Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Attachment Theory

Describe and evaluate addendum possible action, and assess its value for square(a) work Candidate Number: 07T00011 Word Count: 2834 For the solve of this endeavor I am going to focus on fond regard theory and its value for kind work. I shall define what the concomitant theory means and described the diametrical types of attachments that quite a little be organise between children and parents/carer givers. In this screen I shall as well as focus on what values the attachment theory brings to social work and how it can be incorporated into good practice. An attachment is an affectional drag that one psyche or animal(prenominal) devises between himself and another specialised one a tie that binds them together in situation and endures over clock (Ainsworth and Bell, 1970, p.50). fond regard describes a ironlike and emotional impound that endures over a period of time between an infant and their caregiver. It is an important bond that results in a desire to stay strong physically and develop mentally. oneness of the theories of how the attachment theory works and how it is boded is called the learning theory. This theory focuses on how the bond of attachment forms by an infants psychological needs; and how the caregiver responds to those needs, on a option basis.
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Learning theory suggests that attachments are wise to(p) through a satisfaction of drives, be it hunger, thirst or reassurance. They are well-educated through classical instruct, operant conditioning and social learning. hamper as a relationship is back up by attachment behaviours that r esults in a person attaining or maintaining ! propinquity to some other clearly identified individual, who is conceived as discontinue able to cope with the world. It is most obvious whenever the person is frightened, jade or sick, and is assuaged by comforting and care full-grown (Bowlby, 1988 p.27). In 1951, Bowlby produced a report in which his research reason by that human beings have an innate and fundamental need to form meaningful attachments with others...If you want to get a full essay, cast it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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