Friday, May 3, 2019

Flight Center Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Flight digest - Essay ExampleAn agency seeks out pass judgments from these suppliers which can be hotels, resorts, airline companies, car rentals and the exchangeable, thence consolidates it into one package packed with some sight-seeing trips to tourist attractions then sells it to the possible consumers. The Federation of Tour Operators (2006) views the component part of break down agents as giving advises and sells bookings. This has al commissions been the way of Flight Centre, incorporating its aim to provide value-for-money expedition and exsert unbeatable passion and experience, going the extra mile to ensure clients get the best trip at the best price (Superbrands 2010). As Flight Centres tag-line goes, unbeatable, if another travel provider would give a quotation of rates, Flight Centre will also give their own rate which would be hard to beat because of their price, quality, passion and extensive experience in the travel field. Just like any other handleriness, Flig ht Centre started their venture eight years after Top-Deck, UK based bus caller started its operation in 1973 they initially gained success because of providing cheap rates. In nine years time, food turner opened retail stores in United Kingdom, New Zealand and United States of America. Because of what was then a world-wide crisis, the Gulf War, the stores undergo temporary closure but was then reopened after a couple of years. The company also spread out its services to South Africa and Canada, which paved the way for it to conquer a world-wide market. The strength of business establishment outweighs the weaknesses and creates the dry land why establishment weathers the changes in the needs and wants of the dynamic world of travel and tourism. As for Flight Centre, there argon various aspects why they argon experiencing the success envied by others. The company philosophy of volume of margin, the way they create their product with utmost passion and dedication, their well main tained reputation of having an inclination of low-cost travel with value-for-money, their credentials which have been given recognitions and citations by other entities, the continuous pledge for corporate social governing of giving something back to the people, their ingenuity in their marketing campaigns, the way management supports its employees and the work atmosphere argon among the countless reasons why they managed to stay on top. There are a lot of sources for a travel agencys income, from commissions, profit margins, incentives, and auxiliary services like documentations and visa processing. The first two are among the primary source of income. Flight Centre proved itself to be different than the rest the travellers volumes were their driving force to stay on top of all the travel providers in the business. The importance of the add together of people they give their services over the profit that they will be making indeed delineate foot a birth-mark for low-cost travel. They settle for more customers at a lower cost than fewer customers for a high cost. The success of Flight Centre can be credited to the way the company does its products. They maintained a sense of focus doing what they do best without being too innovative. There are those who would like to set anew, and there are a few who would take advantage for what they know best, the aim philosophy evolving around this high-ranked company. Turner (2006) stated that,

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