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Society prepares the curse, the criminal pass ons it Henry Thomas surge Criminologists of the 21st speed of light looked into a wide clutch of factors to explain why a person would post crime. in that location are certain factors in our societies, cultures (family values), system (educational, political, law- enforcement), economy, and etcetera they endorse the potential of criminal activities of an individual. whatevertimes a conspiracy of these factors is behind a person who burdens crime. There are close to reasons for committing a crime. They include anger, revenge, greed, pride or jealousy. A cumulation of passel will decide to commit a crime and they will cable care mounty plan everything. more or less of these people are making choices about their behaviour, and some mete out a life of crime to be better than a regular job.  Crime brings greater rewards, grasp and excitement, well until they stand by caught! When successfully carrying out a dangerous cri me, some dumbfound an adrenaline rush whilst others commit them on impulses and rage of fear. present are some of the reasons of committing a crime:- * sad parenting skills- Children who turn in been abused or neglected are more liable(predicate) to commit crimes later on in life. Fatherlessness is a nonher unity of underestimated coiffures of crime. A child that was internally abused may run away these victims to become sexual predators. * Peer Influence- A person who does not fit into a group of friends or gangs may cause crime so that they can get respect and highway credibility from the gangs. * Drugs and Alcohol- A lot of crime is committed by both people to support their drug habit. Both drugs and alcoholic drink ruin a persons judgement and reduces inhibitions (socially defined rules of behaviour), bountiful a person greater courage to commit crimes. *Income and Education- virtually prisoners couldnt read or write at civilize levels. The most common crime s committed by these prisoners were robbery! , burglary, car theft, drugs and shoplifting. Poor educational backgrounds and employment...If you want to get a full essay, indian lodge it on our website:

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