Monday, December 30, 2013

"Left vs. Right" Compare and Contrast

When we reach the voting age, some of us dont know which mode to cast our vote, which political party we like, which best supports what we believe in, or which party best outlines and stands for our way of life. Both the Conservatives and the Liberals indispensableness to improve wellnesscare, slice taking opposite sides on gay and lesbian rights. In choosing a political party, both sides need to be see into account. The leftover or the right may suite any(prenominal) one person, however it all boils down to our personal morals and convictions. wellnesscare is supported by both sides. However, Conservatives and Liberals father divers(prenominal) approaches. Conservatives look that all Americans should hand over access to affordable, quality health care. Their prevail rate plan reduces the rising cost of healthcare - only kinda than work shift costs to taxpayers, or forcing Americans into an inflexible, one size fits all system, they have already formal new, t ax-free Health Savings Accounts (HSA) which include Americans to own and control their own health care. Liberals and their presidential candidate, illusion Kerry, have a plan for health care as well(p). Their plan will lower family premiums by up to $1,000 a year, lower the cost of prescription drugs to leave relief to seniors, and drill targeted tax cuts to extend affordable, high-quality coverage to up to 95 per centum of Americans. Keep in mind, however, that their healthcare plan alike extends to illegal aliens and those refusing to work. However, a major difference between the couple parties on this subject is that Conservatives let the public know of their plan. Liberals have established a long tradition of not utter their plan, but rather, stating what the effects will be.
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Conservatives and Liberals have a very different view on gay and lesbian rights (depending on who says it). Conservatives feel... I wrote this judge as fair as I possibly could, so dont just rate this essay knottyness if you disagree with the way it was written. Thank you. Your essay isnt bad when approaching the dominant two party system in America, but if you would want a more quality essay, go deeper into other parties as well and show how they compare to right and left wing politics. Do they fit to one side, down the middle, you be the judge, but smack to encorporate the Libertarian, Green, Independant, etc. Not a bad start though. If you want to get a full essay, indian lodge it on our website:

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