Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Francis Fukuyama on Western Liberal Democracy

As both(prenominal) the 20th century and the rimed War drew to a close, the world became figure to a radical reshaping of world politics. Where violence was previously balanced in a bipolar system, surrounded by the capitalist United States and the commie Union of Soviet left Republics (USSR), the clash between the ii resulted in the US wage increase to its current hegemonic position. In desire to explain the post- iciness War world, Francis Fukuyama expound this result, and what the world was bearing witness to, as an unabashed mastery of economic and political open-heartedism  (1989, pg.3).\nFukuyama prolonged his description of victory to lease that there is no political orientation with pretensions or universality that is in a position to contest wanton- republic, and no universal ruler of legitimacy other than the sovereignty of the people  (1992, pg.45); that there can be no patterned advance from liberal democracy to an alternate(a) system.\nTo this extent, he argues that Western liberal democracy representative democracy in which elected representatives argon limited by ecesis for the protection of individual liberties and equating (Baylis, Smith, and Owens, 2007) is the end point of mankinds ideologic evolution  and the final plaster cast of human government (1989, pg.1).\n epoch even those commentators who support Fukuyamas dissertation, much(prenominal) as Herscovitch, recognize his ingest as bold and confrontational  (2011, pg.40), and in spite of arguments from detractors such as Dahrendorf (1990, pp.37-39), the Arab Spring provides a contemporary reason to foster agreement, now more than twenty years since its writing.\nOne of the chief(a) arguments which can be use in favor of Fukuyamas thesis is the democratic peace theory, which argues that spring up democracies rarely or never go to war with star another (Baylis, Smith, and Owens, 2007).\nFollowing the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR, there was a positive coefficient of correlation between the increase of liberal democ... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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