Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Evaluation essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Evaluation - evidence Examplelso plays crucial role in every aspect of life, to work in a proper flow, and facilitates our capacity to advance in knowledge acquisition which is imperative and enables us to fit in the ongoing competitive world. When students graduate from college there is a tendency that most of them are still uncertain of their effect degree. It is imperative that they take decisive measures in determining the life story paths to that fit exactly in personality, time to come goals, and primary interests. Before getting into the higher education it is better they take an initiative and plan career which will assist them student to focus on their major and preferred field of professionalism. It is of great pertinence that whether careers direct our study or we will direct our career goal.The importance of career planning tends to be a fundamental a gateway to the students. As social scientists have long evaluated, the vast mass of Americans aspire to attaining ex cellent careers, which can be generally defined to encompass complex of elements such as decent job, career goal, and self-actualization. Therefore, the four year period undertaken by students to complete their college education has created a driveway for the attainment of these goals. However, the general perception of most people is that, it is more imperative for a high trail graduate to go to college rather than take a decent job offer right appear of high school. Given the importance of higher education, it is hardly surprising that access to higher education has assumed, at least in the publics mind, the status of a virtual right. The publics system of logic is straightforward. Since a college degree is closely linked to a good job, to deny a motivated and commensurate student access to a higher education is to say to that person, in effect, You have no come across to become full partner in American life. This idea is clearly unacceptable to the vast absolute majority o f Americans.In order to access a better job as well as

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