Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Qualities and Characteristics of the Biblical Nehemiah

In the Bible, there ar several leaders both male and female at different point in time with various qualities, characters and way of life depending on a subject of factors like their traits, physical makeup, spotlight and purpose etc. nigh 465-424 B.C arose a leader who turbulently worked for the reconstruction of the wall of not bad(p) of Israel and her reformation after their oust into Babylon under the authority of a heathen king. He eventually became the governor and served for twelve long time after the restoration. The name of the spell is Nehemiah. Here, an attempt shall be make at looking soon into the man Nehemiah while the tension shall be on his qualities as a leader as can be deduced in his history.\n\nThe Man Nehemiah\nThe man was named Nehemiah meat Yahweh comforts/ consoles which signifies his comforting activities in his days. Genealogically, little was known more or less(predicate) him except that he was the discussion of Hacaliah while one of his br others belike an uncle is known as Hanani. He was a Jew who served as a cup-bearer to a Persian king, Artaxerxes I Longimanus (ruled 465424 B.C.). He was probably natural in Persia and lived in the capital city of the Persian pudding stone Susa, yet, with a keen esteem and passion for his inherent body politic capital of Israel in Judah. He was a contemporary of Ezra, the considerable scribe who also meliorate the religion of the Judean (Andrew, 1991). His heart for Jerusalem prompted him to request for a retire from of absence from the king when he heard of the ruin of his native land with a liberty of authority necessary for the reconstruct of its burnt-down wall. He emerged as the governor and even the last of such sent from Persian court.\n\nNehemiahs Qualities and Characteristics\nFrom the arrest of Nehemiah, the first character seen in him is his sensitivity and emotion. He was neither a hard-hearted man nor a care-free individual who is not tippy to the situatio n around him. The snatch he heard about the situation of his people and... If you command to get a well(p) essay, order it on our website:

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