Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Engineering Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Engineering Management - Coursework ExampleManagement style has an important constituent to play as appropriate focussing style stack help employees perform their tasks efficiently and get hold of their targets, meet organizational goals, keep the employees motivated and help organization make efficient decisions (Bryman, 1993). Not that this, management style has a major part to play in creating the organizational culture. This topic highlights rough the management style of one of the most renowned companies of the world, Apple Inc. The management style of the previous chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Apple has been analyzed and advantages and disadvantages of his leadership style waste been discussed. Also the report provides different types of recommendation to the management of Ili Electronics Inc. to implement some of the characteristics in the company that could be helpful in increasing the morale and motivation of the employees and at the same time improve the productivity and profitability of the company. ... In an arrogant management style, the decision making authority and power lies with the top management of the organization and employees atomic number 18 not allowed to make their decisions. In such a management style, the employees of the organization argon supposed to ascertain the instructions and orders presumptuousness to them by the manager. Apple operates in an industry where innovation and creativity are truly important factors, and other firms in the same industry encourage employees to think and be innovative and roll in the hay up with different ideas (Silicon Beach Training News, 2011). In Apple the decisions are imposed, whereas in Google the management has given employees to the option to select the project they would like to work on and with whom they would like to work with thus these both management styles contain been contrasting but both have been successful. 20% of the employees working time have been allo cated by Google to come up with their own software concepts and ideas whereas all kinds of thinking and planning is done at the top level at Apple (McInerney, 2011). ADVANTAGES OF MANAGEMENT STYLE OF STEVE JOBS There are several advantages of the autocratic style of leadership which was adopted by Steve Jobs and these advantages are described below Standards Pre-defined In an autocratic management style, there are standards that are to be followed by the employees therefore they know what is expected of them and thus they can perform their tasks accordingly which would lead to the organizational objectives. Supervision In such a management style, the supervisors are present to guide the employees wherever they get stuck or faces problems and generally supervisors or managers are experienced and they have the

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