Monday, March 11, 2019

North or South, Civil War Essay

At any time, the South screw raise, equip, and follow in the field, a larger army than any Power of the man earth-closet send against her, and an army of soldiers men brought up on horseback, with guns in their hands. (from Senator James Henry Hammonds Cotton is King, Document Library, March 4, 1858) The Confederates feel their advantages and weaknesses in their economy, diplomacy, and phalanx and so do the articulation. However, the conspiracy stood above the sodality with their advantages of the southern states.They were determined to protect their laws to maintain the efficiency of their country subsequently secession from the federation. The Confederacy was better equipt and much vigilant to profit the Civil War. Although the Union had some advantages in their economy, the Confederacy was better equipped economically. In their economy, the southern states had better agricultural mathematical product for their determine of tillage ranging from rough zero dollar s up to four hundred and fifty millions of dollars and the copiousness of crops such as temp, rice, cane sugar, and tobacco in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri.The values of the southern farmland could be utilise so it can be sold to other people or countries when they needed more(prenominal) than bills for the expenses of the war. Also, the abundance of crops can be sold for money which could be utilize to help out the Confederacy or it can be used as a resource for soldiers during the war. The southern states were doing well economically because of their cotton wool outturn of five to forty-five bales of cotton per square miles.Interactive act for Cotton Production) Since their farmland had massive value it meant that they have a great amount of land for the land to be worth a rotary which allows their production of cotton to expand even more. The production of cotton helps them stimulate profits which can be used for the war and cotton can be used to make c green goddesshing for soldiers. The crops could be used as food for the soldiers who are fighting in the war because it can endure them a full stomach, a happy mind, and lots of energy so that they would be more concentrated on protecting their country.The agricultural production of the Confederacy would en equal to(p) them to keep their soldiers content so that they would focus more about fighting and a hopeful idea that they actually can win with all the food and money they can get. They are prompt to fight the Union. The Confederacys diplomacy with different countries and people allowed them to be one step closer to winning the Civil War. The South is inclined(p) to stop their cotton production which can bring them a lot of profits which can be used to be spent on war expenses.Even if they stop their cotton production and to start plant again, they would still be able to earn huge amounts of profits from aim. ( expression by Sen. James Henry Hammond) Th e Confederacy would have enough profits from the age of cotton production to provide them with the money needed for the war and their losses. The bond certificate between the Confederacy and Great Britain gives them an advantage which the Union doesnt have. Speech by Sen. James Henry Hammond) Great Britain relied on the Confederacys production of cotton for their countrys economy to work properly, further the Union wants to stop the production of cotton which creates an alliance between Britain and the South. As long as the Union goes into war with the Confederates, Great Britain would bring their finished army over to help the Confederacy win the war against the Union.They were prepared to be allied at any moment to protect the flow rate of their economy which the North doesnt have since most of the other countries similarly relied on Souths cotton production. Confederacys alliances with other countries will make them more prepared to win the war against the Union as they alr eady are. In the military proportion, Confederacy had more experienced and intelligent generals and commanders than the Union even if they had more commanders. Many of the generals tended to(p) the U. S. troops academy at West Point.As an average grey generals who attended West Point were mostly ranked high than the Northern commanders. Southern commanders like P. G. T. Beauregard of Louisiana receive with a rank of the third highest in 1838 and Robert E. Lee of Virginia who graduated with the second highest rank during 1829 unlike Don Carlos Buell of Ohio graduated with the rank of 32 who was a Northern commander. (Meet the Commanders) The Confederate commanders being able to graduate with high ranks means that they are more knowledgeable than the Union commanders.Since they graduated at the top of their class they know from knowledge about what are the right things to do during the war and they should be able to guess out advantages to increase their chances at winning. The Confederates also had commanders who were more experience with wars because of their experience of fighting in previous wars. A Southern commander, John B. Magrudger had military experience in the Second Seminole War and the Mexican War eon Northerner Nathaniel P. Banks of Massachusetts had no previous military experience.Meet the Commanders) The Confederacy having more commanders who had more military experience from previous wars allows them to know some accomplishable advantages and weaknesses that they might have for their army and the enemies since it might have happen before. make out and education is what makes you more prepared for war with strategies and ideas being created. Overall, the Confederacy has a huge advantage over the Union as that they are more prepared to win the Civil War against the Union. The profits from their agricultural production of their economy leaves them one less thing to be worried about to be prepared for the war.The production of cotton brough t the alliance of foreign countries with the Confederacy because of their reliance on the cotton production for profits that keeps their economy spillage and creates a better diplomacy. The more experience that the commanders received from previous wars and the higher ranking they had in military school increases the knowledge for preparations for the war so that you can increase the chances of winning against the Union. The Confederacy were prepared to win against the Union in the Civil War with all their preparations.

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