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Literature & Gender Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Literature & Gender - Essay ExampleMoreover, Abbandonato row that The Color Purple rewrites canonical male texts, but she does not talk about Walkers redrafting of the story of Philomela. Likewise, though critics such as Trudier Harris, Keith Byerman, Wendy Wall, Mae Henderson, and King-Kok Cheung have talk about Celies attainment of private and public languages, none of these opponents has scrutinized Walkers reconfiguration of linguistic elements of the legend of Philomela. Unlike the original mythic text, as well as the novels of Morrison and Naylor, Walkers text gives Philomela a theatrical role that productively resists the aggressive patriarchal dedication of male will onto a silent female body. unless Walker does more than just allow Philomela to speak inside the confines of patriarchal dialogue. Furthermore, Walkers novel revises the myth of Philomela by creating a heroines text that reconfigures the metaphorical state of affairs of sender-receiver-message and articulates Celies progress away from a choice as a victim in a patriarchal plot toward a linguistic and narratological incident as the novelist/subject of her own story. Walkers novel excessively rewrites the myth during its formation of an option discourse that allows for the style of both mannish and female subjectivity --a language of the sewn that remove from the violence of patriarchal power, of patriarchal conversation. No doubt, Celies skills as a seamstress together get back and refigure the myth of Philomela, for different Philomelas tapis/text, Celies sewing functions as an option line of attack of language that moves her away from aggression and persecution and into self-empowerment and prejudice. The novel also intentionally conflates the pen and the needle, thereby deconstructing the binary oppositions among the masculine and the womanly, the spoken and the silenced, the lexical along with the graphic. Moreover, Walkers reconfiguration of the legend of Philomela frankincense winds over the master dialogue and the master description of patriarchal society. In Walkers hands Philomelas speech turn out to be the gadget for a radical change of the individual as well as a dissident deconstruction of the power structures that undergird together patriarchal language and the patriarchal bollock itself.If we analyze then we come to know that the Color Purple is about Celies life. In the opening of the novel, we image out that Celie was raped by her father. We also learn that Celies mother is ill and is incapable to take contend of the family. Celie is forced to cook and spotless for her family. Celie imagine two children since of her fathers incessant raping. She never sees her children and considers that her father killed them.After interlingual rendition this novel, I understand that black women in the late 1800s and early 1900s had a extremely hard life. I had always typecast black woman throughout that time to be similar to Aunt Jemina. I have learned th at black woman throughout the 1800s had to be strong and brave just to top it during the day. To stay alive a lifetime they had to look inside themselves to gather the

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