of a man fall to theice, and not being able to breathe, scared the rest of the Blues team, and messed with theirminds and emotions, near enough for the Red Wings of Detroit to escape the game with a

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