Saturday, April 27, 2019

Latinos non-violent protests demanding changes in the New Immigration Essay

Latinos non-violent protests demanding changes in the New Immigration Law - Essay ExampleImportantly, this concerns the reservations some of you have expressed with regards to Latinos non-violent protests demanding changes in the New Immigration Law. First, let me acknowledge that the issue of illegal immigration in the States remains a concern of everybody in our beau monde, and Latinos are not excluded (Boundary of the United States Para. 1-4). American Latinos suffer in the same way their fellow non-Latinos suffer when illegal immigrants impact on the social, economic, and political security wrench overwhelming and less manageable. Just like white Americans, legal and genuine American Latinos wants a salvage society that is equal in its dealing with everyone, and that is just in treating everyone fairly and not because of his or her race. This is in addition to rewarding every spate equally depending on their hard work and success without distinction indeed, that is the sa me thing American Latinos want to see in America. My brothers and sisters, let me re fountainhead you that the issue of illegal immigration in USA has not started with Latinos, but remains historical in nature, starting crimson before the independence of this great nation. Throughout this period, efforts, visions, and mechanisms to deal with immigrants has not been fair at all rather, it has tried and true to pursue, promote, and institutionalize discrimination in our Nation to portionicular groups of our nation. This discrimination has march on been transferred and implanted in our societys instruments of justice, delivery, education, political, and legal environment to an extent that they largely draw a thin line between genuine American Latinos and the illegal immigrants. Latinos who call America home should remember that they have not been spared in this wide discrimination and segregation, and this has not been their fault but the ignorance, laxity, and cruelty of our vari ous social institutions and structures that continuously dare to accept these people as part of American people. The presence of American Latinos in this great rural area cannot be questioned or doubted, specifically if one had to revisit the history of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 and Gadsden Treaty of 1854 (Englekirk and Marin p.1). For those who whitethorn appear to be ignorant of these two treaties and only view Latinos in the perspectives of illegal criminals in USA, part of Mexico was curved off and became USA territory through constitutional recognition. People in these territories therefore had no choice but to call USA their home yes, their home to enjoy all privileges entitled to all Americans. They did not force their way to become Americans, but it is America that made them part of this society. Becoming Americans further did not deny the Latinos their cultural identity, their cultural belonging and also their cultural freedom. They still remained part and megabucks of their brothers and sisters at home. What I have noticed with majority of you fellow Americans is that, we sparingly visit and shine on out constitution, which is the supreme custodian of our actions. Our constitution remains clear and candid that all people of God are endowed with certain unalienable rights, which remain inherently natural and part of world being. Nobody can boast, claim, or even seek credit that human rights are privileges granted by the government or any form of mechanism. Therefore, it greatly saddens when the rights of Latinos are grossly violated in the heel of dealing with illegal immigrants. Let me express here that, being objective and rational in your mind as I am will allude to the fact that the issues and problems facing Americans in terms of security, economy and social welfare

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