Thursday, March 14, 2019

Compare the portrayal of men and women in Turned and in Tony Kytes, the arch -deceiver :: Charlotte Perkins Gilman Thomas Hardy

Turned by Char portionte Perkins Gil bit, and Tony kytes, the arch- pretender by Thomas Hardy, are two short stories. They are about the relationships between men and women. Turned is a more severe story. It is about a man called Mr Marroner going overseas for work, and his wife finding out that Mr Marroner had slept with their servant Gerta. Gerta then becomes pregnant and, whence Mrs Marroner tells Gerta to leave. However, Mrs Marroner soon realises that it was Mr Marroners fault, and at that placefore Mrs Marroner and Gerta leave before Mr Marroner returns planetary house. Tony Kytes, the arch deceiver is a more light-hearted story. Tony is a man that likes a lot of women, and there are a lot of women that like Tony. Tony is supposed to be sedulous to a young women named Milly, however on a journey home from town he meets two other girls. Both are anterior girlfriends and they start flirting with him. Tony ends up with two girls hiding in the bum of his wagon and one sitti ng beside him. He gets in a minute of arc of a muddle. However he ends marrying Milly. This story is about a man who is unsure about how he feels towards his fianc.Mrs. Marroner from turned was a well educated, heights society woman. She lived in Boston, an upper-class suburb, had a Ph.D. and once lectured at university. A woman being highly educated was very rare for the primordial 20th century. Because of her suburban upbringing and education she was a confident, free legal opinion process and independent women who relied on no one. She was the more dominant person in her marriage. We know that she has interesting life as the author says her well-filled, well-balanced mind, her some interests. This proves that she has an interesting life and has many interests. Mrs Marroners feelings for Gerta change a lot throughout the story. When she first found out that Gerta was pregnant, she was devastated, very emotional. She could not see that something like this could happen becaus e Gerta was almost like a daughter to Mrs Marroner. When Mrs Marroner had thought about what had happened her feelings for Gerta changed again, she realised that it was Mr Marroners fault. She then decided to forgive Gerta. Many women would piece up with a bad husband rather than have no husband, however, Mrs Marroner isnt like this. She leaves her husband to take care of Gerta.

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