Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Controversy of Medication

      The Controversy of Medication You hear the acronym attention deficit hyperactivity disorder everywhere and so there is EBD. The acronyms be used so often that we ordinarily applyt hear the actual diagnoses names anymore. minimal brain dysfunction stands for attention-deficit hyperactivity upset while EBD stands for Emotional Behavior Disorder, either port they are mental disorders that require the use of pchyiactirc medication to control. The gear up of this assigning is to explain our own personal opinion close the contentious topic of medicating pip-squeakren, so I plan to encourage go into what my opinions are on this topic. My stance is that along with the mentioned in the Noelle story. excessively many a nonher(prenominal) children are macrocosm diagnosed with these mental disorders and because being labeled. A lot of children who are diagnosed are and expressing habitual childhood issues. My opinion is that a lot of these children c ome from homes that do non provide good structure or classify which does follow to naturalise. Teachers are not allowed to discipline a child enough to curb behavior issues so they entrust on medication to subdue a child into managed children. The consecrate of misdiagnoses is staggering. Dr Todd sr. has researched this topic at great detail and has released a find out showing just how high the misdiagnoses are. aged estimated that overall in the US, the misdiagnosis rate is about 1 in 5, that is around 900,000 of the 4.5 one thousand thousand children currently diagnosed with ADHD shoot been misdiagnosed (Kelly, 2010). The report further went on to accommodate that many of these children were being diagnosed based off instructor perceptions and subjective observations. Teachers should not be put in a position to evoke children have any mental disorder. They should scram it up to the school administration if they see an actual training disorder but otherwise should n ot speak to a student or parent about any op! inions they have when they are not doctors. An alternative to diagnosing children with ADHD would include behavioral...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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